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  1. Atmospheric Pressure
  2. why time doesnt slow with distance to the sun cubed?
  3. Torque of engines on airplanes
  4. convection & 'bubbles'
  5. NEW CERN LHC web site with LIVE machine info
  6. What good is string theory?
  7. How mush dark matter is there in the solar system
  8. Magnetism
  9. Embarassment: Stumped by a High School Physics Question.
  10. The Gibbs-Duhem Equation
  11. do Black Holes grow?
  12. LHC...Missing Particles?
  13. entropy - isolated system - Confused!!
  14. Orbits
  15. Chemistry with sound
  16. Why is light limited to 186,000 mps?
  17. accelerated aceleration
  18. is info energy and therefore its conservation is granted?
  19. flattening=warming?
  20. Fabric of Spacetime Is Gravity
  21. flavors of particle physics
  22. Laser amplifier
  23. Questions on the test that led to Many Worlds
  24. What level of Math Should I Know for Physics 151?
  25. Project help?
  26. Hologram
  27. Joule Questions
  28. Gravity Propogation Delay Question
  29. Questions About Time
  30. Efficient electric heating
  31. Scale
  32. Simultaneity Inconsistencies
  33. Multiple Universes
  34. witricity
  35. Need Help for Science Project: Particle Accelerator Model
  36. Relativity.
  37. Minor question
  38. Railguns
  39. Relativity
  40. At what distance/mass would light orbit?
  41. Time travel, does it extist?
  42. need help!!
  43. Science Competition Help: Potential Energy Car
  44. Future Products and Higher Human Intelligence
  45. Superconducting Levitation question
  46. Energy Physics Book Recommendations Please
  47. The unsolved problems in Physics...
  48. hey buddy roll another one
  49. two slits
  50. Measuring Wavelength and Frequency of Light!
  51. Why does a light microscope have such a low resolution?
  52. Can someone explain, plain and simple, Dark Energy
  53. Dark matter?
  54. Question about Schwartzchild radius
  55. anyone know
  56. The Science of Energy Alternatives
  57. Problem!!!!!!!!!!
  58. wind tunnel/ science fair question
  59. A very simple question..
  60. Absorbing and releasing heat
  61. My question.......Please help me!!!!!!!
  62. Another Question
  63. imo einstein was wrong or conservation of momentum is wrong
  64. Why is the mass of a freely falling body is considered zero?
  65. The LHC
  66. Symbolizing the Universe
  67. Experiment help - What is the card used for?
  68. Visions of the Future
  69. How fast can a black hole move?
  70. Mirrors and light
  71. New learner but enthusiastic!
  72. Centrifugal & Centripetal force
  73. how do scientists demagnatize metal?
  74. large hadron collider Q (electrons)
  75. An energy question
  76. Impossible Problem?
  77. could merlin make magic and create momentum?
  78. Just how big IS the universe?
  79. Teleportation or Light Speed Travel
  80. Is there an energy cap?
  81. just a thought
  82. Do photons have mass?
  83. conservation of momentum of bycicle making a circle
  84. Lenz's law
  85. Appliances-Ohm's Law
  86. Heat and coldness
  87. [Opt]Remove reflects of an aquarium for a camera observation
  88. The Physics of Electricity
  89. Henry's Law
  90. Vacuum as a percentage?
  91. States of Matter
  92. condensation in stemear...
  93. The Laws of Physics
  94. Wave Function of the Universe?
  95. Is this possible?
  96. NASA's gunna kill the earth!
  97. The 4 forces and a question
  98. Negative matter
  99. An ant vs a Car
  100. Information vs. Meaning
  101. plz help to solve problem,not homework just curiosity
  102. Light speed
  103. pair creation/annihilation?
  104. Material blocking electric field?
  105. Gravity at the quantum level
  106. Mirrored box and Eternal Light?
  107. do protons circle electrons?
  108. kinetic and potential energy vs. gravity in relativty
  109. Resonace with sound but not breaking a glass
  110. Most influencial scientist of all time?
  111. Protons and Electrons
  112. vacuum fluctuations effect on electron position
  113. 2 black holes come together... and something came out?
  114. hawking radiation... why?
  115. Nomenclature
  116. Help with x-rays from scotch tape?
  117. Could a black hole's electric charge exceed its gravity?
  118. Deceleration
  119. well
  120. some question, please answer
  121. Is gravity always attractive?
  122. Will Earths Orbit collapse?
  123. how is angular momentum conserved in this case?
