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  1. Question about frequency?
  2. Frequency and Wavelength
  3. Phase Velocity of Light
  4. Is light's phase velocity always c?
  5. Transverse doppler equation.
  6. Does the parallel universes actually exist in the many worlds interpretation?
  7. Photons And Electromagnetic Waves
  8. For Theorist - pulling on my finger...
  9. Question about quantum mechanics!
  10. Can time/space exist where there is no gravitational field?
  11. A smoke test can someone explained what I sore?
  12. Whats the formula for gravity's strength and the distance it is from mass?
  13. Energy density in supercapacitors
  14. The observer effect and storing information.
  15. accelleration in circular motion
  16. Tension in circular motion
  17. Are Universal laws allow to go in past?
  18. The Electron.
  19. Can stars orbiting the galactic center have planetary systems?
  20. Warp drives???
  21. When people say "particle spin" what are they talking about?
  22. Quantum Entanglement
  23. The speed of a disc?
  24. Atomic decay and the speed of light
  25. resistors in Parallel
  26. Axial offset
  27. Quarks, Leptons, and Bosons
  28. "Force due to circular motion"
  29. EM drive?
  30. pretty basic aerplane question
  31. simple elementary question
  32. Baryogenesis
  33. San Andreas Fault line
  34. Frictional force, centripetal force and centrifugal force.
  35. Are quantum particle pairing and quantum fluctuations hidden variables, and how did scientists confirm that?
  36. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  37. Quantum Mechanics question: Is measurement really a continuum?
  38. inductance interpretation
  39. Question about about something strange....
  40. Consciousness & the Dual-slit Experiment
  41. Temperature of a vacuum?
  42. Enthalpy in a vacuum
  43. Confusion between average speed and average acceleration
  44. Science project idea - lenticular printing
  45. The Atom - Questions.
  46. Wave/Particle Duality
  47. Universe Age and Diameter/Speed of Light.
  48. Dynamic stabilty data validation
  49. Visible photon emissions from broken bonds of atoms in envelope glue?
  50. Grandfather Clock
  51. Why does Graphene shrink when heated?
  52. Simple question about force and pressure
  53. Probabilities.
  54. Physics question help
  55. Bizarre Physics
  56. Science Quiz2:
  57. About how fast does the earth have to travel, relative to the observer, so that 1 day passing to the observer views the earth to have passed 12-15billion years?
  58. Whats the time dilation of objects travelling at (99.999rec%)c?
  59. Why is electromagnetism weaker at greater distances?
  60. How do we know quantum fluctuations exist?
  61. Rigorous definitions
  62. Several questions regarding light & optics (2)
  63. A Noob's questions about optics (1)
  64. What is the Potential Enenrgy of my vehicle?
  65. particle isolation
  66. Sweater static partial discharge
  67. What is difference between Electromagnetic and Electrodynamic ... ?
  68. Advance in teleportation
  69. Why did you launch a new Physics Forum?
  70. Chris Langan CTMU theory
  71. Gravity, anti gravity and the flow of time
  72. Using resources obtained from the future.
  73. boundaries of the universe
  74. Black hole and Time
  75. Any alternative to diffusivity equation? for Pressure (Transient) Analysis (Application in Oil & Gas Industry)
  76. Matter and antimatter
  77. One Thing Which Always Troubled Me
  78. Can an Electron be Thought of as a Capacitor?
  79. The Bright Side Of Our Energy Scenario
  80. Quantum entanglement, can it be used for communication?
  81. E.A.Milne
  82. Classical Electromagnetism
  83. What's interesting about Physics?
  84. the natural unit of time
  85. when light meets light
  86. Falling bodies
  87. Does Special Relativity affect one's perception of Expansion?
  88. Lengthening and shortening years.
  89. Time Travel: Why I think multiple timelines are impossible.
  90. Diamonds Strength
  91. what kind of test might detect the presence of tachyons?
  92. Defining Simultaneity?
  93. Ice expansion to drive motor?
  94. Wondering Planet passing through a solar system
  95. Time
  96. light emerging from the Sun (or a black hole)
  97. Rate of Expansion of the universe
  98. temperature and electrons
  99. Fuel cycle :}
  100. Infrared Laser Sheet
  101. Expanding space
  102. Thermal expansion -> pressure -> piezoelectricity -> cooling
  103. how to convert as much matter as possible?
  104. Question : energy of dissociation of water by electrolysis
  105. deriving the Ricci tensor including C(r)
