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  1. The birth of the stars
  2. My theory of the light
  3. Why do stars twinkle?
  4. Pluto & Charon will both occult a star
  5. Asteroid Earth crossing at only 12000 kms from us
  6. Metric expansion and real velocities?
  7. Error propagation of distance modulus and parallax
  8. Sun spot cycle is fizzling
  9. Metric expansion of space view distortion
  10. Is the bang bang just a theory?
  11. alien thing goes near The Sun
  12. Red atomsphere-less moon
  13. Stephen Hawking’s Into the Universe,
  14. scale model of solar system on logarithmic graph
  15. Where has all the anti-matter gone?
  16. Should We Talk To ALIENS?
  17. Need help with lyrical writing about black holes!
  18. Is the universe accelerating?
  19. astronomy and the clock time vs sun time
  20. Musk
  21. Reply Lunar Meteorite (08Oct2010) by Goeran Lindfors
  22. help with Azimuth please.
  23. We are weird!
  24. Could "big bangs" just be a cycle?
  25. The Beginning of the Universe
  26. White Holes.
  27. Black Holes 2
  28. Expanding Universe
  29. A question about the sun
  30. Anti-Newtonian Concepts
  31. Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
  32. black holes
  33. Gravitation does affect our size
  34. Is the universe infinite?
  35. Is the expansion of the universe accelerating or slowing?
  36. Asteroid make life's raw materials
  37. Private Moon Base
  38. Book on String Theory?
  39. Incredible rate of discovery of Near Earth Asteroids
  40. Exoplanets always so large?
  41. Stars could be planets from another universe?
  42. Aeronautics help.
  43. Where did the Big Bang happen?
  44. Mars Video
  45. the planet Jupiter
  46. What would you see looking out from an event horizon?
  47. Final Home for the Shuttles to be announced tomorrow
  48. Differentiation of star formation
  49. First Human Orbits the Earth! - 50 Years Ago April 12
  50. Big Bang Theory and Lifecycle
  51. A planet's axial tilt, inclination and climate
  52. Inexpensive manned Solar system exploration
  53. Blackbody Universe
  54. Question for the minds greater than mine
  55. Publication question
  56. New 3D model of solar system and night sky
  57. Radial and rotational motion?
  58. Fantastic PBS show- 400 years of telescopes.
  59. Creation of life due to Sun expansion? Is there a theory?
  60. The new Typology and Paradigm of Cosmology
  61. More Dumb Questions
  62. Space suit vs nuclear reactor leak
  63. A Different way to think about how gravity works
  64. MESSENGER to enter orbit around Mercury March 17
  65. Giant LRO Data Dump See the Moon in Incredible Detail
  66. Big Bang Denial
  67. Exoplanet safari
  68. Variable Speed of Light cosmology
  69. Matter into space
  70. Worm Holes and traveling through them.
  71. Follow my weather balloon project!
  72. Sun Spots and the Biblical warning...
  73. Expansion of the Universe.
  74. Gas Moons
  75. Space time matter gravity and a concept of the universe
  76. Question about Euclidean Space Perception for a TNT TV show
  77. A hypothetical question and few other questions
  78. A Novel Test of the Modified Newtonian Dynamics with Gas Ric
  79. Even rogue planets might have liquid water
  80. Planets throwing comets off course
  81. what is Galaxy long bar ?
