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  1. A cure for boredom?
  2. How hunger influences decision making and risk perception
  3. Does doing science increase the risk of being nerdy?
  4. Responding in a high pitched childish voice as defense mechanism
  5. frequency of laugh tracks in sitcoms
  6. The Psychology of Prison Rape
  7. The hypocrisy of Western society
  8. What would Science be like without Anthropology?
  9. Why do so many men shave their beards?
  10. Understanding Women
  11. Severe, Debilitating Depression
  12. The purpose of vasovagal syncope
  13. characteristics
  14. we have nothing to fear, but fear itself.
  15. Abilities Gained
  16. Embodied cognition
  17. What is the opposite of repression?
  18. Is language a precursor to consciousness?
  19. Will a great dancer be a great Mathematician?
  20. The innate repulsion to decapitate defenceless animals
  21. Psychological Wisdoms
  22. Trying to understand the mind of a scamer/imposter (victim here)
  23. Is it possible to lose your personality? I dont know myself because Ive always mimicked others.
  24. Psycology of a long time marijuana smoker!
  25. What is disgust for?
  26. Jung and the Pleroma?
  27. I am confused with my situation
  28. Alcoholism & Violence: Does alcohol release the demons or create the demons?
  29. Some questions about the following list describing sociopaths
  30. A discrimination phenomenon?
  31. Rapid evolution proves that evolutionary psychology is racist.
  32. Punishment is superstition.
  33. How Optimism Distorts The Future
  34. Why do people say "life is short" if its the longest thing anyone will ever experience?
  35. Is there a specific cause for the huge intellectual jump where humans came into existence during evolution?
  36. Nakedness: Why are we ashamed of it? Is it valid for Christians to use it as evidence? Are tribal people ashamed?
  37. People say: happiness is a chemical. But what causes this chemical to be created?
  38. How is seeing something outside the body, through a soul: explained?
  39. Can people change?
  40. Pathological sciences
  41. Quantifying Emotional Intesity
  42. ‘Nation and Mass, biological base of social processes
  43. Evolutionary Psychology study of religion?
  44. Feline Behavior Abnormalities Due to Ostracizing
  45. Mistake and bluff in graphical form.
  46. F.o.e
  47. How Do You Feel About Your Job?
  48. Zoning Out
  49. How can you tell when someone is dissociating?
  50. I think therefore I am ? .
  51. Do colors look the same to you?
  52. All models of teenagers’ bringing up and social order in schemes.
  53. Adrenaline dependence.
  54. How culture influences the development of a language
  55. no emotion
  56. Laughter and humor
  57. At what age is a female face the most attractive?
  58. Words in Moments of Anger
  59. Early overachievers who grow up to be underachievers
  60. what would happen if...
  61. Psychological Compliments
  62. Empathy = caring about people ?
  63. Mental disorders or just a nature
  64. Is this... Depression?
  65. Do Parasites Induce Suicide?
  66. Psychological complacent! I need help.
  67. Terrified of school work
  68. Is it possible to be insane but have logical thinking?
  69. About 5 factors of Personalty Human Development in Psychology
  70. Psychopath = Aspergers?
  71. Crueltry - A product of Evolution?
  72. You know what I find annoying
  73. Emotinal culpibility
  74. Emotion questions..
  75. trying to find 'types' in these domains of psychology
  76. Can a nihilistic/immoral attitude make you a better liar?
  77. Evolutionary psychology of mental illnesses
  78. inferior complex and Difidence
  79. A Word for Teens (and a 17 thread)
  80. ADHD Myth or fact
  81. Time Rationality (Another one of my tests)
  82. Graphing the Human Language
  83. Dunbar's Number
  84. If it bleeds, it leads.
  85. The difference in the brain between unconsciousness and consciones
  86. "Boring Science"
  87. why do people drive around in their car and shout insults to other people
  88. IQ testing: Internet crowd-sourcing proves its worth
  89. Myth busting: scuicide rates don't peak for the holidays
  90. Playing the victim and the art of manipulation
  91. Emotional and physical pain are the same.
  92. IQ boost
  94. Poll: Women don't marry the best sex of their lives
  95. Deja Vu theory
  96. Neuroplasticity. Norman Doidge and several other researchers.
  97. Darwin Awards
  98. What is racism IS IT A MYTH
  99. Domestic Violence. Has the Education Carriculum Dealt Properly with This?
  100. 'waking up' a hemisphere
  101. Month of severe depression
  102. North-to-South warfare correlation to advantage in victory
  103. Genius learning capacity/capabilities
  104. Memes and Memetics
  105. Sleep/ unconscious learning
  106. 'Global' Bisexuality Possible?
