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  1. Filled system thermometer
  2. trying to learn physics
  3. I have some questions about the moon
  4. Differentiate RTD,THERMOCOUPLE AND THERMISTOR using multimeter
  5. On which site can i see temperature-density ratios of substances?
  6. Radiated materials
  7. Needs help in thermo pysics
  8. levitating magnet
  9. Relating to the Big Bang, is time finite or infinite?
  10. (Very) Brief introduction to quantum electrodynamics
  11. define physics
  12. Why can't information be destroyed?
  13. What is reality?
  14. How to calculate explosive pressure in confined spaces?
  15. What effect is this?
  16. Change of basis - angular momentum eigenstates question
  17. Neil Armstrong dead
  18. where does all this "stuff" keep coming from?
  19. Does momentum have a force carrier?
  20. Is the frequency of sound affected by liquids and gases when sound passes through it?
  21. Science vs. myth: What if we could travel faster than the speed of light?
  22. Can a sand coloured lense letting IR and UV light?
  23. how to find mass and weight of an object?
  24. Please answer this question for me and my brother.
  25. A Device that Measures the Total Application of Force?
  26. Controlling magnetic states?
  27. Wormholes and Entanglement
  28. Not sure if this is the right section, but i have a conversion question.
  29. Inverted black holes
  30. Interested in Physics and Chemistry
  31. Vibrations in States of Matter
  32. Matter-antimatter question
  33. About gravity
  34. What is Areal Poisson's Ratio?
  35. Controlled Fusion Reaction
  36. Acoustics: can someone tell me how thick a wall needs to be for me to not be able to hear noises?
  37. Independent Variable of Two Slit Experiment
  38. Entropy of a vacuum and heat death of the universe
  39. magnetizism in metal?
  40. Black Hole at near-light speed?
  41. BBC NEWS: Stopping of light
  42. When fluid dynamics mimic quantum mechanics
  43. Why does rubber band get expand when it is rotated around an axis?
  44. M-Theory & dark matter/dark energy
  45. Why time Travel has/has not been invented
  46. Calculating force applied at impact to object(s) tied together
  47. indestructable matter
  48. Motion, time, and space.
  49. Quick Question.
  50. power system idea
  51. Physics and music
  52. lead-acid batteries
  53. Light clock in a gravitational field
  54. how realistic is the possibility of star travel in the future?
  55. Role Forces
  56. Architect --> Physicist
  57. Question about solution to the Dirac equation?
  58. Higher learning in physics?
  59. Physics of hyperspace
  60. Renormlization in Particle Physics
  61. Good job/career questions.
  62. What materials block infrasound and ultrasound at frequencies that r typically used for DEWs?
  63. Applications of electromagnetic radiation
  64. Fusion and its way to a sustainable reaction...
  65. Human body as an electric conductor
  66. Does quantum mechanics violate the laws of logic?
  67. Optimal Voltage in Electrolysis of Water
  68. Battery idea #2
  69. Anyone Into Reading Gravitation?
  70. Space/time near absolute zero
  71. String Theory and The Relativity Theory : Who Can Explain That to Me ?
  72. Definitions
  73. Yet another question of clarification, this time; quantum particles!
  74. What Effect do the Van Allen Belts Have on Geosynchronous Satellites?
  75. Acceleration of Nuclear Decay by Low Frequency EM Field - Possible?
  76. Why can't we walk through other dimensions?
  77. Wiley Coyote used to teach physics
  78. Destruction of virtual particles and virtual particle pairs
  79. Which came first, space or time?
  80. Quantum Mechanics: A single atom can be in 2 locations at the same time?
  81. Why does gravity travel at the speed of light? (or does it?)
  82. wave front
  83. speed of light not constant?
  84. What is Gravity, when will we learn enough to be able to manipulate it
  85. gravity
  86. How does a space shuttle go straight up?
  87. An Explaination Needed: Charges, Fields, Potentials etc.
  88. dark matter
  89. Winding a Solenoid in layers. How to calculate number of layers?
  90. YouTube Channe for Astrophysics
  91. Neurons as RC circuits
  92. German Physical Society fights against the Karlsruhe Physics Course
  93. A Question About Zero Point Energy
  94. [Question] How much methane would it take to lift 1lb?
  95. Conservative overdamped harmonic oscillator?
  96. Biophysics: Help me validate calculation for free energy for biological reaction
  97. Gravitational waves from black hole births?
  98. A question about the formula of de Broglie
  99. Space and Time
  100. the Joule
  101. Combustion energy of acetone
  102. Absolute zero
  103. Does our planet orbit the sun the same way the ISS and other satellites orbit our planet?
  104. the lowest frequency
  105. Firing a bullet up into the air
  106. stability of electron
  107. deviation of light
  108. Theoretical Applications of Lorentz Time Dilation
  109. Gravity, a force to be reckoned with the point of origin or end
  110. Question about vectors?
  111. Time... How the phrick does it work?!
  112. Will a workable warp drive be created?
  113. Is the Big Bang necessarily the absolute 'beginning' of everything?
  114. conservation of energy
  115. What is the limit for the charge of a charged black hole and how is it calculated?
  116. temp from light lumiance
  117. why is it said....