  106. Limit of Gravity?
  107. True randomness and cryptography complexity
  108. Mariana Trench
  109. Recommend Must read books
  110. Why people say...things tend to chaos?
  111. Video about scope of the universe
  112. Wavefunction Normalisation
  113. ND fader filter on LCD screen - strange behaviour
  114. Sub Atomic Particles
  115. A question regarding quantum interpretations
  116. What is the Schwarzchild Radius of a 1 billion Solar mass object?
  117. big bang theory
  118. Why is dark matter so lame? Or is it that lame?
  119. Hover Tech.
  120. Inertia
  121. Different Multiverses Theories: Are they compatible?
  122. Why is stone cold?
  123. Open Access Publishing - USD 5000 is enough to remove your publisher's name from Beall's list
  124. Drift and diffusion in semiconductors
  125. Sound theory question
  126. Static Electricity Generator
  127. Why the extra dimensions proposed by M-Theory will be rolled within Planck Dimension?
  128. Causality question
  129. electrical properties for stressed silicon
  130. Momentum or Energy?
  131. Weak and Strong Forces as a Single Phenomenon?
  132. Total Internal Refraction
  133. Harvesting hydrogen in space is possible?
  134. Earth's Green Flash
  135. solution of schrodinger equation
  137. Absolute Zero & Absolute Hot
  138. Heat Temperature, and Thermal Energy
  139. Does Time exist?
  140. Storage???
  141. First Law of Thermodynamics Basic Question
  142. Mexican Wave
  143. Suspending electrons in light
  144. Why does a vacuum flask (thermos) keep things warm?
  145. String Theory
  146. Large Hadron Collider May Have Produced New Matter
  147. Physics Text
  148. Alcubierre Drive
  149. Understanding the Rainbow
  150. Musing upon time
  151. Heating from the sun IR vs visible light
  152. Speed of Separation
  153. Does my diagram look right?
  154. Why isn't there a push for HYDROGEN POWERED CARS?
  155. Dark energy
  156. Renewable Energy Sources: Potential Applications according to Crown Capital Eco Management Inodnesia
  157. Why propulsion and not repulsion?
  158. The big bang and infinity? (and other things)
  159. Welcome! to the world of Sciences....
  160. Quantum Tunneling
  161. Quantum communication withouth quantum states distruction?
  162. 3 Questions. Black hole related.
  163. Temparture of Light
  164. Archimedes Experiment
  165. Inertia can now be cancel or reduce....
  166. Why we multiply charges in the coulomb's law equation
  167. Last Thoughts for a While About Theoretical Work
  168. Theoretical Physics adn Mathematics
  169. More and Less Powerful Theories
  170. Why Such Simple Laws in Physics
  171. Matter and Energy
  172. experiment and questions
  173. Questions about Questions Leading to Experiments
  174. Needing Examples of How Theoreticians Work
  175. What it
  176. Analysis of Data From an Experiment
  177. Logic, Math, and Theory
  178. Many Questions About Strategy in Physics
  179. Undertanding the Layout and Connections of How the Theoretical and Experimental Side of Physics
  180. Undertanding the Layout and Connections of How the Theoretical and Experimental Side of Physics
  181. How do extra dimensions look like?
  182. personal theory on the universe help needed
  183. Help me figure this out
  184. Curious ?
  185. An Amusing collection of theoretical Measurements of our Universe.
  186. Conserving Electricity
  187. Are there any closed systems?
  188. Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (Cold Fusion) Open to Assistance
  189. looking for nuke?
  190. What would happen if a spaceship with an Alcubierre/Warp Drive went through a planet?
  191. Angular momentum about barycenter
  192. Cosmic pong
  193. bullet vs gravity?
  194. The Oscilating Universe... A Layman's Hypothesis
  195. Earth's magnetic field
  196. Electrons & Energy of Atom
  197. An electric current question
  198. Some Questions on Astro-Physics
  199. things that google can't make me understand.
  200. where can i post thread about alchemy?
  201. physic
  202. Gravity of two objects
  203. kinematic problems
  204. solar system map
  205. Voltage from Radio/Some other EM Wave
  206. Gödel's Theorem
  207. Nuclear Fusion Compression
  208. Radium 226 and rads
  209. Why do led lamps have a full spectrum while hydrogen lamps do not?
  210. Calculate pipe pressure
  211. Questions about different Timelines.
  212. space and energy
  213. What is a 'field'
  214. Gravitational Slingshot
  215. How long would it take a billion tons of wood to melt a 5 pound block of steel?
  216. 'Many -Worlds' is the only valid intepretation and proven?
  217. Conservation of Mass and questions about Maxwell
  218. What Are Vectors ???
  219. Confused about Bernoulli effect
  220. How far will this object travel?
  221. how confident are we that dark matter/energy exists?
  222. reflected v emitted light
  223. questions on einstein's theories and related topics
  224. question on creativity
  225. Idea for a new astronomical experiment
  226. Self Awareness
  227. Science magazine
  228. Distance Calculations Reset
  229. Testing Solar Heater (aluminum cans) set up
  230. can someone help
  231. Why the first reflective light wave in Fabry-Perot cavity does not cancel with the incoming wave?
  232. Exercises in Physics
  233. Three Roads to Quantum Gravity
  234. Science Fair Project
  235. Paradox
  236. A code found in equations for superstring theory... huh?
  237. Gravity
  238. Conversions with radiation (NEED HELP) And radium 226 trouble!
  239. What is convection and radiation? (Quick Check Up)
  240. conceptualizing resonance.
  241. Cartesian Keplerian Orbit?
  242. derivation of E=hf?
  243. mechanic hoist system
  244. Air Pressure question
  245. The Fundamental Forces of Nature Question
  246. How fundamental is the Law of the Lever?
  247. Superconductivity and Pressure?
  248. Balancing entries: contacting ET by means of relay chat
  249. Expansion problem question
  250. If Hubble discovered that the universe was expanding, then why did Permutter get the Nobel