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  1. Source of electric charge
  2. Physic Lectures on (QED)
  3. The Science Game (demonstrating the scientific method)
  4. Planck constant as energy of unit mode of vacuum field
  5. fusion reactor break even
  6. Can we reverse the second law of thermodynamics?
  7. why the universe can no last one second and we cant tell?
  8. E = MC(Squared)
  9. Heat transfer water to water
  10. about the absolute zero ???
  11. Black Hole solar mass
  12. Energy and Gravity?
  13. What if a single photon had been the result of the Big Bang?
  14. A question about physics
  15. could this idea work for an antigravity sculpture?
  16. Raman's Effect
  17. Doppler shift from a rotating light source?
  18. the doppler effect energy problem
  19. E = mc2
  20. The speed of light...
  21. The Higgs Boson....
  22. Bloom box ?
  23. Where my post gone? / To : amdiminstrator of the section
  24. Gravity in a handful of dust?
  25. experiments on timedilatation?
  26. continuous light
  27. Hydostatic and Pneumatic tests?
  28. Transformers
  29. Hydrocarbon velocities in pipelines
  30. Where is the anti matter
  31. Einstein's confrontation
  32. Ice freezing reverse
  33. speed of sound ?
  34. Speed of sound....help me...
  35. Magnetic Motor
  36. Is there an official definition of what TIME is?
  37. fiber optics
  38. TIME
  39. Opinions on heat death?
  40. Deduction of thrust force
  41. Combining equations in uniform circular motion
  42. the lorentez transformation????
  43. gravitational effect of spherically symmetric body???????
  44. Atomically Or molecularly What happens when something Breaks
  45. Gravity-capillary waves (dispersion relation)
  46. free energy or an interestiong sculpture?
  47. Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica.
  48. (Quark) Soup's On!
  49. Experiment question..proving the law of conservation of mass
  50. Rest mass of electron and "crystalline" vacuum
  51. Why do opposites attract?
  52. Time Travel
  53. Solar Sails
  54. time goes by....how slowly?
  55. Question about Ice
  56. Quantum clock
  57. simple question :/ is my textbook wrong?
  58. I want a full simple explan about The theory of relativity
  59. Relativity Question
  60. A question
  61. Why intristic curvature is better than gravitomagnetism?
  62. Longitudinal Waves and Amplitude
  63. Difference between "Nothing" & Vacuum
  64. How would the Michelson-Morley experiment turn out if...
  65. Why are our eyes not senstive to electromagnetic radiation?
  66. Uncertainty principle
  67. About Sound
  68. Mass of the Universe
  69. Can infrasonic kill men?
  70. Conservation of energy - Energy-Momentum Tensor in SI units
  71. Do thoughts possess mass?
  72. Black hole detection
  73. Tensors
  74. Tecnological Advance - Tinnitus
  75. Hawking and Susskind
  76. Electro-weak model and ghost field
  77. Fluid Dynamics
  78. A question about gravity
  79. Compton Effect
  80. new type power generation
  81. Ultrasound
  82. Mathematical Proof that i = r
  83. Laser
  84. light
  85. Buoyancy
  86. Problem with a tape deck design
  87. Water Barometer
  88. The movie "The Transporter 3"
  89. pressure of fresh water......?
  90. question - cosmic rays
  91. Open pipes
  92. Invite - Evolution and Entropy
  93. Piezoelectric Paint
  94. A Question about Gravity
  95. Weird phenomena while boiling water....
  96. black holes
  97. Any comment welcome. Time related statement.
  98. Massive Solar Flare
  99. Universal Problem...
  100. implications of the Laws of nature slowly changing over time
  101. Help resolving a nuclear power debate
  102. Space
  103. electromagnetic spectrum question
  104. Stability of non accelerated flight
  105. Optical sensors
  106. Where does freezing water get its kinetic energy from?
  107. unlimited green energy
  108. Positron Quantum Leaping
  109. Is there a speed to gravity?
  110. ?? Difference between general and special relativity
  111. Research in Engineering
  112. Optical Problem
  113. Antimatter and matter
  114. String theory
  115. Quantum Physics Thought Experiment
  116. could this be a chaos theory prediction based on cons of mom
  117. Strong Opinions on Time Travel
  118. Precessive motion as the source of quantum uncertainty?
  119. so has the lhc fail again?
  120. Double Slit - Electron as a wave with only one slit.
  121. Reasons behind behaviors asymptotic freedom andstrong force
  122. Superconductor Question
  123. Electron Orientation
  124. Speed C, relative to what?
  125. twins paradox?
