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  1. What is the heaviest element our Sun can make?
  2. Does the International Space Station slow down?
  3. Reading the Universe.
  4. Are we living inside a black hole?
  5. Mercury: A Case For Settlement
  6. Getting useful data from a redshift
  7. Understanding reference planes for NASA's "Horizons" tool?
  8. Life on other planets
  9. Is there a space/zone where the Universe Is?
  10. Speed of Light, should be named different?
  11. Catalyst: 29/8/'13
  12. Ununpentium and supernova
  13. Could it be possible to determine if the Universe rotates?
  14. Open roof space station?
  15. Drilling vs. Melting
  16. Swimming pool on the moon
  17. Widmanstätten in meteorites
  18. Super-solar flare
  19. How to make a Universe out of Nothing. You decide.
  20. faster than light speed
  21. Interstellar meteorites
  22. Near-earth gravity
  23. What is "Speed increment at infinity" ??
  24. Your Age on Other Planets
  25. Distance in space?
  26. Gravitational lensing or hot gas?
  27. Questions for Brian Greene
  28. which star is considered the brightest start? and why?
  29. Explosive Issue
  30. Hubble Sees the Fireball from a "Kilonova"
  31. Super-supernovae spell trouble for dark energy
  32. Supernova?
  33. Spiral galaxies have very flat disks. Why?
  34. Vacuum box test for: gravity, acceleration or centrifugal force?
  35. If the universe is spatially finite and flat, could you fly 'out of space'?
  36. Galactic electric fields
  37. Venusian moon
  38. Star drifting in disc shape system
  39. Is the idea of the Oort cloud dated?
  40. What is a feasible way for the nature to generate an Atom?
  41. Help bring radio astronomy to the public
  42. Question about "Ancient Aliens"
  43. matter and the expansion of the universe
  44. What is the escape velocity of VY Canis Majoris, and the relation between mass and volume?
  45. Gliese 667C
  46. Cosmological infinities
  47. concept of the flow of the time
  48. Space travel question!
  49. Apparent Red shift in a discrete Newtonian reference frame
  50. How much rocks is needed for it to melt?
  51. Are Free-floating Planets 'Planets'?
  52. Arrow's of time
  53. Big Asteroid Flyby on Friday, May 31
  54. Doubts in big bang theory.
  55. is space contains energy in it ?
  56. relative motion
  57. closed regenerative systems
  58. Explosion on the moon
  59. Hawking: Mankind has 1,000 years to escape Earth
  60. Planet-Hunting Kepler Spacecraft Suffers Major Failure
  61. More Questions about Light
  62. Could this planet support liquid water
  63. Orbiting a Black Hole
  64. exploding star?
  65. Another Earth In Our Solar System.
  66. Size of the universe
  67. Planets
  68. Quantum-what-now?
  69. Looking at the moon during the day
  70. A new look at DARK MATTER & DARK ENERGY
  71. Help with some easy basic formula about astronomy
  72. Combining gravity and quantum mechanics. What are gravitons then?
  73. Mars One - Would You Go?
  74. getting off this ball of rock
  75. 100% certain I am at the centre of my universe.
  76. NASA touts plan to grab asteroid as 'unprecedented technological feat'
  77. Jupiter Earth connection
  78. A phone call at the speed of light?
  79. produce antigravity to get to space quicker
  80. Total recall question
  81. Einstein's Theory - Which One is Moving?
  82. recent meteors and fireballs
  83. Black Holes
  84. Singularities and nothing.
  85. Red shift dilemma.
  86. Time Dilation at Near Lightspeed
  87. Basic Question
  88. Comets
  89. "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -Calvin What did he mean?
  90. If Earth had a 45 degree tilt?
  91. Astronomical Science
  92. Drafting a Comet
  93. Is our solar system moving up and down from the galaxy plane?
  94. Stellar Nuclear Fusion
  95. why cant we see the local interstellar cloud?
  96. Warped Space
  97. Black Hole, future and past
  98. An expanding universe?
  99. Constellation of Origin?
  100. Astronomy Magazine
  101. Singularity
  102. Confirmation of Jupiter
  103. Theory that reduces complexity of dimensions to base units
  104. Big bang
  105. What exactly is antimatter?
  106. dark energy, obviously
  107. The Sun is expanding, or are we moving closer?
  108. What am I seeing, really?
  109. Meteorite fall in Chelyabinsk!
  110. how come ????
  111. Space is curved relative to what?
  112. A Sort of Problem in Astrophysics
  113. Earth-like planets are right next door
  114. lorentz?
  115. math forum?
  116. Ringside seats for the Big Bang
  117. Northrop Grumman Completes All Flight Optics for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
  118. Iron bullets from orion nebula
  119. learning black hole theory
  120. The Big bang Theory v The steady state theory v World in a world.
  121. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle as applied to Black Holes
  122. space regarding collapsing stars...
