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  1. Universe
  2. Reynolds Number
  3. contain an atmosphere with an electromagnetic field?
  4. Entangled photon and polarizers
  5. Where am I wrong?
  6. If gravitational waves exist would they produce interference patterns?
  7. Cool and easy calculations to do in physics?
  8. Stars and distance with another one
  9. Magnetism properties?
  10. fully covariant Gravitoelectromagnetism
  11. refraction and reflection
  12. gravitational waves, really never detected yet?
  13. capacitor with varyable permittivity dielectric
  14. What is the weirdest experiment you know about
  15. Help in speed problem please
  16. Help in pendulm problem please
  17. help in dot product
  18. Help me with the work problem please help
  19. Steam Bath Chemistry?
  20. Classical explanation of double slit polarization experiment
  21. New here need help about condensation!
  22. Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion Vol1. 2nd Edition, Francis F. Chen
  23. speed/momentum
  24. Quantum Bayesianism
  25. Adjective for "having mass"
  26. Some stupidly basic questions about heat/temperature :/
  27. X-rays
  28. Am I understanding relativity correctly? and a simple question...
  29. WTF is going on with monopoles?
  30. Momentum and Gyros
  31. Surface friction and temperature increase of water vs several solids.
  32. Selection for masters degree course.. Physics or engineering?
  33. Coherence length of a single photon
  34. What happens to the Ek of light slowed down ?
  35. Do things move relatively to the spacetime manifold ?
  36. Wave and beats
  37. What am I missing?
  38. Atoms-Reason for the specific the 2,8,18… electron spread?
  39. Dip Coater
  40. what do spinning reference frames spin against?
  41. Question on GR : Bending of light - Einstein's calculations
  42. speed of time difference across a point in gravity
  43. electron and photon
  44. Gravitational Mass and Inertial Mass: A Monolog
  45. A Question about Color
  46. Mars vs Earth air speed,
  47. Vibrating plate wave reflection problem (Chladni pattern)
  48. Cross-talk measurement between strips in particle detector
  49. Calculating Coefficient of Friction for Sandpaper
  50. Some questions and our Universe
  51. Circumnavigating the globe and losing time.
  52. Negative Voltage?
  53. Water, what a magnificent compound
  54. Is it possible to produce fusion explosion by just compressing hydrogen gas?
  55. Is this a realistic scenario?
  56. Hmt
  57. thermal storage
  58. FET operation
  59. Gravitational energy
  60. Convergent divergent nozzle
  61. Heat Pipe
  62. Sound
  63. How much power we expect to get from fusion reactors?
  64. What is this spectrometer actually doing?
  65. Unifying Space and Time
  66. Electromagnetic wave form/fr & EM tranmitter questions
  67. What are the physics behind a rocket being propelled? ..help...
  68. nonconservative work
  69. Can we change laws of physics?
  70. Transfer of heat
  71. Random Theory of Dimensional Analysis
  72. Question : Increasing mass and the gravitational field
  73. Question on GR : How is gravity maintained in a box ?
  74. How much energy/force would it take to move an atom it's own diameter?
  75. Would FTL Mean Time Itself Would Stop?
  76. Radiating light - Underground Greenhouse
  77. paradox with relativity need help explaining
  78. Is light considered matter?
  79. transfer of electricity
  80. A couple of questions about gravity, time dilation and mass
  81. Electrodynamics !!
  82. A question on observed time in GR : the lightning example by Einstein
  83. Trigonometry
  84. Would Acoustic Propulsion work in Space?
  85. Alcubierre drive practicality and the problems of it
  86. Regarding: English assignments
  87. Why should not all earth atmosphere sucked by space?
  88. A simple special relativity calculation (I guess)
  89. Careers in Physics
  90. The theory of practical joking - its relevance to physics
  91. Hello and I'm sure there is an easy answer. ( relativity
  92. supernovas and black holes in 11 dimensions
  93. moving space and time
  94. Diamond Penetration
  95. What causes gravity
  96. Efficiency of a system
  97. Are we able to detect the entire electromagnetic spectrum?
  98. A question
  99. Window spying and Special Relativity
  100. Forces pfft - What do you think Mr Lagrange?
  101. Is It True That Time Stops on the Event Horizion?
  102. is gravity a force?
  103. The Twin Paradox and Inertial Frame of Reference
  104. Regarding Sticky: Special Relativity Primer by Janus
  105. plasma
  106. Laws, principles and facts
  107. Don't Know Where to Start!
  108. Radiation and nuclides at Fukushima
  109. Opposing magnetic fields.
  110. Could this be possible?
  111. I need help! ASAP PLEASE!
  112. Schrodinger wave equation in 2-dimension.Not understanding!!
  113. static friction of masses connected by a rod
  114. One Astrounaut Says Why He Wouldn't Want Gravity On His Spacecraft...
  115. How Big Would An Artificial Gravity Sphere Need To Be?
  116. Voltage and Water pressure analogy question
  117. Where do these things come from?
  118. Understanding this GR visualisation
  119. Would Increasing The Speed Of Light Be Safe?
  120. Why Might Static Objects Redshift?
  121. Simple but possibly deeper unit and formulae question
  122. GR analogy
  123. Visualising SpaceTime Events or Processes (and distortions) with 3D monitors
  124. Two-way relativity?
  125. What is homo-polar generator?
  126. frequency ,magnetism ,potential, anti-gravity
  127. Expansion of the Universe.
  128. What's cause of Popped Water Balloons.
  129. Relativity: electron beam vs. laser beam?
  130. How Newtonian Physics Ruin Space Combat...
  131. Energy, Melting Point, & Energy Conservation: Any help apperciated
  132. Any physics grads working in the UK but not originally from there - I'd like to interview you for Physics World Magazine
  133. A hypothesis regarding blackholes and dark energy
  134. What if?
  135. Humans: 10 dimensional beings?
  136. boil water from room temp using regular batteries?