  126. How can an object 'freeze' on the EH of a black hole?
  127. I think I have a physics problem
  128. An Experiment to Save The World
  129. About Buoyancy
  130. Space distortion near a black hole
  131. What is Physical Principle for CT ؟
  132. Are we certain that we are measuring speed of acceleration w
  133. Does a Galaxy have an electrical charge?
  134. Air resistance of a spherical object
  135. Arrow Flight Problem
  136. Is String Theory Philosophy?
  137. Where does light go
  138. An elementary question regarding motion
  139. Qeustion in Flow
  140. Speed of light/sound question
  141. How can a negative lightning bolt strike negative earth?
  142. Blood Transfusion
  143. Direct infrared to microwave conversion
  144. Question: Fourier Transform (Solid State Physics)
  145. Reverse shadow??
  146. Books
  147. multiverse physics
  148. Would proton decay allow for black holes?
  149. The physics of space battles
  150. Creating Positive Ions
  151. Simple Harmonic Motion
  152. What causes phase change when light is reflected?
  153. Can Etheric Energy be demonstrated Scientifically?
  154. Bell inequalities in astronomical scale?
  155. would it be posible this conversation at almost light speed?
  156. any nice website to download physics lecture notes?
  157. rotational inertia of a uniform solid rod,plz help
  158. Epiphany Stories
  159. Looking for audio lectures (no video/just audio)...
  160. Hamiltonian and forces! Help!
  161. Calculating pi (π), your own way
  162. Polarizing filters
  163. what's the origin of the Gravity?
  164. electroweak star
  165. Thrust of Aircraft Engine vs Bullet?
  166. Please help find flaw of following perpetual motion machine
  167. Does the moltin core of the Earth have an Effect (Affect)
  168. convection & Inverted siphons.............
  169. What make up a strong scientific paper?
  170. Could you please clear something up.
  171. The size of an axis
  172. The Thermodymanics laws in photon
  173. Can someone explain this???
  174. friction and vocal chords
  175. friction and hearing
  176. Particle Evolution?
  177. what are dimensions?
  178. rotational inertia of solid bodies...plz help
  179. Does Gravity do any work
  180. Gravity Question
  181. Anti-Gravity Question?
  182. What is matter and energy?
  183. 21st Century Physics
  184. Fusion reactor
  185. Are Zero Point Energy (ZPE) and Radiant energy the same?
  186. the problem i find in orbits
  187. Please answer that question its very hard?
  188. What caused energy?
  189. Is the Universe all connected?
  190. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  191. How stron is a laser befor it can damage your eyes
  192. does newton cannonball contradict kepler?
  193. plz help with this simple newton cannonballl problem
  194. Strings Theory
  195. Earth
  196. Quick question regarding the PHOTOELECTRIC EFFECT
  197. is the universe like an atom
  198. leibniz inverse cube law centifugal is wrong
  199. Trying to understand strings and branes better
  200. Questions on Many Worlds Interpretation
  201. String Theory
  202. science satellites
  203. use of variable resistor
  204. Our sun
  205. Just a thought..
  206. Question about the speed of light.
  207. Neutrino source
  208. Anybody heard of this kid?
  209. 2012-(neutrino)
  210. Speed and Sight
  211. More Stupid Time Questions
  212. Camera on moving rocket... when is the feed no longer live?
  213. many-worlds and changing physical constants
  214. observer effect-is the universe a function of consciousness?
  215. theoretical Situation
  216. De-polarizing a beam splitter?
  217. How did this ice form?
  218. Dali on relativity ?
  219. Waves with wind against current
  220. Complete active noice cancellation
  221. Is the future changeable?
  222. can this sculpture work?
  223. Vertical moving car
  224. Limitations of concave-mirror projection?
  225. consecutive lightning bolts, how many is common?
  226. Spinning black hole
  227. Projection using mirror causes reverse image (Please HELP)
  228. how do you calculate I of an sphere with the axe 1 m off
  229. A hyperthetical question abour the LHC and high energy beams
  230. i challenge anybody to solve this elemental problem:
  231. Riding on the Brane Train…
  232. how do I work out the loading on anchors with a y hang
  233. Subatomic particles: Comparative sizes
  234. mbbs in ukraine
  235. difference between irradiance and scalar irradiance
  236. Concept of Centre of Mass
  237. Equilibrium condition for a lever..?
  238. Atmospheric Pressure
  239. why time doesnt slow with distance to the sun cubed?
  240. Torque of engines on airplanes
  241. convection & 'bubbles'
  242. NEW CERN LHC web site with LIVE machine info
  243. What good is string theory?
  244. How mush dark matter is there in the solar system
  245. Magnetism
  246. Embarassment: Stumped by a High School Physics Question.
  247. The Gibbs-Duhem Equation
  248. do Black Holes grow?
  249. LHC...Missing Particles?
  250. entropy - isolated system - Confused!!