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  1. Tsunami Quake Shook Earth to Core, Say Scientists
  2. FBI Probes Lasers Aimed at Plane Cockpits
  3. Asteroid May Hit Earth in 2029
  4. New evidence points to volcanic Mars
  5. Teleportation breakthrough made?
  6. Did quark matter strike Earth?
  7. Hi-tech gamblers clear up at casino
  8. NASA Tries to Break Speed Record With Last Plane Test
  9. Long After Kinsey, Only the Brave Study Sex
  10. Report: Experts Warn of Arctic Warming
  11. US Clinic plans first transplant of human face
  12. Scientists uncover possible new species of human
  13. Cassini flies by Saturn's moon
  14. Flu vaccine shortage could cost $20 billion
  15. Scientists slash estimated number of human genes
  16. Astronauts prepare for ISS crew change
  17. Ancient baby bird fossil found in China