  124. Newtons third law
  125. Does light exert a gravitational force?
  126. I challenge the student of quantum mechanics
  127. What is the Bohr model?
  128. Bohrs hypothesis and quatum mechanics. Help!
  129. Tunnel throgh the core of the Earth
  130. Do satellites come closer to earth with revolutions?
  131. Mechanics help please?
  132. Is it Possible the radio waves move faster than Light?
  133. Information as a fundamental part of the universe?
  134. at what level is enery and mass the same thing
  135. Ultrasound in future holographs? or Does sound bend light
  136. relativity and the twins paradox
  137. gravitational attraction
  138. Solving for weight on points supporting concrete block
  139. Are particles made of topological singularities?
  140. is it posible
  141. Power
  142. Can someone help me with this physics related problem?
  143. superluminical info is posible imo
  144. plz point me to disagreements beteendifferentphysicsbranches
  145. how to find the internal forces of a bookshelf??
  146. Flemings right hand rule....
  147. Lens calculation variables
  148. Calculating weight on fulcrum points
  149. question about energy in a magnetic field
  150. centrifugal force at equator?
  151. What is information?
  152. What would actually happen...
  153. Potential Energy
  154. Note amplified in shower
  155. Nothing can travel faster than light, but nothing slower?
  156. obtaining the universal gravitational formula the easy way
  157. im sorry but i think universal gravitation formula is wrong
  158. I have a really wierd question.
  159. Concentration cells and absurdities of modern science
  160. An Irrefutable Definition of a Scientific Theory
  161. either free energy or an stable inverted pendulum
  163. Good reading material
  164. Quantum to Cosmos Festival: Ideas for the Future
  165. Billiards and Quantum Physics -- A Thought Experiment
  166. Wormholes, and the event horizon
  167. What keeps planets in orbit?
  168. similar to antigravity acelerating things while they feel 0g
  169. physics articles
  170. The CERN particle collider
  171. Dark colored objects and heat
  172. removing gas from water
  173. measuring cooling rate/capacity
  174. odd propulsion for a ship, wheres the reaction?
  175. centrifugal force in an spiral
  176. Flexing a coil to generate current?
  177. Storm and Planes
  178. Is spinon a confined neutrino?
  179. Dumb Question about magnification
  180. Populating micro holes with liquid
  181. i think the universal gravitational force formula is wrong:
  182. Card Throwing >>> REPLY NOW !
  183. physics
  184. pressure from poured concrete vs. pressure from water
  185. Something from nothing - according to Victor Stenger
  186. Electric field and Magnetic field
  187. Do we actually know what colour objects in space are?
  188. How were fundamental sientific values determined?
  189. Twice the speed of light?
  190. A-level Physics
  191. A Rotation with Translation Movement is natural phenomenon.
  192. Dark matter/Dark energy
  193. Mathematical constants in other universes
  194. Electron separation
  195. Quantum entanglement?
  196. Free/magnetic energy possible?
  197. Mirce
  198. Laser cooling wiki article integrity
  199. electric/hybrid/gas car efficiency
  200. venturi effect
  201. The Faulty Michelson-Morley Experiment
  202. why this is NOT a perpetuum mobile
  203. Electromagnetic induction (faraday's law)
  204. Optics question: Diffraction limit
  205. has ever been used this method to claculate suns distance?
  206. Understanding Relativity..
  207. do you know any easy physics simulator
  208. How is torsion test done with only several simple apparatus?
  209. do you think this inverted pendulum is posible?
  210. Computed Universe
  211. Bug in a balloon...
  212. E=MC^2?
  213. Possible to simulate negative matter.
  214. Home Made Electromagnet
  215. ORBITER
  216. Solitons and energy storage
  217. what do you think will happen on this meccano experiment?
  218. Time Optimal Quantum Control Theory
  219. Atomic Frequency
  220. Zero Point Energy
  221. Entropy question
  222. odd sculpture can it work?
  223. Nano antenna (quick question)
  224. Mass and Volume ... PLeeEase HELP!
  225. Looking for Einstein Relative Motion experiment
  226. Entropy
  227. Is this even possible?
  228. Fractals and other mathematical forms
  229. New book about colliders and the search for unification
  230. How did we first get energy?
  231. Math behind the maryland experiment
  232. Flatland
  233. Attaching mass to a swinging blade
  234. How can holograms be 3-D?
  235. Question
  236. Prisms Vs. Trichroic beam splitters
  238. Greatest Physicist of All Time
  239. Question on Matter and Energy Equivalence
  240. Thermal value
  241. Escape Velocity
  242. Sodium sulfate & heat storage
  243. Trebuchet Physics.
  244. could this be an stable inverted pendulum?
  245. How do you submit an idea for peer review?
  246. Invisibility cloak idea
  247. how much electricity do you need to melt steel?
  248. Electromagnetic spectrum questions
  249. A video I once saw.... please help
  250. New efficient energy converter?