  137. Iron Man Flight Concept MK I
  138. Enrico Fermi's Legacy
  139. What is the smallest possible point?
  140. centripital and centrifugal -Satellite
  141. Cold water/ hot water
  142. Time warp and Einstein : Trillion Frames Per Second
  143. Klein-Nishina formula
  144. momentum of the photon
  145. Angular displacement, Angular velocity
  146. Light waves from LED lamps as high capacity datatransmission : interesting TED-talk
  147. fix your tomakak
  148. Are forcefeilds possible?
  149. Neutron "bombardment" of fissile material, Oppenheimerian weapons, and energy.
  150. Metamaterials - General
  151. How to model propagation of light in Relativity?
  152. Compton scattering
  153. Black Hole Event Horizon
  154. Is there a difference between the distance of magnets...
  155. uses of radiation detectors
  156. Curved spacetime and multiple planets in orbit : an image of this ?
  157. Does Fusion break the laws of physics?
  158. Spring constant(rate) pneumatic cylinder
  159. If you don't like dark matter...
  160. Rays of Light.
  161. Question on QM basic measurements
  162. Physics coursework
  163. Static electricity - Quantity of charge induced.
  164. Springs
  165. time dilation -confusion
  166. elastic collision
  167. Energy levels
  168. why the danny webb telescope can see the star behind the nebular?
  169. Magnitudinal Classes
  170. radio activity...old news??
  171. Ethanol concentration in a liquid ?
  172. Diffraction and interference of wave. Confused!
  173. Telling lies to describe truth: Do we emphasize the importance of “the art of approximations” to the students
  174. physics question on light waves!
  175. Et le second degré, vous connaissez ?
  176. Motor Vehicle Heat Exchanger
  177. Can General Relativity model causation of time dilation?
  178. Best illuminating light for one with night vision?
  179. Stupid questions about black holes
  180. Law of thermodynamics
  181. Plasma Thrusters
  182. Gravitational Time Dilation
  183. water asteroide hmmm....
  184. A dimension higher than 3/4 which can be indirectly seen?
  185. Particles as wave packets - why they don't dissipate?
  186. Young designer need a little help.
  187. Could you please tell me where we are
  188. Gaining Mass at Speed
  189. Time and motion Brian Greene
  190. Question on a formula - half-life and lamda related
  191. E=mc^2...from a novice
  192. Quantum Gravity and Geometrogenesis
  193. Can solargraphy provide quantitative data?
  194. Purely Theoretical Implementations of Hooke's Law
  195. What can cause periodic interference (constructive interference occurs every 9 mm when the reference mirror is shifted) in OCT setup?
  196. Black holes and dark matter
  197. Accelrometer-Kinematics
  198. Planck energy
  199. c = k
  200. Quantipararalela what?
  201. Mohr's circle how to do
  202. the particle in the photon
  203. Gravity x Acceleration=? Gravity / Energy=? Gravity/mass=? Gravity x energy=? G x M=?
  204. Electron-hole gas density
  205. What is it like to be a quantum object ?
  206. buoyancy-Gravity: object completly submerged in water
  207. Kinetic energy at v = c
  208. the broke the speed of light?
  209. Screenless display with help of lasers
  210. About Einstein's special relativity theory
  211. Elevation Change
  212. Dark Energy Push/Expanssion or Encompassing Gravity Pull?
  213. Poisson's Ratio
  214. simple Question in Mecanic
  215. Pair Production Reactor
  216. Amplituhedron
  217. Do moving charged particles emit a magnetic field?
  218. Newton's Cradle
  219. Do all forces travel as wave?
  220. How do you make a heat condenser or condense heat ...........is there any way to keep electrons in an enclosed space
  221. Understanding the kilowatt hour
  222. Radar Question
  223. Black holes, Dumb holes and accelerating EoS
  224. Space expansion
  225. genesis of the joule
  226. Nuclear radiation from the result of fusion of hydrogen to helium
  227. Why?
  228. What is electric charge?
  229. How does a single photon look like?
  230. New Thread / String Theory....well sort of
  231. QM
  232. The Butterfly Effect
  233. Compression of a solid material
  234. Horizontal and Vertical Acceleration?
  235. thermodynamics .. when work being negative or positive
  236. Centripetal acceleration
  237. How to see the magnetism force?
  238. Ground state configuration of ising model, most recent research
  239. mass increase
  240. Philosophical views on the Unification Of Physics
  241. Isaac Newton
  242. electrons and protons
  243. Teaching yourself - any book recommendations?
  244. Understanding the Multiverse Theory
  245. freeproton decay
  246. weak force
  247. Heat transfer for air
  248. The paradox of Hawking radiation - is matter infinitely compressible?
  249. Creating holograms from dots of photons?
  250. In the films: "Einstein is wrong"