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  1. Hearing loss
  2. GM mosquitoes etc. to gene drive disease vector pest species to extinction
  3. Blood cells fro Hair Growth
  4. substitutes to drugs
  5. Get rid of the problem of baldness
  6. New exercise study.
  7. gray hair
  8. Dupuytren's Contracture
  9. clinical trials | project(s)
  10. Cancer.
  11. Is decaf really decaf?
  12. Quadruplets.
  13. Kymriah (T-cell) cancer therapy by Novartis.
  14. Why don't people listen?
  15. Prostate Removal
  16. Prostate Gland
  17. Continuation of Diatomaceous Earth thread (from 2011 - 2014)
  18. age reversal pill
  19. vegetable juice... substitute for caffeine?
  20. Why do multi-vitamins make me sick?
  21. Physical signs of childhood rape
  22. I don't feed my children vegetables...
  23. Best way to get over caffeine tolerance
  24. Baseball.
  25. medical marijuana any thing to it?
  26. Mouldy bread
  27. Coffee - Yeay or Nay?
  28. What food goes well With Autism.
  29. How does acoustic, ultra-sound or frequency effect cell division or cell healing?
  30. Why am I gaining weight
  31. Does the Atkins diet work?
  32. How do you get rid of nits?
  33. Where best to grow old?
  34. Water-based air purifiers
  35. Dentists in Ipswich
  36. Toxicology
  37. Proper materials for the testing of theory
  38. Amateur experimental reading strategy for the visually impaired (looking for test subjects)
  39. Donating diseased body to science
  40. Explain SMR (Standardized Mortality Ratio)
  41. Supplements are silly, Part 2.
  42. Young blood.
  43. Many promising anti-Ebola drugs and vaccines are in accelerated production and trial
  44. Losing Weight While Pregnant
  45. Is there a way to temporarily disable hearing?
  46. Brain neurons.
  47. The origins of diseases spread by contagion
  48. 'Nano-Flares' Catch Breast Cancer Before It Spreads
  49. Myth debunking. (Worms growing in the brain/scalp through eating raw fish)
  50. Can science explain the epileptic aura?
  51. How to jump higher and be stronger using chemicals?
  52. Epigenetic cancers
  53. Does moderate alcohol drinking in men increase a chance of handicap child to be born
  54. Robot for quadriplegic
  55. A question about viruses
  56. Ebola Virus - What should you do?
  57. Scary deodorant?
  58. Drugs to enhance Intelligence
  59. Gluten sensitivity is BS??
  60. Does anyone drink extract from hornet?
  61. How to detect nematodes?
  62. How do treat vision problems caused by onchocerca volvulus?
  63. How dislocation of lens leads to improvement of eyesight in cataract?
  64. How to get rid of cockroach?
  65. How red-haired people produce vit D without sun while we can't?
  66. why red-haired require stronger analgesia?
  67. Question regarding vessels in dermoscopy
  68. Do your lungs clean themselves or "detox themselves"?
  69. filariasis
  70. Unknown gas on my abdomen
  71. Why Asians can't take this medicine?
  72. How sneezing can make us bleed?
  73. How tapeworm can lead to weight gaining?
  74. Antioxidants may make cancers worse.
  75. my liver and alcohol..
  76. Using the body's immune system to fight off cancer?
  77. Breadfruit to solve world hunger?
  78. What damages your hearing?
  79. Mass PTSD
  80. I have vitiligo, what are the chances of been deficient in nutrients as a result?
  81. Please advise with my nutrition.
  82. Skin redness
  83. How to gain muscle mass?
  84. How long to take vitamin D before it affects the body? (Major back problems for over a decade)
  85. Marijuana's Affect On Teenage Brain?
  86. Apply that sunscreen!
  87. Eradicating measles??
  88. Eat your Tomatoes!
  89. Can anyone debunk this myth? True or Fiction? (Milk gives cancer)
  90. Dabs
  91. Stool has magical weight?
  92. Another Placebo/Nocebo Thought Experiment.
  93. Electronarcosis/electric brain stimulation
  94. Stacey Irvine eats mostly chicken nuggets for 15 years
  95. How can blood reveal so many different things?
  96. Global obesity
  97. Thoughts on Chiropractry.
  98. Pen The Killer
  99. Myth Busting: Is there really sand in table salt, and will they cut our arteries? Should it be a health concern?
  100. Electronic cigarettes help give up smoking.
  101. Microbiome and diet
  102. Milwaukee Protocol: A Cure For Rabies?
  103. first aid first information
  104. Contact Lenses
  105. Can someone diagnose my friend?
  106. Benefits of herbs and spices in cooking
  107. pneumothorax - why the lung collaps?
