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  1. Is Mizar 4 stars or 5?
  2. SETI is largely a waste of time and space?
  3. Virgin Space is doing it again
  4. How would the universe be different if π = 3?
  5. Titanic Vortex
  6. Solar system diagram
  7. Amateur astronomy
  8. If Black Holes are rips in space..
  9. Do galaxies obey newtons law?
  10. Why is the Big Bang Theory better than Steady State?
  11. Acceleration due to gravity in a galaxy
  12. Why would the uniform Expansion of space produce redshift?
  13. Questions About Galactic Collisions.
  14. Is the universe limited or infinite exactly?
  15. How to calculate orbit speed
  16. galaxies, disks & spirals
  17. Question regarding nuclear fusion in a star
  18. Summer Solstice.
  19. Curiosity on Mars
  20. Does the Oort Cloud protect us somewhat from gamma ray bursts?
  21. The universe that existed before the Big Bang?
  22. Singularities and in-escapability
  23. Sunrise Summer Solstice, Sunrise Winter Solstice.
  24. Is the HUDF the center of Our Universe?
  25. Destruction of Planetary Bodies During Stellar Expansion
  26. Proposal for a New Theory About Extraterrestrial Intelligence! Seriously!
  27. About Multiverse and String Theory
  28. In our Milky Way, looking through that plane of our Galaxy, why isn't it warmer?
  29. Is there a Long Peroid Comet heading our way?
  30. Found that an Zhou Jian’s law based on the observations of the supernova Hubble diagram
  31. zhou jian Star Charts
  32. Eclipse*
  33. Do Receding Galaxies ultimately escape gravitational influence from other bodies?
  34. Cometary Orbital Paths
  35. Can merely being outside during the transit of Venus damage your eyes?
  36. Venus Transit of the Sun Tomorrow, 6th June, 2012.
  37. NASA gets two military spy telescopes for astronomy
  38. Earth-Moon Barycentre
  39. Let us with analytical cosmology to study wide-field view of the Coma Galaxy Cluster
  40. Andromeda collision & the expansion of space
  41. could m13 be thought of as almost a small galaxy
  42. Detecting a spaceship with today's sensor tech?
  43. Planetary Science questions - Building a fictitious world
  44. Making Earth 2
  45. Cosmonaut Suits: Space Radiation vs Chernobyl
  46. Ruby Payne-Scott. Astronomer and Physicist.
  47. Can a earth mass planet have a much heavier atmosphere?
  48. CMB in the past
  49. Lets Slice our Galaxy in half on the Horizontal Plane.
  50. Discrepancy between age and size universe?
  51. Our Universe Exposes Itself.
  52. what is a WORMHOLE ?
  53. mechanics
  54. Annular Solar Eclipse for Japan and Western US today
  55. The Sun's Axis
  56. Transit of Venus 06-06-2012 : visibility
  57. Spaceless Matter
  58. Dyson Sphere Solar system, And Planets?
  59. A more massive earth?
  60. The Moon closest to planet earth yesterday? Sunday/Monday 6th/7th May, 2012.
  61. Observe the venus transit!
  62. If a Star falls into a Black hole
  63. The Asteroid belt
  64. What if, A Black Hole was absorbed by a massive star?
  65. What if, Earth was orbiting a Gas Giant closer to the Sun?
  66. Could Neutrinos be causing expansion in the Universe
  67. Planetary resources
  68. Britain sent up its first satellite 50 years ago
  69. Space Blimp
  70. Where is the "Dark Matter" in the Milky Way?
  71. Faster Than the Speed Of Light?
  72. Bigcrunch theory again, help me understand why scientists believe the universe is finite.
  73. Composition of Stars
  74. Habitable planet formation
  75. why eclipses aint like this?