  123. Would we have a Big Bang Theory today if...
  124. How feasible is using railgun technology to launch space probes?
  125. The Universe 'froze' its way into existence in a Big Chill, say physicists
  126. Shocking truth, biggest item in universe 10.000 more big than our milky way
  127. Telescope
  128. Challenging Cosmology
  129. question on meteorite from mars
  130. Orbit of the Earth
  131. Comets PANSTARRS & ISON
  132. Odd object on mars
  133. How big can a rocky planet get?
  134. Reviving the Mars?
  135. Gamma ray bursts
  136. some interesting theory about our universe
  137. Astronomy Notes
  138. Astronomy Notes
  139. Deep Sky
  140. Q about satellite
  141. questions on planet formation
  142. "Active Galaxies"
  143. What if we get 2 moons ?
  144. Andromeda question
  145. Winter solstice - December 21
  146. Probably another dumb one...
  147. Black hole inside earth?
  148. Future eclipses
  149. Standard Candles in an Expanding Universe
  150. May some Quarks be origined by a Black Hole explosion?
  151. RIP Sir Patrick Moore
  152. May Black Holes be considered as ripped of space-time?
  153. Technologies to wider the current limmits of Our Universe
  154. HD40307G News
  155. Exoplanets
  156. Moon
  157. Life in the Universe.
  158. Moon stations
  159. Meteor showers
  160. A dizzying hypothesis
  161. Mysterious Cosmic 'Dark Flow' Tracked Deeper into Universe
  162. Perseid meteor shower 2013
  163. Another Black Hole Question
  164. Big Bang
  165. Weird
  166. Explosions in Space
  167. radio signals
  168. Super massive black holes and galaxy formation
  169. NASA's Curiosity's secret discovery after sampling Martian soil.
  170. Libration of a Tidally Locked Planet
  171. Simple Law of the Universe that would probably be trashed!
  172. Is Star Trekking just around the corner
  173. tidal friction
  174. M theory - best one so far?
  175. Location of Earth in the Universe
  176. LHC results and dark matter
  177. Is it The Moon will Eclipse the Sun within the next15/16 Hours.?
  178. Matter V Anti-matter imbalance and inflation
  179. Some Questions on Astro-Physics
  180. Another dumb one
  181. Down under people...yes you Westward
  182. Photosensitivity
  183. Inverse square law resolves Olbers' paradox
  184. mine elements from outer space?
  185. A galaxy a trillion light years away...
  186. Photons from Stars
  187. Is the universe alive !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??
  188. Super Fast Pictures of light
  189. The Stars We See at Night
  190. Solar System Geography.
  191. The sun
  192. Interesting Things....?
  193. Return to Dumb Questions
  194. David
  195. Why is oxygen the third most abundance element on the sun?
  196. Divine Space - first big game with 'real' universe
  197. Meteorite that doesn't burn?
  198. Felix Baumgartner Jumps from about 35km. Next step?
  199. Question About The Big Bang
  200. Is the neon a poison, that overwhelming the origin of life?
  201. NASA stupidity
  202. Why the existence of the Universe does not need to be solved (image heavy)
  203. Half moon tilted lit up
  204. Stars, Milky Way, Cosmology
  205. Comets, Meteors, Asteroids
  206. Moon facts
  207. Books on the Likelihood/Nature of Extra-Terrestrial Life
  208. How did the universe get to have so many neutrons?
  209. Harvest Moon - September 29, 2012
  210. Astronomy in the Atacama Desert.
  211. Another shot from the hip by NASA? Gravel on Mars
  212. Universe or Multiverse
  213. Spectacular (once in a lifetime?) comet expected next November (2013)
  214. Huge Earth-ish planet?
  215. Missing Baryons Found?
  216. A more massive mars
  217. Clarification needed on exactly what accelerating vs constant expansion means
  218. Autumn equinox - first day of fall
  219. If Mars was closer to the sun
  220. Sirius Color Change Mystery
  221. Planets
  222. Atmospheric retention
  223. What if the moons of gas giants where closer?
  224. Venus passing in front of the sun
  225. Stellar Black Hole Creation
  226. Calculating apparent magnitude of Saturn from Rhea
  227. Big Questions About the Sun and Solar System - 10 Year Agenda For Answers
  228. Questions on my hypothetical exoplanet?
  229. Why are so different the galaxies of the HUDF picture?
  230. Science Channel - How The Universe Works
  231. Two alien planets found with twin suns
  232. Are the sun and moon nearing each other along the time ?
  233. Using the CMBR as a frame of reference.
  234. Wow!!! (Curiosity)..
  235. Could anything reverse the pull of Earth's gravity?
  236. The curious motions of venus... Can we explain it?
  237. What kind of celestial body would be best for forming life and/or complex molecules?
  238. Possibilites of life on Europa?
  239. Acid Content of the Atmosphere of Venus
  240. Is the age of the universe the same in all frames?
  241. Curiosity Rover landing at the weekend
  242. A new way of thinking about G and c. Constants?
  243. Why we need a 5th dimension to undestand the shape of the Universe?
  244. Can a practical reason be given to explain the vast interstellar distances?
  245. How does sun an other stars look from space?
  246. Southern Skies Star Party
  247. How can a Neutron Star have carbon atmosphere?
  248. Is Mizar 4 stars or 5?
  249. SETI is largely a waste of time and space?
  250. Virgin Space is doing it again