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  1. The Uncertainty Principle
  2. The interior of a Proton (as an example)
  3. Mass number & density question
  4. Use the lens formula to show that f^2 = ab
  5. Calculate the threshold wavelength of the metal
  6. Deflection of light in classical physics
  7. Does global pull of a body vary with distance?
  8. Non-Circular Wheel vs. Circular Wheel
  9. Dimensionality of Light and Shadow
  10. electrostatic solid switch question
  11. Does Energy Affect Gravity and the other way around?
  12. Deflection of light
  13. General word for content of the universe?
  14. What materials if any are difficult for ultrasound to travel through!?
  15. Bubbles
  16. Physics Question | If we knew exactly how the Universe worked couldn't we predict it's future
  17. Friedmann cosmology for the layman reader
  18. Speed of light constant,or avarage speed of light constant,or both ?
  19. Which is better for an Ultrasound proof hat(.2-8.0kHz, 135-140dB) Polymethylmethacrylate or Polycarbonate, and how thick must the helmet be?
  20. Our Range to E.T.
  21. Photons and E=mc2?
  22. the Uncertainty Principle
  23. Issue with Maxwell equations
  24. A Question about Positive Lightning
  25. Expanding universe breaks the laws of physics?
  26. Galaxies Travelling Faster Than the Speed of Light?
  27. Absence of time
  28. Reflection of sky mirage on a hot road
  29. Gravity Effects
  30. The Speed Of Light Might Be Wrong
  31. Twin paradox
  32. DB Level?
  33. Grassman variables for Hamilton cycle problem?
  34. Recommended Introductory Book
  35. Is Microwaved Food Bad For Your Body?
  36. car crash
  37. Age of the U
  38. Ferromagnetic Plate B-Field Definition Question
  39. Finding the x and y components
  40. Does a Higs Boson particle have mass ?
  41. Quantum causality
  42. Particles of Matter
  43. how do you get supplies from a stationary space elevator while your spacecraft is orbiting the Earth at orbital speed
  44. shooting on a motorway
  45. Position in the universe?
  46. molucular motion at absolute zero
  47. A new type of thermoelectric generator
  48. Energy
  49. How do Proteins move?
  50. space and gravity in relation to planets
  51. Time Dilation in Objects in Relative Rotation
  52. CMB redshift
  53. Why is the double slit experiment seemingly a mystery?
  54. Atom
  55. Theories explaining creation of the universe.
  56. transreceiver manufacturing
  57. Difficulty separating this heterogeneous mixture in water
  58. Why is the direction of torque perpendicular to the direction of force applied?
  59. The First Atom Successfully Teleported!
  60. Light blueshifts : freq. shorter, and amplitude ?
  61. Temperature and Blackholes
  62. Is combustion endothermic, too?
  63. Latest Paper by T. Padhmanaban may 2014
  64. Unlimited bandwidth with twisted radio waves?
  65. Negative Energy Proven? Hoax?
  66. physics and astronomy
  67. I don't understand how a lever works
  68. The physics of car jumping
  69. Magnetic Questions
  70. All Motion is Relative?
  71. capacitor throught experiment
  72. Question: light speed in airplane vs outside airplane
  73. Creating matter from light
  74. high frequency sounds
  75. Optic Fibre Cables
  76. Speed of Light. Please HELP my argument
  77. Interaction between real particles and virtual particles
  78. sound of breaking brick
  79. Ideal frequency for cell phone communication
  80. Ice. Less energy = more order
  81. Incorporating dark matter/energy into Einstein's field equations
  82. About Light
  83. What is Light made of?
  84. What is the fastest speed a spaceship could possibly go?
  85. Light-matter interaction
  86. Acceleration question
  87. A Forever Expanding Universe - Our Point of Reference?
  88. Lorentz transformation derivation.
  89. what is the fastest possible thing?
  90. New state of water
  91. This is a general problem from "Fundamentals of Physics". Can anyone solve it?
  92. How do we prove maximum acceleration in vertical SHM is equal to g?
  93. Why is acceleration inversely proportional to the mass?
  94. Anti-Gravity or Gravity Nullification
  95. correction
  96. is the speed of light fully covariant
  97. is a point in physics a fermion or a boson ?
