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  1. [2012-6-14]【EI Compendex】2012 International Conference on Mechatronics and Computational Mechanics(ICMCM 2012)【Dubai,UAE】
  2. Silicon as a building material?
  3. Charpy impact testing angle measurement suggestions
  4. Time taken in the filling of Tank
  5. Cooling schemes and Heat Absorbing Materials for Rapid Cooling of Tanks
  6. 【Huangshan,China Jul.10,2012】【EI,ISTP,SCI】ICIDMP2012-Submission of Paper deadline Jun.4.2012
  7. Using tectonic plate movement as energy source
  8. Super Blimp! Space-Airship!
  9. Ship's bending Moments
  10. 【Huangshan,China Jul.10,2012】【EI,ISTP,SCI】ICIDMP2012-Submission of Paper deadline Jun.4.2012
  11. need help with elastic modulus (young modulus) problem!
  12. Chemical engineering: Combining Titanium and Iridium
  13. lateral-flow tests
  14. help with bending moments
  15. Failure by design
  16. Can we make a new kind of spring?
  17. Can electrolysis take place in PVC?
  18. Hey anyone here working in the railroad sectors? I have a little question..
  19. Carbon nanomaterials for a space elevator
  20. The Aerodynamic Centre
  21. Airplane Wing Pods Question
  22. web-based process
  23. Baseball bat pulse jet engine?
  24. Virtual Atom
  25. does anybody else engineer stuff like this as a hobby?
  26. Boat Floats Using Recycled Soda Bottles
  27. 2012 International Conference on Industrial Design and Mechanical Power(ICIDMP2012)
  28. Jr curve
  29. Large Scottish Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Reservoir and Dam (@ Coire Glas)
  30. 2012 International Conference on Advance Materials Design and Mechanics (ICAMDM 2012)
  31. Superior Structural Material?
  32. Looking for Career Information on Chemical Engineering
  33. producing heat
  34. Who is the greatest engineer of all time?
  35. Vertical wave generator version 2
  36. Can Electricity and Water substitute current fuel for airplanes?
  37. Automated Home Heating - Energy Consumption
  38. Deleted
  39. Super Suspension
  40. Concrete Planet
  41. can we say pressure cooker as temperature cooker?
  42. NEW: Balloon Oil Drilling Platform
  43. Baloon/Float Generator
  44. MagnetoHydroDynamic Power Generation
  45. dual coil electricoty generator
  46. Flywheel Design formula
  47. Oceanic Resources
  48. What is hybrid vehicles real fuel economy
  49. Solar chimneys against tornados
  50. Experimental quad jet engine VTOL contraption.
  51. Buckingham pi theorem is useful, is it still used in engineering?
  52. in search of a material
  53. Flapped Wind Electricity Generator
  54. How space ships hover, in sci-fi art.
  55. Space Elevator Feasibility
  56. Liquifying a crystallized liquid with ultrasonics
  57. Frontline technologies?
  58. Hydrogen fuel cell/ storage question
  59. Wind turbine how does it work?
  60. Please help for calculating evenly distributed load problem
  61. Intemperate bills loans are hear mollycoddle
  62. Hi ,how uncountable people there lives in USA?
  63. WL³/48EI
  64. Is there a sufficiently strong set of materials to ...
  65. Greetings everybody - I, alias prmx500, just registered here
  66. Automobile file !!
  67. Mining astroid methiod
  68. What is the friday fest?
  69. Strong material with lowest heat conductivity
  70. Super strong spring
  71. Relaxation and retardation times
  72. Translating circular motion to linear motion
  73. electrodes separation skillz.
  74. What metal would heat the best?
  75. Hydrogen Engine Help
  76. Here's one for you
  77. Reynold Number VS boundary layer
  78. F.M
  79. Opening for Astronomy
  80. Chladni Plate
  81. pressure difference
  82. Rheology - non-Newtonian models to fit flow curve data
  83. Cloop Information
  84. Calculating the value of Deflection
  85. starter motor use in project - continuous duty?
  86. Flow equation help plz..
  87. vortex generating rims
  88. Miracle Cloth
  89. Ion engines versus chemical rocket
  90. Supraconductor dust
  91. Nanotechnology
  92. Special material
  93. Help with S4 Level Project
  94. carbon nanotubes
  96. Calculating the Specific strength for the rod
  97. can you identify a metal for me
  98. question
  99. which tools should i buy in order to create shapes with nano
  100. Help with polymer synthesis
  101. Pressure<>Molecular arrangement
  102. microbore flare fitting
  103. Unmanned spacecraft and maximal g-load
  104. Mechanical design problems and solutions
  105. Fluid Mechanics
  106. Infrastructure after 20 years of neglect?
  107. toothpicks project !
