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  1. Greatest Physicist of All Time
  2. Question on Matter and Energy Equivalence
  3. Thermal value
  4. Escape Velocity
  5. Sodium sulfate & heat storage
  6. Trebuchet Physics.
  7. could this be an stable inverted pendulum?
  8. How do you submit an idea for peer review?
  9. Invisibility cloak idea
  10. how much electricity do you need to melt steel?
  11. Electromagnetic spectrum questions
  12. A video I once saw.... please help
  13. New efficient energy converter?
  14. " Scientists Make Radio Waves Travel Faster Than Light
  15. The nature of Scalar waves
  16. Looses in Photocells
  17. overunity thermodinamic cycle?
  18. Magnetic Arrays
  19. Can this be done?
  20. Twin paradox
  21. Methods to create a Vacuum without a container
  22. Horizontal subspaces, horizonatl lifts and connections
  23. absolute zero
  24. Tesla coil instead of fuel cells?
  25. Plasma and batteries
  26. Are my friends wrong?
  27. UV Ray absorbtion
  28. Shutter speed and quality of image
  29. The Golf Swing
  30. Idea for nanotechnology or total nonsense?
  31. Behaviour of particles around fast moving objects
  32. Yotagram
  33. Resistance and current in black hole
  34. Light and Sound in a vacuum -
  35. Theories behind circuits
  36. Do photocells need temperature differences?
  37. Another special relativity problem
  38. A rolling ring on surface. How to solve this problem?
  39. the universe as a quantum computer
  40. Toilet Vent airflow maximization
  41. Some question of physics
  42. Cushioning a car seat to reduce shocks?
  43. Wormholes
  44. Twin Paradox Question
  45. Special Relativity Primer
  46. Special Relativity Primer discussion
  47. Why the i?
  48. links to physics e-books
  49. Hamiltonian mechanics
  50. Classical Mechanics
  51. Characteristics and properties of milk
  52. The Twin Paradox
  53. The time frame deceleration for rolling bodies
  54. where to buy parts for building a generator
  55. how to generate large elec charge in a small ball
  56. Photovoltaic combustion cars?
  57. A special relativity problem
  58. Lorentz Contraction of a Moving Parabola
  59. Time travel is becoming a possibility?
  60. Non-polar dielectric in electric field
  61. Electrolyte for Boron,Silicon?
  62. Einsteins theory about traveling faster than light
  63. photons and neutrinos
  64. cellphone calls after the person owning it dies
  65. whats up with the 'size' of dimensions
  66. Piezoelectricity
  67. Black body radiation
  68. Black body radiation
  69. Photons and time
  70. help me with a new project "light saber"
  71. driving fusion with fission?
  72. Dear physicists, can we win against the universe?
  73. Resistance
  74. Force of the Sun and Earth
  75. Heat transfer from fridge/freezer to aluminum cans
  76. the impossibility of achieving perpetual motion with magnets
  77. Logic Gate circuit
  78. Statistical Mechanics
  79. Useful energy / wasted energy HELP
  80. im learning physics, please can you correct me
  81. internal energy and enthalpy
  82. the del operator,curl and divergence
  83. Transparency
  84. Faster than light travel/Space & Time theory
  85. propulsion system and 3rd Newton's law
  86. Sun's warmth
  87. Does anyone still posit an "indivisible" particle?
  88. speed at expansion and mass
  89. physics and new age humanisn
  90. unified field theory
  91. electromagnetic force
  92. relativistic mass, rest mass, invariant mass...
  93. The creation of a magnetic vortex
  94. Meaning of anomalous photovoltaic effect?
  95. great online learning resource
  96. Noob question on the Electro Magnetic Spectrum
  97. Microwave Power Machine Possible?
  98. the uncertainty principle
  99. Theories of Everything
  100. Time dialation & evolution
  101. Relativity and a resting frame of reference.
  102. moon getting smaller
  103. focal point, negative or positive?
  104. Speed of Light question
  105. Why should nuclear weapos be reduced?
  106. Coulomb friction in a closed form
  107. difference
  108. Why was SR accepted w/o GR?
  109. Why was this ruled out?
  110. newton vs. einstein, the great lightspeed debate.
