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  1. Chinese man has a nose on his forehead
  2. Rebuild your body
  3. Food labeling not understood
  4. organ made by stem cells
  5. Did this "Rescuer" unintentionally kill his friend?
  6. New X-Ray Source
  7. Colorectal Cancer: A Bacterial Disease?
  8. Discussion of vaccines and autism is forbidden
  9. U.S. Ban on Gay Blood Donors
  10. Liquid meals
  11. Slivers and Splinters
  12. Super E. coli to the rescue.
  13. Which orthopedic shall I visit?
  14. i want to leave smoking habbit
  15. Sneezing with open eyes?
  16. Reducing weight
  17. How convulsions can lead to the death?
  18. AIDS and HIV question
  19. HIV vaccine
  20. Maybe I Shouldn't Tell About This
  21. CBC Results
  22. Chiropractor's trick
  23. How to get Nanoparticles out of the brain
  24. Can a human really get this fat?
  25. Misconceptions about Medications
  26. Suicidality in Human Blood.
  27. Medical ethics with stem cells
  28. Restless Leg Syndrome: Is This Real Or Fake?
  29. A perfect sweetener to replace sugar?
  30. Compressing REM
  31. Benefits of Celibacy/Common Paths towards Celibacy
  32. Malaria Vaccine
  33. World's first lab-grown burger is eaten in London
  34. Why do opioids cause a high?
  35. i squeeze a little bit ago. does that mean im sick? how can i tell?
  36. taking multivitamins
  37. Tattooing Science
  38. Does the H1N1 vaccine cause lack of concentration? For how long?
  39. Okay, please don't kill me for my ignorance, but I have a theory about cancer...
  40. My Own Worst Malady
  41. Mama's Hips
  42. If you're right-handed, is it normal for your right arm to be noticeably larger than your left?
  43. Crazy "Hum"?
  44. Changes in Preserved Foods
  45. Moon & Sleep.
  46. The Body's Heat
  47. 3% of prescribers write 50%
  48. Dizziness after standing up
  49. abortion
  50. HIV Care Continuum Initiative - Executive Order
  51. 'Autism' Is Discrimination
  52. HIV used to treat Cancer in 6 year old girl
  53. H7N9: Rise of New Pandemic?
  54. Can wearing a Wetsuit help against back problems?
  55. Raspberry Ketone, Again
  56. Meditation or relaxation
  57. who knows Acne inversa?
  58. Chronic Pain
  59. Staying up late is equal to slow-motion suicide?
  60. Serum Vitamin D Level
  61. Swallowing Silver
  62. The link between circadian rhythms and metabolic disorders
  63. Anyone got a diagnosis for these symthoms? Both me and girlfriend affected.
  64. Stress/Anxiety
  65. Polyphasic Sleep Cycles: Positive/Negative effects
  66. Methodology of Prayer Experiments
  67. Bumping sound in the ear?
  68. Do braces damage jaw bone?
  69. Water Fluoridation
  70. Hypoactive sexual-desire disorder (H.S.D.D.)
  71. GMO foods
  72. Dehydration due to severely runny nose.
  73. Which natural raw ingredient contains the most trans fat?
  74. Vegetables do not like to be eaten.
  75. Carpal Tunnel "Syndrome"
  76. Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain
  77. Vision problems
  78. chloride shift phenomenon
  79. Overweight is a good thing
  80. St. John's Wort
  81. venous pressure and pressure gradient
  82. BALDING The facts and the fiction !
  83. Your microbiome and you
  84. What is sthenic asthma?
  85. Can tooth crowns made of lithium disilicate be unhealthy?
  86. Tonsolloliths/Tonsil Stones and the Nasal Cycle
  87. How to treat schizophrenia
  88. Can teeth crowns made of zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide be unhealthy?
  89. Dead 40 minutes then brought back to life
  90. Charred Foods
  91. What is ELF frequency of the pain?
  92. What are causes of lacuer attack
  93. Is true brain death reversible, even in principle?
  94. brain tissue in intestines
  95. Kidney grown in lab successfully transplanted to animal
  96. Is blowing air onto feet unhealthy?
  97. What do we know about cannabis?
  98. Vaccinations and Autism
  99. Women & sexual dreams !
  100. Is there really any reason for wearing underwear?
  101. Are antioxidants evil?
  102. Learn CPR. Now!
  103. Will braces metal bands trap food and cause tooth decay?
  104. Are the atmospheric oxygen level proportional/affects the human lifespan?
  105. Body's Utilization of Drug
  106. resistant to antibiotics
  107. The plan to live till ~800 years old.
  108. Is there any enforced law that if trans oils/fats in food products are partially/hydrogenated they must be listed in the ingredients list?
  109. CHO/ protein brain function
  110. Cancers: Another of my Imponderables
  111. HIV/AIDS Cured?
  112. How dangerous is Cyclical Ketogenic diet?
  113. Tests for identifying what kind of alcohol you have
  114. How dangerous are eating caged chickens that are fed with chemicals?
  115. "Sunscreen" Imponderable
  116. Effects of prelonged injection of glucose
  117. Blood/alcohol content & math
  118. Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment... Or is it?
  119. Interpreting meaning in influenza vaccination study results
  120. Artificial Retina
  121. Are men taking finasteride really risking permanent sexual side effects?
  122. Is it possible for someone's blood/DNA to heal other people?
  123. High resolution is bad for brai?
  124. Idiopathic Constipation
  125. High-voltage power lines health effects?
  126. Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarianism Can Be Safe?