  118. Question about views of the moon...HELP?
  119. Semiconductors question
  120. Nuclear spaceship : possible?
  121. Question on definition of ampere
  122. An idea/thought on the advanced double slit experiment
  123. Let me know what is the 5th dimention of this universe?
  124. A new idea to kill Mosquitos ?
  125. Running at 25km/u
  126. HELP - I am getting Totall Lost - Gravity from a Single Object.
  127. Most important piece of scientific knowledge
  128. looking for some info about magnets for kinetic sculptural project
  129. coriolis effect : its implication
  130. Could the Universe be expanding into a singularity?
  131. Instantaneous Interaction
  132. Help with electro magnet
  133. Manifolds, tensors and other stuff
  134. The unparticle
  135. Neutralinos
  136. Confirmation of a "homemade" equation?
  137. Calculating volume of air created from boiling water at depth
  138. History: Positive & Negative electric charge?
  139. Thermodynamics: Path Dependence involving Step Processes
  140. Physics project -Idea??
  141. Acoustic Resonance
  142. Acoustic resonance
  143. Friction of arrows- spark a fire?
  144. SPLIT : General Relativity Primer Discussion
  145. In relativistic interstellar travel, would hitting a speck of dust = total destruction?
  146. small sphere or cylinder filled by a solvent
  147. Gravity And Electromagnetism As Spacetime Structure Disturbances
  148. Best Physics Teaching Apps
  149. Best Physics Teaching Apps
  150. Multi slits Experiment
  151. Do we live in the Matrix?
  152. Multiversity and space holes!
  153. Wasted energy as heat form
  154. Zero-G Freezing
  155. Mass vs velocity
  156. Time travel
  157. Direct conversion of heat to electricity
  158. how to make a small heating system?
  159. An experiment with waves.
  160. Does the temperature of space help us learn more about dark matter?
  161. What are black holes, and equation involved in it?
  162. Pogostick: springrate N/mm?
  163. is perpetual motion possible?
  164. propagation of EM waves
  165. M-Theory and Hawking.
  166. Molecular Construction?
  167. effect of radio waves
  168. What Happens to Nitrogen in a Star ??
  169. Need an equation!!! Heat transfer through tissue when a laser is used...
  170. Torque? I need concept!
  171. Thermodynamics - Reversible cycle
  172. Spontaneous Wormholes? Planetary Transportation?
  173. constants
  174. Modifying a cyclotron to produce electricity
  175. What exactly are initial conditions of the universe, and are acausal events determined by it?
  176. Acceleration of A Classical Particle without A Force Acting on The Particle
  177. Second Higgs boson found?
  178. Simulating Crystallography With Simulated Electron Pathways (orbitals) On Simulated Atoms/Molecules.
  179. Equations for scattering of plane waves from a dielectric sphere
  180. Calculation of the magnetic field ring current and the magnetic flux through the closed surface
  181. Temperature Vs refractive index
  182. Theoretical manipulation of space-time organized list of approach?
  183. Scalar as A One-Dimensional Vector
  184. Rainbow '"Internal Refraction"?
  185. 2013 coursework Physics
  186. History of Planck's equation(s)
  187. Physics newbie struggling with essay.
  188. Does light amplify sound waves?
  189. Quantum suicide and some questions
  190. Sphere Packing Problem and Chemistry
  191. Faster-than-light warp drives
  192. Explanation behind Moseley's Law
  193. Valid reason to reject the Bohr model?
  194. Use of matrices in relativity?
  195. If there exists only one body, can time pass?
  196. Superfast Communications - Particularly over Astronomical Distances.
  197. Why are daytime clouds white instead of cyan (sky blue)?
  198. Electricity/Energy ?
  199. Quick question about relativity
  200. Can something be relative to itself?
  201. Why are there 8 gluons?
  202. Pure energy ?
  203. Quantum Theory
  204. Radium Testing?
  205. Rainbow CD Photon test - Part 1.
  206. Energy Quantification
  207. Voltage across airplane wings if carrying magnet
  208. relativistic puzzle
  209. How can determinism exist in the normal level, but not the quantum level?
  210. Einstein-Cartan Theory Primer
  211. Reflection of sunlight in office building (looks like the sun is magnified)
  212. Circular Motion
  213. Why is the Sky Blue?
  214. color of water during different seasons /does color exist without light?
  215. Books for self-study leading to String Theory
  216. What does Common Sense mean in Physics? What does Logic mean in Physics?
  217. Will this demonstration of Why the Sky is Blue work?
  218. How do you get matter out a black hole?
  219. Question about frequency and physically repulsive force fields
  220. Faster than light
  221. Radiowaves faster than light?
  222. Difference between dark matter, anti-matter, and their relation to Higgs-Boson?
  223. How does this violate the conservation of energy?
  224. Summaries of all known theories about the origin of the universe
  225. Is there a terminal amplitude for sound in air?
  226. Stella Nucleosynthesis...
  227. Testing my Physics.
  228. Viktor Shaubergers Repulsines mod A and B
  229. How do we find out many % of our mass do we know is due to relavistic velocity, and how many % of our mass is due to energy?
  230. What are the differences between laws and theories?
  231. If the universe was growing faster than the speed of light, could there be matter at the edge of the universe?
  232. David Icke
  233. Brain waves at the time of death
  234. Is space negative charged elastic fluid?
  235. What is spacetime from phsycal aspects and its behaviour ?
  236. Floaters!
  237. The Purpose of Gravitons?
  238. trying to find enough non-thermal energy, released death, to trigger radiation decay, perhaps a beta+ decay?
  239. Confused about E!
  240. pls let me know the answers
  241. Can anyone give me a nice science fair idea related to sound waves?
  242. How could the big bang create itself?
  243. Need help with a 1D newtonian motion question.
  244. Question about simplifying physics equations!?
  245. Lets say you can stop time like in movies,anime's
  246. silly question
  247. Never Ending Tininess?
  248. Subjective or Objective World?
  249. Does light travel instantly relative to itself?
  250. Existing at the same time and space?