  98. How much mass does an object need to acquire an atmosphere?
  99. Identifying a term
  100. The easiest to understand abstract of a scientific paper - EVAH.
  101. Covariant Electromagnetism Primer
  102. Tilting a spinning wheel
  103. Quantum physicists propose time emerges from quantum entanglement
  104. About absolute zero
  105. Electromagnetic absorption
  106. Calculating a charge in a gravitational field using total relativistic format
  107. Does gravity create endless energy?
  108. perfect dielectric
  109. Blackholes exploding?
  110. the train and tunnel paradox
  111. Questions about Gravitons
  112. Cute little applet from cal tech about the field of a moving charge
  113. Does the expansion of the universe create endless energy?
  114. Solar cell around the earth.
  115. Parallel axis or Huygens–Steiner theorem
  116. The Big Bang
  117. Photons Behaving As a Wave
  118. Complementarity with single slit diffraction
  119. Spontaneous Emergence of the Universe
  120. Point Particles
  121. Electron electric dipole magnetic moment
  122. what if the big bang consisted of enough energy to make the universe
  123. Dirac on sub atomic particles.
  124. Heat Death/Black Holes
  125. Another stupid question..
  126. Electron shell
  127. The speed of light constant
  128. Mbemba effect
  129. How ships and planes work?
  130. Some questions on astrophysics...
  131. spacetime curvature and weight
  132. How ions conduct electricity in air?
  133. Theory of Inflation
  134. buoyancy
  135. Is the whole Energy (+mass) of the universe constant?
  136. The composition of the Universe
  137. Need help for science project!
  138. Is gravity 100% efficient?
  139. Help...again
  140. Atom in 4 spatial dimensions
  141. A spinning magnet in vacuum
  142. Relative size and understandings
  143. Calculating radioactive transmission in mixed materials
  144. How much downward force does an average person exert upon the ground when they jump standing still?
  145. Please stop saying that during the inflation period the universe expanded faster than light. Just please
  146. is possible to create shield like in 2007 movie Sunshine ?
  147. Newton's 2nd law for open mass systems
  148. Charge produced at the end of an insulated conductor rod using electrostatic induction
  149. Practical uses for formulas
  150. H mode, ITER, neutrons
  151. QM explanation
  152. String theory question...
  153. instanous velocity elastacity
  154. Does red shift ...mean the Universe is really increasingly expanding?
  155. Light is infinitely young?
  156. Woah, any help?
  157. Help with relativity!?!
  158. The Universe and a quark
  159. Electron magnetic dipole moment
  160. Using electrolysis in scuba diving
  161. quantum arrow of time
  162. Negative mass and gravitation
  163. Linear alternator
  164. Quantum Atom Theory
  165. Question about Dark Energy
  166. prism light-box head-scratcher
  167. Question of sound energy
  168. Spacetime - A Primer
  169. The Big Rip
  170. Huge Amounts of Energy
  171. Expanding Universe
  172. Black holes not pathways
  173. The threshold for superposition collapse in double-slit experiment
  174. What happens when various radio waves interact with the ionosphere?
  175. What effect does earth's Magnetic Field have on electromagnetic radiation?
  176. H fine structure
  177. Water velocity near a charged object.
  178. Does electrical field affect the plasma?
  179. Cores of plantes
  180. What factors could change electrostatic force?
  181. Quick question.
  182. Quantum Electron Speculation
  183. Is magnetism less fundamental then electricity?
  184. Tesla coil
  185. shootiing an electron
  186. Gain Energy from any temperature?
  187. Einstein's obsessed question;
  188. publishing under a reputable journal of physics
  189. Relativistic KE
  190. Hydrogen atom
  191. heat question
  192. Hitting the light speed breaks.
  193. Heat conduction in space
  194. Electric Field
  195. Electrical potential
  196. Why is anything an Ohmic Device?
  197. "The Theoretical Minimum" from Leonard Susskind
  198. An amplituhedron? QM
  199. A velocity problem from a lamen
  200. Photons and expanding waves of light.
  201. gravitational field of photons/electromagnetic radiation
  202. Just wondering...
  203. Effect on capacitance from stacking materials with different dielectric constants
  204. What is "displacement currents" really is?
  205. How can a grounded conductor repel a charged object?
  206. website good for studying physics/chemistry
  207. Probably a stupid question...
  208. Thermodynamics - superheated state and diagram
  209. Free Energy?
  210. Newb Q: What happens if you push something big in space?
  211. Dark energy
  212. Conformal symmetry group
  213. Walking with coffee
  214. Why does condensation need a surface?
  215. Fun with physics - new edition of the free pdf book
  216. Removing clothing wrinkles using ultrasonics or similar
  217. electromagnet forces
  218. simultaneity and black holes
  219. Moisture content is a (?) variable
  220. Developping a stand up help
  221. Speed of data traveling in relation to speed of light
  222. Question about Twin Paradox
  223. Easy Gravity question?
  224. The Space-Time interval.
  225. Father Son Debate
  226. Photon frequency/wavelength -
  227. 2 equal bodies attract: what happens at close range?
  228. question about star location
  229. Probably a stupid question
  230. What is the difference between a model and a theory?
  231. Working of dry cell battery!!
  232. Universe
  233. Reynolds Number
  234. contain an atmosphere with an electromagnetic field?
  235. Entangled photon and polarizers
  236. Where am I wrong?
  237. If gravitational waves exist would they produce interference patterns?
  238. Cool and easy calculations to do in physics?
  239. Stars and distance with another one
  240. Magnetism properties?
  241. fully covariant Gravitoelectromagnetism
  242. refraction and reflection
  243. gravitational waves, really never detected yet?
  244. capacitor with varyable permittivity dielectric
  245. What is the weirdest experiment you know about
  246. Help in speed problem please
  247. Help in pendulm problem please
  248. help in dot product
  249. Help me with the work problem please help
  250. Steam Bath Chemistry?