  76. how they do this:stereoscopic galaxy
  77. Space Craft Propulsion
  78. Our Cosmos, 14/15 billion years old?
  79. Cosmos Deployment. Random confusion or necessary construction?
  80. Is space itself really expanding?
  81. Many Planets outside the solar system?
  82. Lagrange's planetary equations
  83. Can a planet have seasons somewhat like Game of Thrones?
  84. What 'area' is the sky of the earth?
  85. Gravity
  86. If the observable universe?
  87. Suns commit suicide. Why.
  88. Iceball Planets
  89. Planet Venus, retrogard rotation, why?
  90. Neil Degrasse Tyson is awesome
  91. 3D model of solar system, new version
  92. How long will this universe last?
  93. Universal Warming
  94. what is the best method of observing the up coming transit of venus at home?
  95. Any explanations on this ?
  96. Modern science at its lowest.
  97. Expansion Festival: Does Light decay and what about black holes?
  98. Defect of illumination of Mars
  99. THE UNIVERSE: And then there was light….
  100. What will happen if the sun suddenly goes out?
  101. Is the Moon black?
  102. Dark energy - Accelerating expansion of the universe due to negative mass
  103. Europa Jupiter's Ice Moon Vs 2 miles of Antarctic ice
  104. What is the Holy Grail for Astronomy?
  105. the various dimensions
  106. More dumb questions
  107. Does gravity cast a shadow?
  108. Space Balloon- your input on the outcome!
  109. Clear Sky Chart Service - A Wonderful Weather Service For Amateur Astronomers.
  110. List of University Level Textbooks For Astronomy Major
  111. Dyson sphere or rotating habitat?
  112. do we know if the earth has ever been hit by a gamma ray burst
  113. Should we give up the search for intelligent life in the universe?
  114. how are there mountains in the middle of impact craters on the moon
  115. question about sun angle
  116. Are photons really massless?
  117. Mars Colony Toilet: Tech Toilet (with bidet water jet and air jet) vs Toilet Paper
  118. Are saturns moons keeping its rings in place
  119. Transit method
  120. Geocentrism = distorted planets?
  121. Possible missing planet
  122. Iron core in white dwarfs?
  123. Kepler 22B
  124. Can we see sky like the picture shows with naked eye?
  125. Conjunction Venus-Neptune
  126. 433 Eros close approach
  127. 2012 Quadrantid Meteor Shower peaks the morning of Jan 4 in the US.
  128. No Trouble with Tribbles - Call for Collaborators
  129. Sending a photon
  130. Grail Moon Mission
  131. Whats a good afordable telescope.
  132. Gamma ray bursts (and their damage to Terra firma)
  133. Binary Stars - Planetary Orbit?
  134. What Imbues the Higgs Boson with its Mass?
  135. A Theory I just thought of when watching Steven Hawking's Theory of Everything
  136. Evolution of the elements
  137. Comet C/2011 W3 Lovejoy about to fry near the sun
  138. How we see light
  139. Centre of Universe
  140. "The Universe" TV show?
  141. satellites
  142. betelgeuse
  143. Introduction to the scientific method parts 1 & 2
  144. Acceleration of earth's orbit
  145. Spiral arms of a galaxy
  146. Albedo
  147. The universe
  148. Total lunar eclipse 10 December 2011
  149. Magnetism in the moon?
  150. Alan Guth's inflaton, acceleration of the universe expansion rate, MOND and the fate of the universe
  151. Solar systems, Galaxies, Universe and ?
  152. How did you first hear about "Infinite Space?"
  153. a very important question , please help me and answer me
  154. Type 1a supernova, evidence for the other star
  155. Stars' emissions
  156. Us shrinking or space expanding?
  157. Physics in comoving coordinates
  158. First thought, "This must be hoax!"
  159. What is the next/best alternative to current rockets?
  160. Is the non-uniformity of the universe evidence for true randomness/against a singularity?
  161. Asteroid 2005 YU55 Close Approach to Earth Tuesday Evening (Eastern US time)
  162. Star light, an expanding universe, and peering backwards in time?
  163. [Share Pictures] Universe Map and More
  164. The big bang
  165. High heavy element content in galaxies 1.8 billion years after bigbang
  166. earth revolves round moon!