  111. Question on Warping of Space-Time
  112. Future of energy storage
  113. Force and Energy. Difference?
  114. Gravity stronger closer to centre of the earth?
  115. Heat levels in equal masses of same Temperture?
  116. einstein's twin theory
  117. Grade 10 physics help?
  118. trying to make a connection between torque and linear motion
  119. antimatter propulsion
  120. Curled up dimensions?
  121. Superconductor levitation
  123. ultimate physics
  124. Gravity Mathmatics
  125. Cosic web's relation to a molecule
  126. Tunelling effect end energy gain
  127. Electromagnetic radiation
  128. molecular energy
  129. relative time travel
  130. SSRF project completed
  131. Send nuclear waste to the sun?
  132. Resistance in a wire
  133. Maths, Fusion, protons: all wrong! Help with calculation
  134. Ball in parallel plates
  135. What is the probability of IR and CO2 getting together?
  136. Swiss watches
  137. How much energy can carbon dioxide emit?
  138. What's the most efficient Heat to Electricity Conversion?
  139. What's this wave particle duality?
  140. Question about the Speed of Gravity
  141. Explosions in Space
  142. Schrodinger's Cat
  143. What Affect's Electrons?
  144. collected papers of Pauli, Heiseinberg, Broglie etc.
  148. Do any substances radiate at only one frequency when hot?
  149. Nature of reality
  150. Infinite Tube
  151. Physics (electricity) Help
  152. Question about half life
  153. question i did not know how to do
  154. radiometric dating
  155. Help with Boltzmann factor application
  156. Electromagnetic 4-force
  157. An Interesting Physics Paper Required
  158. The Photoelectric effect, determining the electron
  159. Photons and the nature of energy
  160. Water's absorption of microwaves
  161. Can Solar Cookers be used inside buildings?
  162. Quick hypothesis
  163. What (really) is a wave?
  164. Mass of Photons
  165. Kinetic Energy and the De Broglie Wavelength
  166. Sound resonance frequencies
  167. Questions about Sunshine
  168. Expansions of Schrodinger's cat thought experiment
  169. The credibility of these articles???
  170. help with this physics question?
  171. Why does temperature change with pressure?
  173. Laymans' question about gravity...
  174. Who would you choose?
  175. Lorentz Contraction
  176. Density Functional Theory
  177. How do Water Crystals Grow?
  178. Silver instead of Copper
  179. What is Time?
  180. Life without gravitation
  181. speed of light=costant?????
  182. behavior of infrared radiation
  183. solar water heaters and infrared
  184. sterling engines
  185. Creating a black hole
  186. dynamo propelled by Earth's magnetic field?
  187. Middle School Buoyancy Question
  188. donutting, simple questions about gravity and magnetics
  189. Accelerating Time
  190. Matter and antimatter
  191. Novice Photon Question
  192. calculating redshift
  193. LHC
  194. Mass/Matter of a gadget/device (iPod, Digital Camera, etc)?
  195. Magnetism and gravity
  196. Negative Ions and Computer Screens
  197. A more efficient way to search physics literature
  198. On Photons, Bradyons and Tachyons.
  199. Does light have Energy?
  200. A theoretical experiment testing relativity.
  201. Need Help In My Tesla Coil Please !
  202. Exercises in temporal logic
  203. What if we make CPT transformation of free electron laser?
  204. Did Einstein get it wrong?
  205. need somebody's help.......
  206. Electrons energy
  207. Universe at work even when unobserved?
  208. common paradoxes in physics
  209. black light
  210. Why doesn't a room get lighter when a light is switched on?
  211. Do you believe in String Theory?
  212. Mass of common objects.
  213. can the pV=nRt be used to describe an engine?
  214. Some help required
  215. Beta-flare
  216. Magnets and Polarization
  217. Black Holes and Gravito-Magnetism
  218. A problem with F=ma
  219. Relativity
  220. Can Black Holes Collapse?
  221. Where does the energy for sympathetic vibrations come from?
  222. what is time, really?
  223. Altimeters
  224. Acceleration
  225. Sound waves
  226. Boltzmann Factor of Proton Proton chain
  227. Magnetic Propulsion / Electromagnets
  228. Popping bananas? Or am I going bananas??
  229. Should we try to contact other possible lifeforms
  230. Big Bang, Big Schmang
  231. sheworld
  232. Would it be true to say......
  233. electrical and thermal conductivity
  234. Boiling a fluid to make an inverse water wheel?
  235. Stopping black body radiation
  236. Light....
  237. Area of Waves
  238. Some questions about Fusion
  239. a stupid question?
  240. CMB, multiconnected space and isotropy.
  241. quantum equation in matlab
  242. What is the equivalence between gravity and magnetism?
  243. the double slit experiment in the '50's
  244. Binding Energies of Proton-Proton Chain
  245. how much acceleration can a humaan body handel
  246. Photons as Solitons?
  247. How similar is AC electricty to light?
  248. Simple solar constant calculation gone wrong
  249. Question about something crazy
  250. Storing Hydrogen