  82. AMATEUR astronomy question
  84. The Day and Night cycle of a moon
  85. Galaxy Simulators?
  86. There is one new found planet at the edge of solar system
  87. Where To Begin?
  88. New Earth crossing asteroid
  89. What is the average temperature of the universe?
  91. Space travel, and gravity and other questions
  92. Extraterrestrial life!
  93. astrology
  94. The space program and the future
  95. Expand your minds and contract your ignorance
  96. Indirect Sunlight - definition
  97. How long before humans start intersteller flight?
  98. The Big Bang Theory
  99. Space flight on the cheap.
  100. References
  101. Scientific Advice for video needed
  102. The basis of modern cosmology
  103. Anthropic Principle
  104. Could there be a dimension that governs the laws of physics?
  105. Redshift and Blueshift and who is going where?
  106. Open University
  107. Dumb Questions (again)
  108. The big bang: Theory or idea?
  109. What do we call these points?
  110. The Pioneer Anomaly
  111. Birth of the Universe from “Nothing”- Bigbang Simulation
  112. Light; I'm having a brain melt down
  113. What is this
  114. College advice.
  115. Is it posible!
  116. Gravitational Lensing
  117. What could Happen IF??
  118. NASA Finds New Life Form
  119. Giant Mysterious Objects around a Star
  120. Origin of angular momentum in accretion disk models?
  121. graviton energy
  122. Does a black hole life cycle change our understanding?
  123. Singularity
  124. First extrasolar planet from another galaxy
  125. Super-Massive Black Atoms
  126. Earth crossing asteroid 2010WA
  127. Earth and conditions for life
  128. Scientists witness the apparent birth of a black hole
  129. Very Big Telescopes
  130. Moon speed and Earth motion
  131. Manned exploration
  132. The shape of our universe..
  133. Throwing an object at 900km
  134. The Lost Martian moon.
  135. dark matter galaxy rotation
  136. Three times further away than it is old?
  137. Model Explains Evolution Of Unusual Black Hole Binary System
  138. What books about the universe should I read?
  139. How can we see galaxies from 13 billion years ago?
  140. Singularity Behaviors
  141. Help with a Conspiracy NUT please. _blue sky ISS
  142. Planet hunters no longer blinded by the light
  143. Your thoughts on the Comedy-Recycling Theory
  144. Extreme Lunar meteorites with beautiful fusion crust !!!
  145. terraforming question
  146. Report finds increased solar activity may cool the Earth
  147. Aliens would not invade
  148. Unexplained Particle Produced By The Sun
  149. “Coreshine” Sheds Light On Stellar Formation
  150. FYI: World Space Week
  151. Discovery of first habitable exoplanet? Or rather not.
  152. If the Galaxy spins at the same rate...
  153. This will amaze you
  154. Multiple Universes with different Laws?
  155. Lightspeed isn't constant?
  156. Cosmic Expension
  157. A question about Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot
  158. 498 known planets?
  159. Native american religon relating to creation of the universe
  160. Was Einstein wrong?
  161. Dark Flow
  162. M theory and Dark Matter
  163. Possible Fine Structure Large-Scale Variance
  164. Galactic ‘Supervolcano’ Erupting With X-Rays
  165. Hawking's Statement vs. "Religious Science-Guy"...
  166. Laurence Krauss.. A universe from nothing
  167. Could this be possible Or maybe what Aztec's were thinking
  168. Stephen Hawking: The Grand Design
  169. Possiblemannedmission to asteroid
  170. Questions on Eros and how to avoid contact,
  171. Evolution Laws, Initial Conditions & The Universe
  172. How long do you think it will be before other life is found?
  173. Richest Planetary System Discovered
  174. Complete history (13.7 b years)
  175. Study: Astronauts as weak as 80-year-olds in space
  176. Distances between galaxies and what we see today
  177. Magnetic mega-star challenges black hole theory
  178. Milky Way Magnets May Solve Cosmic Ray Conundrum
  179. Biotic Atmosphere
  180. D.669: Neopallium
  181. Is IS?
  182. Before Space-Time
  183. Modeling galaxy rotation
  184. big bang question
  185. question on cosmology
  186. Metric expansion & cosmic redshift
  187. Moon Based Earth Auroras - UFO
  188. Baryonic, Dark Matter/ Energy Proportions Calculations?
  189. neptune/ pluto collision
  190. what makes a good starship
  191. What came first matter or dark matter?
  192. in between light rays
  193. About cosmology
  194. Mars used to have life...
  195. What is admittedly big bang model
  196. Mars site may hold buried life...
  197. How many dimensions?
  198. Relative motion between me and Earth
  199. gravity may be caused by time waves...?
  200. Big bang?
  201. Could we see what the earth used to look like from...
  202. Photons in flight
  203. Why isn't it winter every night?
  204. Are we aliens?
  205. black hole
  206. dark matter vs dark energy
  207. Strange meteor or debris trail
  208. Ozone Layer: Depleting or Repleting?
  209. 2012?
  210. Calculating lightspeed with Moon
  211. A new look at an old theory.
  212. Was our universe born inside a black hole in another univers
  213. Just talk
  214. What if Earth were like Uranus?
  215. Cold Jupiter sized interstella objects
  216. Will the humanity colonize in space?
  217. Impossibility of Singularity?
  218. The PLANCK satellite produces the first all sky image
  219. Evidence for expansion of the universe?
  220. center of universe
  221. Light from Venus takes 134 sec to reach Earth on average
  222. Planet detection by natural laser emission
  223. 2 Questions
  224. black holes-dark matter (a moronic non-genius theory)
  225. Does Light explain accelerated expansion?
  226. Exoplanet TrES-4
  227. Webb telescope to orbit L2?
  228. Moon Has 100 Times More Water, New Study Suggests
  229. Dark energy may not exist in space, scientists claim
  230. A question
  231. Ancient Mars Covered by Vast Ocean
  232. Why does the galactic rotation curve start with low velocity
  233. black hole theory
  234. Why would one total solar eclipse last longer than another?
  235. time difference between earth and space?
  236. Non Star Systems
  237. My two cents
  238. Life Detected on Titan - What are your thoughts?
  239. What is Consuming Hydrogen and Acetylene on Titan?
  240. Jupiter impact June 3rd
  241. Is C a Combination of LS and Time?
  242. Moon resembles Pangaea
  243. Origin of the Universe,,,,Bang or no Bang
  244. cosmology history
  245. Europa has an ocean of water and it may support life.
  246. Wave Structure of Matter
  247. string theory
  248. Abundance of gold in the universe defies explanation?
  249. Can you light a candle in a spacecraft?
  250. A thought about the Speed of Light