  108. CT vs RTG
  109. Science forbids alcohol consumption: No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe
  110. When was the colonoscopy discovered?
  111. When was the PET discovered?
  112. Medical cases - Decompression Sickness and altitude sickness
  113. Snoring at specific times?
  114. Medical cases - false-negative CT or MRI results
  115. Why do endomorphs have such a low metabolism rate?
  116. Drinking lots of water.
  117. Is alkaline water actually dangerous or are they safe? Do they even work to make people healthy?
  118. Joint Relief
  119. Bone creation
  120. Depressed? Researchers Identify New Anti-Depressant Mechanisms, Therapeutic Approaches
  121. Unlocking The Secrets In The Fountain Of Youth
  122. Electronic nose sniffs out prostate cancer using urine samples
  123. New Cornea Transplant Technique Provides Improved Vision, Faster Recovery, Study Suggests
  124. Deadline is June 27-2014 1st International Conference on Medical Information Technology and Biomedical Engineering-MITBE2014
  125. Saturated fats are NOT OK.
  126. Being fat is OK.
  127. Ketogenic diet, put an end to the speculation
  128. imaging methods
  129. When do we yawn
  130. Medicine acronyms
  131. Obesity and brain disease
  132. Head shaking
  133. Alternative Antibacterial Methods: A Proposal.
  134. Pharmacists warned off homeopathy
  135. For men on testosterone replacement therapy
  136. Dental Health: Hole in Tooth Leads to Tooth Caving In
  137. Why can we voluntarily control our Sympathetic Nervous System?
  138. Physics in medicine
  139. first-aid
  140. Which microorganism caused this?
  141. The success of Lab Grown Vaginas
  142. Negative Ion Generators
  143. Nanobots and Mental Illness
  144. Best Fitness Monitoring Devices
  145. monavie
  146. How many grams of dish washing liquid are we consuming every month?
  147. cyclopia
  148. Could it be possible to live 1000 years?
  149. Question about blood count measurement...x10E3/uL?
  150. What exactly is the course I want to study?
  151. What is the difference in the terms of health disadvantages for the overconsumsion of dextrose, vs glucose?
  152. Using UV light to kill germs and bacteria
  153. vision problem
  154. Why are people predominately right-handed ?
  155. Which is better? Traditional or modern medicine ?
  156. Antibiotics and the microbiome
  157. Is there a limit to microwaving something?
  158. Recreational drugs, NZ style.
  159. Testosterone TV Commercial Irony
  160. Addictions as disease
  161. Cannabis kills
  162. HEAL Africa and violence against women
  163. Alternative Therapy for Treating HIV
  164. Molecular medicine for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and parent advocacy for US FDA approval
  165. Cancer and using dead partners sperm
  166. Pithovirus
  167. Get chills when warm, not so much when cold.
  168. Dr. Ho's Muscle Therapy - is it safe?
  169. Antibiotic Resistance
  170. tylenol linked to ADHD
  171. The placebo effect (BBC2 Horizon programme)
  172. A Reason for Giving Blood
  173. Self defense
  174. Balls are different size?
  175. Treatment of bacteria
  176. What is the difference between the ketogenic diet and atkins diet?
  177. Mental concentration
  178. Is a Human Brain Transplant possible?
  179. Painkillers spread the flu.
  180. Marijuana & your medical opinion
  181. Horizon TV programme 29.1.2014
  182. Help getting a better night of rest
  183. Whats wrong with the placebo effect.
  184. Dreams and brain
  185. Is this website article real or crackpot rubbish?
  186. Getting better and better
  187. Flu vaccine. Now I'm nagging
  188. Hypotetical Question
  189. Cancer and nutrients
  190. Influenza. It's still not too late to get vaccinated.
  191. Why Does the Placebo Effect Work/
  192. Stem cells questions
  193. Incompetent doctors
  194. Man Diagnosed 'Comatose' For 23 Years Was Actually Conscious All Along
  195. Self Defense for women
  196. Unknown large bump has appeared.
  197. Done with amphetamines.
  198. herbal suppliments
  199. Exercises for strengthening the body
  200. Is there such a toothpaste that regrows teeth?
  201. Drugs/substances that can increase/decrease pheomelanine/eumelanine production
  202. Solidifying coconut oil
  203. Alcohol and health
  204. The effect of cell phone radiation on human health.
  205. type one diabetes
  206. Future development of Chinese medicine
  207. Who Makes the Final Call?
  208. Looking for disease
  209. GM mouse sperm and human implications
  210. GM T-cells to cure cancer.
  211. Cannabis may cause strokes.
  212. Placebo/Nocebo Thought Experiment.
  213. Melatonin
  214. UK: what is the highest possible trial extreme"volunteers" could be put through
  215. Why is osteosarcoma more common in small children and Colon cancer is more common in the elderly?
  216. The Dangerous Stuff, Now
  217. Aspertame Spoilage
  218. What promises to be the most effective area in medical research to stop aging and diseases?
  219. Finishing my doctoral thesis, help :)
  220. should doctors precribe "old" style drugs if patient gets on with them better
  221. Medicinal Leeches
  222. Healthy water?
  223. Voice lessons will cause psychological problems
  224. PSA and Seeds
  225. Chocolate has Benefits?
  226. Climate-type Affects General Well-being?
  227. "Affordable Healthcare Act" Early Failures
  228. Make or break for first splice-modulating agents (exon skipping therapeutics)
  229. "No-Salt" and Sodium
  230. Study on 23andMe results and comprehension
  231. A way to kill infectious bacteria instead of drugs
  232. Nanotechnology papers soaring
  233. Wind Turbine Syndrome
  234. Cancer research
  235. Reaction to "Terminal" Diagnosis
  236. Arthritic Joint Debris
  237. Studying medicine - working in research?
  238. Psychology of Races
  239. New Antibiotics?
  240. parenteral Crohn's disease
  241. My doctor told me I have Folate deficiency
  242. Steroids made by humand body
  243. Black and white
  244. Dr House's case
  245. Melting Earwax with a Laser
  246. Harbinger, or Result?
  247. Asthma Issues!
  248. Looking for a helpful Forum
  249. Chinese man has a nose on his forehead