  167. Time dilation
  168. Aliens
  169. Smudged photos of moon
  170. How far would...
  171. video show-a blueprint of the universe
  172. i just got to know...
  173. Earth-Based Versus Space-Based Telescopes
  174. Time dilation and absorption lines
  175. Mass and gravity
  176. YEA to the Nobel going to the expansionist Astronomers
  177. the event horizon
  178. Way to study Astrology
  179. The nebular hypothesis is dead
  180. Important Report on the Dark Energy and Gravitational Potential Energy
  181. what if the Earth's atmosphere were thinner?
  182. what if schwarzchild solution were not exact?
  183. Infinitely smaller than Kansas?
  184. Luminosity distance
  185. Space Music
  186. Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the Hyperbolic Gravitational Field
  187. Matter and anti-matter?
  188. Question here!
  189. the orbit in our galaxy
  190. One term of Drake's equation down....
  191. (newb.) what was before the big bang
  192. Sci Fi World Creation
  193. Living near the Termination Shock
  194. hypothetical scenarios: could the Earth exist closer to the Sun without it becoming Venus? If so..
  195. Need some help with fictional CME scenario
  196. UARS Satellite to Reenter the Atmosphere in 3-5 days
  197. Cold or Warm dark matter
  198. Research/Hypothetical Scenario (Extrasolar/fictional planet)
  199. the core of a supernova, hypernova
  200. The shape of the universe
  201. Cosmological motion
  202. Prove me wrong please
  203. "MOND", Prelude to "Critique of the Universe, Introduction"
  204. What I consider to be the greatest question's in science. (please try to answer them.)
  205. How Can Guarantee Enstein E=MC formula
  206. Modelling the space
  207. how can the mass of a black hole be calculated?
  208. Standard candles
  209. Asteroid space weapon
  210. Theory of Variance and the Existence of Life on Earth
  211. Was energy or matter more produced during big bang?
  212. Gravitational Forces
  213. step towards terraforming
  214. The Expanding Universe + Time (??)
  215. Time dilation
  216. Can Satellites do this?
  217. was Susskind wrong with the solution to the information paradox ?
  218. Dumb Questions Revisited
  219. Researchers find that Earth does not need a moon to maintain complex life
  220. Did we really go to the moon???
  221. the eridinus void
  222. New Kind of Supernova Discovered
  223. Energy, Mass and Speed
  224. Need info on a meteorite
  225. What effect should Neutrinos have on the abundance of elements in the universe?
  226. Asteroid's orbit around sun mimics Earth's orbit? How can that be?
  227. Are Neutrinos a good candidate for Dark Matter?
  228. Expanding universe without big bang?
  229. Gravitational Lensing or Inferior Mirage?
  230. How long will it take voyager 1 to decay?
  231. NASA's Wise Mission Finds First Trojan Asteroid Sharing Earth's Orbit
  232. Large Hadron Collider vs Dark matter
  233. Looking back in time....
  234. Enceladus rains water on Saturn
  235. The Oldest Galaxy
  236. Book research: Faster Than Light/ Interstellar travel
  237. Wonders of the Universe: BBC 2011
  238. Why cannot the curvature of Universe be explained by mere curvature of space?
  239. Supernova brightness
  240. Looking into the past with a telescope
  241. Galaxy rotation / star motion
  242. The Missing Link: Merging Neutron Stars
  243. Where will Curiosity land?
  244. Paradox of light and time?
  245. what would happen if aliens landed on earth??
  246. Time Travel and dimensions- is it posssible??
  247. COMPETITION: Supernovae Energetics
  248. Seeing the Back of Our Head.
  249. Origins
  250. Releasing the object from Space Elevator