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  1. effects of gravity
  2. Is the Big Bang still banging?
  3. Mars.
  4. Red shift
  5. Presentation: Worldwide Digital Sundial
  6. Question
  7. Reaching The Stars
  8. Magnetic reconnection, flux transfer events and atmospheric currents
  9. If the Moon was the size of Mercury and much closer (ex:half the distance away) ?
  10. Research projects for high schoolers
  11. Meteor varients
  12. Planets that are similar to Earth that have been hit by a Gamma Ray Burst.
  13. Variant on giant-impact hypothesis - the origin of continents
  14. Big Bang, CMB and Edwin Hubble
  15. Vacuums
  16. The mass of the early universe
  17. Potential theory on a black hole's anomalistic features
  18. Artificial Meteor Shower
  19. can anyone identify this object
  20. Atacama Desert.
  21. Question about light-years
  22. why is my neighbor covering his windows during the eclipse?
  23. Eclipse 2017
  24. Why not have a bathing pool in space?
  25. Dumb Questions Reborn
  26. GMC or what?
  27. Rare Selenelion on wednesday
  28. Why is the BBT believed to be an accelerating expansion?
  29. Dark matter and doppler effect
  30. What is known about the Surfaces of the Gas Giants?
  31. Concening Europa's Eclipse Times?
  32. What would the universe look like if inflation did not occur?
  33. How do we know that black holes form?
  34. Black holes don't exist and neither does the big bang theory.
  35. Stephen Hawking Says 'There Is No God'
  36. Radio Astronomy
  37. Should mass vanish if 0 Kelvin is actually enforced into a system?
  38. Will we colonize the solar system in my life time?
  39. 0 Kelvin PPL!!
  40. Sept., 11 th 2014 ~ NEWS..
  41. Black Hole-Particles-Speed of light
  42. Is it possible to have a disc planet?
  43. Did the ancient Indians know about all the planets in our solar system?
  44. Which way South on WMAP
  45. Is it scientifically impossible to recreate our universe in the lab?
  46. Why does the sun have differential rotation rates
  47. How hot is dark matter?
  48. The Big Bang
  49. Is the 4D time-space continuum real?
  50. The Big Bang and a 4-d Black Hole.
  51. Supermassive Black Holes
  52. Is the speed of light really a constant?
  53. White holes
  54. Could you freeze the sun?
  55. Power and other systems on Mars
  56. Kiwaka app | Developing childrenís interest in Astronomy
  57. Timer
  58. "The Black Hole at the Beginning of Time"
  59. How close would our nearest neighbors be?
  60. Layers to astroids
  61. universal expansion
  62. Should gravitational lensing produce chromatic aberrations?
  63. Brian Greene - Space and Time into a single Continuum on YouTube
  64. Mars. Dry after all.
  65. Question about steering while traveling really fast...
  66. Why don't we turn Mars' wind into water?
  67. Black holes questions
  68. No dark energy???
  69. Oort Cloud Query
  70. Online teaching resources, around 8th or 9th grade, for astronomy
  71. Dark Energy
  72. No lunar seas on far side of the moon, explained but...
  73. Venera 13
  74. Density of air (Gas) question
  75. How was the visible horizon measured?
  76. Would it be smart...
  77. The shrinking of Jupiterís Great Red Spot
  78. Question about the Color of Stars.
  79. What holds the Heliosphere together?
  80. Void Models and the Copernicna Principle
  81. Galactic Collisions
  82. Weighing the planet earth.
  83. Let' talk of a little Astrophysics
  84. Universe recreated in massive computer simulation
  85. Lost Brother Found
  86. Will a starship be destroyed by dust?
  87. Age of the Universe
  88. Carrington-class CME Narrowly Misses Earth
  89. binary star system
  90. Life Should be Common in the Universe, physicists say
  91. Please explain the edge of the Universe
  92. James Webb Telescope completed
  93. is my understanding right or wrong?
  94. Is space expanding or is spacetime expanding?
  95. Pioneer 10 & 11 trajectory anomaly
  96. Please explain me how did universe came into existence?
  97. International Space Station
  98. Kepler-186f mass and radius
  99. Why is the Moon moving farther away from the Earth?
  100. The density of the universe.
  101. Questions about Birkeland Currents?
  102. Are areas of the universe receding from each other at faster than light speeds?
  103. I NEED someone good at astrology for this.
  104. Picture of Earth and Moon from Mars
  105. warning for supernova near earth ?
  106. any warning if GRB aimed directly at earth ?
  107. Question about: Expansion of the Universe.
  108. How to blow up a Star?
  109. How did Bradley determine the speed of light in 1779?
  110. What is Space?
  111. New Dwarf Planet Found At The Solar System's Outer Limits
  112. Wandering Photons
  113. Dark energy explained
  114. interplanetary cowpaths
  115. Solar storm near miss
  116. The Most Accurate Theory for Looking into the Past
  117. 200 light years away would current tech detect human civilization
  118. Stephen Hawking Particle escape from Black Holes.?
  119. The Standard Model of Cosmology Changed Today
  120. Cosmic inflation: 'Spectacular' discovery hailed
  121. Is it possible that the sun is revolving around a massive host star???
  122. Star within a star
  123. The infinitely expanding Universe..?
  124. Either my Science teacher has been eating one too many pixie stix or I knew less than I thought
  125. Meteor impacts
  126. Dark Matter mystery solved.
  127. Dark Matter
  128. Gravity as "negative" energy?
  129. Does the Sun rotate?
  130. Gravitation cancelling in curved space?
  131. Is everything really expanding faster the further out we look into space.. or time?
  132. Holographic universe/black hole
  133. Largest telescope to be built in Hawaii, 98 feet diameter
  134. how can we know the age?