  127. Liverpool Care Pathway
  128. Are There Benefits to Spitting?
  129. How to get rid of muscle twitching?
  130. Just wanting to get it out there. Crazy part 1
  131. Any Alzheimers Syndrome Cures on the Horizon?
  132. products that real makes muscles grow
  133. Green Hypo vs Blue Hypo..
  134. Drug to suppress dreams?
  135. good news for fattys
  136. Kissing Really Does Spread Mono???
  137. How are irreversible inhibitors excreted from the body?
  138. Sebaceous glands' regeneration
  139. Antisocial Behaviour (homicides?) induced by a toxic substance?
  140. Interesting idea to stop killing vaccination workers in Pakistan
  141. Artificial Light Linked to Breast Cancer
  142. Myelinogenesis, myelination
  143. Metformin: A possible drug for treatment of endometrial cancer
  144. Enzyme lifespan, turnover
  145. Transdermal Toxication
  146. Can artificial insemination allow a girl to have two mothers (or a mother and a 'female father')?
  147. Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation? - Part 2
  148. crash
  149. Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation?
  150. Fleece new born blanket, wash it befor gifting.....?
  151. Electronic cigarettes alternative as to smoking
  152. The New Health Care Law, I am confused, Are you?
  153. Question to the medically informed
  154. Healthy or not?
  155. synthesis-dependent nonhomologous end joining
  156. Constipation the All-American Movement
  157. 12th European AAATE Conference (Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe)
  158. International Congress on Neurotechnology, Electronics and Informatics (NEUROTECHNIX 2013)
  159. International Congress on Sports Science Research and Technology Support (icSPORTS 2013)
  160. International Congress on Cardiovascular Technologies (cardiotechnix 2013)
  161. Ethyl Glycol Testing
  162. Soft vs Hard mattress for your back.
  163. Receptors on structural adipose tissue
  164. Color blindness-related question
  165. Where to buy a medication without prescription?
  166. Quitting Smoking
  167. About some substances
  168. Does Homeopathic drug mean different things in different countries?
  169. Lab: The effects of Vitamin B12 Questions
  170. Poisons & Antidotes
  171. What happens if a baby cant come out of the womb?
  172. glycated haemoglobin
  173. How does ADHD medicine affect the brain?
  174. In a electric cigarette's vapor producing liquid, which is safer to inhale (VG) or (PG) ?
  175. How much can a PET scan reveal? (possible learning disability due to head trauma)
  176. Hire a Scientist?
  177. Pre Med Medication.
  178. Strange bodily experience.
  179. Testosterone drop after castration
  180. Smooth muscle cell reproduction
  181. Rats vs humans
  182. Need herbs to help lung function
  183. Brainrot... can your lifestyle affect your mental prowess that much?
  184. Life & Death
  185. Fly falling in drink: pathogen transmission?
  186. Sleep
  187. Allergic reaction?
  188. What Train Wreck were you in, or should I say Car Accident?
  189. Science from the films?
  190. The benefits of drinking this
  191. A small health related problem
  192. List of people with bipolar disorder.
  193. Adrenaline paradox
  194. How many narcosises would human withstand?
  195. Lower Back Problems. Just ( three ) here.
  196. Is it possible to be depressed without knowing it yourself?
  197. health care in Australia?
  198. A Novel Cancer Cure ?
  199. Is cow's milk really healthy or is it a myth?
  200. Diet, size and longevity.
  201. Asperger Autism
  202. Cortical impairments in premature infants
  203. How can vitamin supplements treat deficiencies when those are not real vitamins?
  204. Prolong Loss of Self Awareness or Memory?
  205. Tuberculosis!
  206. Weight Loss
  207. Medical Marijuana
  208. Overweight not so bad!
  209. Chromium + Cobalt alloy crown
  210. Mind control
  211. Is there incontrovertible evidence that the preservatives, additives, etc. affect health?
  212. Calorie less food
  213. Exercise.
  214. Finished Generating Laws Reduce Teen Intoxicated Driving
  215. Does money play into the kind of healthcare you get?
  216. Beliefs about Well-being and Cancer
  217. Length of Time Between Laser Hair Treatments
  218. Two Kilograms of food Intake per Day, one and a half litres of fluid, weight remains constant.
  219. I got a question about something that happens with me sometimes...
  220. My Science blog!
  221. Which are the best treatises on clinical toxicology?
  222. Delusional Disorder
  223. Computer-caused eyestrain
  224. My Health over 78 Years.
  225. Homeopathy, Avogadro's number and Planck's constant.
  226. Balance life advice
  227. Relationship between Dopamine and the Nervous System
  228. Isotretinoin and its side effects on bone loss
  229. Could HIV infection potentially be cured by 'starving' the virus to 'death', so to speak?
  230. I am worried Please help.
  231. What if, a beating heart is no longer required?
  232. Svt
  233. Had a cough for 1 1/2 years now, should I see the doc?
  234. Bored/Disillusioned with Life...
  235. Wonder hormone Irisine,
  236. Are there any relations between mineral status and exposure of nuclear radioactivity ?
  237. How high c-peptide to raise eyebrows?
  238. Cooling Technique Question
  239. Doctors can control disfunctional brains with implants.
  240. Anorexia. Eating Food as a problem.
  241. Sulphur mix to help with Sinus Problems.
  242. Annexins and their link to human health
  243. Scientific Research on Vegetarianism
  244. Tinea Leather Sofarus?
  245. urgent help needed (thesis project)
  246. I can read a car plateat 50m number after 10 seconds concentration with 8 dioptries of shortsightedness
  247. The Weight Management Thread: Post Your Weight and Eating/Exercizing Habits
  248. Vaccines and Seizures
  249. do you buy into that some say "they have a cure for cancer" but they don't want us to know?
  250. Weightless Surgery