  107. People getting more boring with age.
  108. MEMORY New Scientist article
  109. Horror Films
  110. BEHAVIOR & PSYCHOLOGY. Just behave, and cut out Stero-Type-Socially Progammed- Response.
  111. the music never stopped
  112. When does a metaphor cease being a metaphor?
  113. Effects of Ambidexterity (and an example)
  114. Are eugenics back?
  115. Animal behaviour studies and home office licence
  116. Is it OK to be an Adult at 16?
  117. IS this a known condition? : Unusual Unawareness
  118. Hatred
  119. Grey's Anatomy Infidelity Psych Debate
  120. A dream
  121. Unequal pay - capuchin monkeys
  122. That was a Childish Stupid Thing To Do!!!
  123. Subliminal absorption in everyday activities
  124. Is the reflex system "good" for the organism?
  125. Is violence natural behaviour for a Human Being?
  126. Why is cannabis illegal and alcohol legal?
  127. Is excluding information really lying?
  128. Who said this before: describing smells is difficult because the olfactory system is ancient and language is newer
  129. Meaning
  130. What is scientology?
  131. Is this forum created partly as an experiment in behavoural psychology?
  132. The Role of Grandparents in todays society.
  133. I can't stick at ANYTHING to the point I'm convinced it's a real psychological problem.
  134. Song Lyrics and Memory
  135. What's the most interesting fact about psychology you know?
  136. A question about autistic children
  137. The Fire Arm
  138. Dream purpose and psychology. Beating the "Gatekeeper"
  139. More Of A Family Issue
  140. Is our brain capable of understand the whole Universe?
  141. How to avoid be underwent to a surgery by a psychopath physician?
  142. Wolves howl at the Moon.
  143. The Colorado Shooting
  144. The perception of sexual violence
  145. THE HYPOTHESIS OF BIO INTERNET. what do u guys think about this theory
  146. Some of us fail to see our memories or hear our thoughts etc ...
  147. i addiction
  148. Color perception ?
  149. DSM, has our society been damaged.
  150. Dopemine Serotonin treatment: Fact or fiction?
  151. Scizophrenia
  152. Homosexuality in Monozygotic (Identical/Siamese) Twins
  153. "Person-centered approach" as opposed to?
  154. Changing (non addictive) behaviour.
  155. Dealing with grief
  156. UCL Research Study: Beliefs abut well-being and cancer
  157. Aspergers and REM sleep
  158. I don’t agree with David Buss about his theory of evolutionary psychology.
  159. Is the practice of collecting things good or bad?
  160. Fear: Part I
  161. No Sense Complaining About Immigration
  162. RMS or Peak level in audio attention experiment?
  163. Assholes and Music
  164. The brain fascinates me like nothing else
  165. Human thought processes, that were created inside of corporate think tanks.
  166. repeating actions and events
  167. Great News! I'm Hallucinating!
  168. Is there a mental disorder characterized by a reluctance to take responsibility / job?
  169. Does low levels of psychopathy can be treatable?
  170. Children of Immigrants
  171. Questions about OCD
  172. How to deal with a brother psychopath?
  173. Does the following have a psychological label?
  174. Interactive Research Website on Fulfillment and Meaning in Life
  175. Deliberate Skin Lightening
  176. Full Moon.
  177. Free will and true randomness
  178. terrorism and islam
  179. How much power do we have to change our nature?
  180. The Tribe.Most Durable and Ancient Human Organisation.
  181. Gun Holders tend to think others are armed as well.
  182. the unconscious (#2)
  183. Melbourne's Ravens.
  184. The Flight of the Gulls.
  185. Obesity/Psychology.
  186. The (leadership's) dreams and desires (transfer) , to (lower ranking) members , within a cult/propaganda group, (within the cult/ propaganda group the American republican party)
  187. Numbers, numbers, numbers :)
  188. Why are we stressed at work?
  189. Mother with doll.
  190. The Hot Topic: Anal Retentive Behavior vs AB Mixture and Its Manifestation on the Internet
  191. Suicidal Mindset???
  192. (cultural equations), equations that are in words.
  193. Schizophrenia.
  194. I want to solve everything
  195. Innate fear of crows/ravens?
  196. Wild Animals and Honour
  197. Nature vs Nurture(not the debate)
  198. Looking for a proper term regarding moralism.
  199. Nymphomaniacs
  200. falling into oneself
  201. Brains' time perception
  202. what do i do?
  203. Designed to irritate
  204. Curiosity about Curiosity
  205. Why dont women just take the power?
  206. Inhanced Mind Perception
  207. Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome
  208. Two-Dimensional representation of Three-Dimensional cubes, and the corresponding perceptions.
  209. Death of Nations
  210. atmosphere / emotional background (what is it ?)
  211. Overthinking & negative thoughts
  212. Emergence.???
  213. Low sex drive in women can be explained by Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning and Skinner’s Operant Conditioning
  214. Please help with my science fair project
  215. body dysmorphic disorder: Help
  216. Discreet factor in experience
  217. psychic cold spots
  218. Thought & Perception vs Consciousness?
  219. why do people make friends over the internet? Will you be my friend?
  220. Is there any way to help depression and shyness?
  221. Do prejudices exist?
  222. Has "cultural evolution" made any successful predictions?
  223. Can Antisocial Personality Disorders be treated with drugs that promote those thoughts and emotions that they lack??
  224. I tried putting this in the electronics section but got no response, maybe here?
  225. Is Addiction and OCD fundamentally the same mental disorder, or are they completely different???
  226. Strange phenomenon
  227. Kin Selection and Genetic Similarity Theory.
  228. The trek for water
  229. Bystander Effect or ...?
  230. When sleep takes over
  231. Early prey/predator relationships – theory of action/motivation
  232. Hate Crime Analysis (Machado case)?
  233. the inner judge/observer
  234. Review on "Divine Intuition: Cognitive Style Influences Belief in God"
  235. Bias in the Media
  236. How else do we win.........
  237. this may sound weird........
  238. Human needs, reasons of our life choices, ...
  239. Can Scientific Materialism Sufficiently Explain Human Consciousness?
  240. Ad-Hominem attacks
  241. Hemophobia
  242. Characterizing social relationships - Masterthesis and survey
  243. Conspiracy theories
  244. How much free will do i really have?
  245. curiosity
  246. Opinions on public breastfeeding?
  247. Why don't humans eat humans?
  248. auditory hallucination
  249. Concentration
  250. behaviour basics