  135. Moon Gets Whacked?
  136. Black hole inside a black hole
  137. Dark energy and the expanding universe
  138. Two unrelated questions on the Big Bang and our cosmologic horizon
  139. Human life under a Blue Dwarf Sun?
  140. An odd thought on blackholes & time.
  141. Can Black hole increase the speed of light?
  142. Universe: Finite or Infinite?
  143. Basic question about stars...
  144. A question in relation to the positions of the Sun and Moon in the sky.
  145. Black Hole Instability
  146. Question about Light Year?
  147. Big bang singularity size
  148. Fly By Speed Increment Anomalies ?
  149. Milky Way's thin disk
  150. Time as a thing thoughts
  151. How Many G's On the Surface of the Sun?
  152. What is trajectory Deflection Angle
  153. Happy 10th anniversary opportunity
  154. Stephen Hawking's new theory offers black hole escape
  155. Light speed question (based on my reading so far)
  156. Einstein's Universe
  157. What is Enceladus heat source?
  158. Rosetta spacecraft thread
  159. 7 comets added to 3D simulation of solar system (Siding Spring, Lovejoy, Halley, Panstarrs)
  160. Why do we still see old light?
  161. More black hole questions
  162. Rocket + telescope + light= all the events ever
  163. Centrifugal habitat on the Moon?
  164. The surface of the sun
  165. Asteroid" behind the sun"
  166. Question: Space expansion and observing distant objects from Earth
  167. What are the most common particles in 'outer space vacuum'
  168. Question about an earth-like planet
  169. Earth slowing down?
  170. Paint your starship
  171. What is the universe expanding into?
  172. Question regarding orbital plane regarding extra solar planets
  173. My problems with infinity, the multi-verse & current scientific understanding.
  174. My Theory on how the Universe can Expand so Fast
  175. How far through the life of the Universe are we?
  176. What would happen if there was no 'outer space'?
  177. Does anything determine the orientation of an accretion disc?
  178. Dark matter and it's entity
  179. Which Drive Would You Pick For A Starship?
  180. What Shape Would You Prefer For A Starship And Why?
  181. Is there enough pressure in the center of the moon/mars to create heat?
  182. Earth-Like Planets - Kepler Mission
  183. How many stars/planets did our radio signals reach yet? [ALIENS]
  184. But we are the middle of the universe!
  185. moon vs mars images
  186. mars oddity
  187. Is the universe rotating like the galaxies are?
  188. If the suns mass reduces over time by the way exausting its fuel (MASS)
  189. 13billion-light-years from earth and we can still see the light HOW
  190. Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan
  191. The Universe could be older, right ?
  192. Is there REALLY no center to the Universe?
  193. Does a planet loose mass over an extremely long period of time?
  194. Why!, do the Sun and the Earth not colllide?
  195. Dark Matter
  196. Multi-verse Expansion
  197. Does space time cease when inside a black hole
  198. Question about blackholes and whiteholes, and multiverses?
  199. Blackholes and where stars go
  200. Brightest Explosion In the Universe Ever Seen
  201. orbit, i apologise now for the rambling but its one of those days!!
  202. ''Comet of the Century'' begins to brighten... (article)
  203. Relatevistic Acceleration and Intertia ?
  204. do black holes repel each other?
  205. Infinite big bangs happening right now
  206. Is there a way to measure expansion of the universe?
  207. to have forested/if given the right Condition??
  208. Photons? I am doubtful.
  209. Does the existence of Earth disprove infinity?
  210. Yes...another time thread
  211. Does time dilation affect physical aging?
  212. Ok who broke the sun.
  213. As the Earth orbits the Milky Way is it possible to recieve transmisions from the future?
  214. 8 Billion Earth sized planets. Is this for real?
  215. Space Exploration - What professionals are needed?
  216. 13.7 billion years?
  217. Why aren't we the center of the universe?
  218. The Curious Case of Kepler-78b.
  219. Does the earth travel in a spiral round the sun as the sun is travelling round the milky way
  220. NASA said asteroid may hit earth.
  221. Google lunar xprize
  222. Help me understand a Higgs field
  223. Does lack of Mass Create Time ????
  224. Mystery of the moon...
  225. Astronomers push the frontier of galaxy detection
  226. Rotation of the Milkyway
  227. Water discovered in remnants of an extrasolar rocky world orbiting white dwarf
  228. VY Canis Majoris
  229. NASA To Make BIG ANNOUNCEMENT On Nov 13th!
  230. Timeline of the Evolution of The Universe, Earth and Life - Need Help
  231. Photon Collisions?
  232. Eternal vs. Infinite: Are these words used differently in Cosmology?
  233. Helping people deal with their cosmic insignificance.
  234. Eclipse and Accelleration of the Earth ?
  235. Ocean and Space (Interview): Educated/Professional please...
  236. Universe may not be expanding...
  237. Could the expansion of the Universe be subject to negative feedback?
  238. Voyager
  239. What is the heaviest element our Sun can make?
  240. Does the International Space Station slow down?
  241. Reading the Universe.
  242. Are we living inside a black hole?
  243. Mercury: A Case For Settlement
  244. Getting useful data from a redshift
  245. Understanding reference planes for NASA's "Horizons" tool?
  246. Life on other planets
  247. Is there a space/zone where the Universe Is?
  248. Speed of Light, should be named different?
  249. Catalyst: 29/8/'13
  250. Ununpentium and supernova