  108. hammer crusher & mobile crusher
  109. Magnetic Tiles and suit explained
  110. Metal melting by radiation
  111. Smokeless powder
  112. Iron Man suit - Possible?
  113. Acme thread load
  114. MHD generator questions and improvement
  115. Adjustable V - head pipe stand
  116. Design concept of Acme threaded shaft
  117. rc racing invention
  118. air pressure release problem
  119. help in Freon R406A
  120. magnetic space suit and electromagnetic tiles
  121. High-temperature accordion/bellows engine
  122. Question about ball screw
  123. Rocket engine Carnot efficiency paradox
  124. Design Problem of Egg Black Box
  125. The Science of Shooting String
  126. Low tech tidal power
  127. futurer chemical engineer ... needs your help :)
  128. The Steorn Orbo motor replication
  129. Wind Turbines
  130. Basic Petrodiesel Questions
  131. What is the relationship between Van der vaal force and .. &
  132. Why is hydrogen produced from hydrocarbons instead of water?
  133. Help :) motorbike question
  134. Some Engineers, are just brainless
  135. Space elevator vs Moon elevator
  136. I have A Question?
  137. hydrogen steam engine!!!!!
  138. Some Engineers, are just cheap
  139. fusion (not cold)
  140. Some Engineers, are just fools
  141. Nanospd5 call for papers
  143. Looking for a co-author (bulk handling)
  144. I've 2 Q in mech. , can u help ?
  145. please help, Chemical Engineers only?
  146. Aren't our Automobile mechanics supposed to become better?
  147. running an A/C generator at higher/lower frequencies
  148. torque converter
  149. Building a car
  150. laser powered remote toy
  151. About Pitot tube, need help please
  152. Why wouldn't Da Vinci's flying machine work?
  153. Which Fin Design gives the best stability for a model rocket
  154. A mace-wheel in front of the wheel on a car
  155. Spin-spin coupling or spin-spin splitting in NMR
  156. High displacement piezoelectric actuators?
  157. quick question about hydrolics
  158. Electromagnet muscle
  159. How would rebuild Haiti?
  160. Looking for a miniature self-sealing seal (medical device?)
  161. hydrogel constructs and tangent moduli
  162. object empathy
  163. vacuum pump
  164. Gunpowder Engine
  165. Piezoelectric Paint
  166. Concrete Borer for rescue
  167. Airbus/Boeing
  168. Vacuum Insulation
  169. Piping System Improvement at a Formaldehyde Resin Plant!
  170. Harnessing Energy from a Pistol Shrimp Design?
  171. Batteries in hybrid vehicles
  172. Most Rotations? - Theoretical Question
  173. Gas Turbine engine price,efficiency
  174. frictional rotary load in transmission
  175. In Solar why doesn't temperature work?
  176. Molten Salt in a 3' by 8' tank
  177. gear torque/speed
  179. A problem i'm having trouble with
  180. Paved roads
  181. Fear of flying -- questions
  182. Free energy!
  183. Science Competition Help - Potential Energy Cart
  184. Alternative fuels (for vehicles)
  185. Engineering Info
  186. Madhouses
  187. The Definition of Robust in Mechanical Engineering
  188. Need advice about Majoring
  189. The superconducter
  190. Rheology News !
  191. Artificial Human Voice
  192. Collecting heat from roads, for electricity
  193. What affects the critical resolved shear stress
  194. How to do torsion test in a lab with only simple apparatus?
  195. How long traditional materials still be used till now?
  196. Collision safe car
  197. Chemical Engineering Advice
  198. Please give me your opinion for my free energy research
  199. Principle of parabolic refraction?
  200. Questions about the WTC collapse (on 9-11-01)
  202. Engineers Salary
  203. Thermodynamics of Isochoric Cycle
  204. Neural Network Model for Grain Refining in Stainless Steels
  205. Digging pumped storage reservoirs near the ocean?
  206. Mild steel yield stress
  207. Engineering Stream
  208. Methane extraction from hydrates
  209. plastic bonded explosives - microstructure/ sensitivity
  210. Draw a sine wave
  211. Supported liquid phase catalysts
  212. Cyclohexane Production Unit
  213. Building motorized car with specific
  214. Strongest shape made from paper.
  215. night vision, aperture, and focal plane
  216. Carbon fiber for strength
  217. Drag-reducing Agent
  218. Automatic Crossbow
  219. a good handbook of library ejournal list with stanford jhu
  220. calculating diameter of a filter using only flow rate
  221. What exactly is industrial engineering?
  222. ISM 2009 Call for Papers: Special Track within EMS2009 wl
  223. EMS 2009 Call for Papers: Sept. 20-22, 2009, Beijing, China
  224. i need that someone make a device
  225. Hi guys
  226. Nominate a moderator for this sub forum.
  227. Drawing lines in AutoCAD that represent mathematical formula
  228. fluid mechanics in liquid nitrogen vessel
  229. Me, too? Assignment help? (Transpo.; Platoon Dispersion)
  230. Assignment Help!
  231. tell me your idea about my new major
  232. diameter for 1 A current
  233. 2KVA AC from car
  234. Enginnering free ebook
  235. Bringing Americas Transportation Into the 21st century
  236. Maglev wind Turbine
  237. Energy alternatives: Electricity without carbon
  238. Petrol alternative?
  239. Rocket Scientists Say We'll Never Reach the Stars
  240. Hydrogen Peroxide as a Total Cooling Tower Treatment
  241. HHO in theory
  242. Street-legal electric go kart/car
  243. landing by wire??
  244. Lighting Plan
  245. The Oasis Class of ships
  246. Pareto Optimality, criterion space, multiple objective fcns
  247. Scheduling, as in Pinedo, job shops, and network flow
  248. do anybody know reitz diwakar spray atomization model
  249. isotope separations
  250. nuclear car