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  1. Why do atoms of a feather flock together?
  2. Problems with my Mercury and Aluminum Reaction
  3. Lapping Fluid
  4. Multi-walled carbon nano (Mwcnt) polymer forming
  5. Household detergents
  6. Periodic Table of Elements Picture Book for Adult
  7. Silicone
  8. How Lithium was formed?
  9. Mpemba effect
  10. What is Molarity?
  11. temperature and acetic acid?
  12. Electrolysis help!!
  13. Something challenging for brilliant minds
  14. How do herbs give medicinal properties into herbal tea/infusions?
  15. Can we produce hydrogen with basalt?
  16. Help with project involving periodic table
  17. RSC referencing help please!
  18. Kd Distribution Question
  19. how to turn glass into a mirror
  20. How to make a transparent water based semi fluid?
  21. Quinolizidine alkaloids and water
  22. Need a solution to my dilution of a solution
  23. Looking for guidance.. newbie with no idea!
  24. Adding Paint colors to Rubber material products.
  25. Printed Dictionary for Periodic table of elements.
  26. Chemistry help with Nitrous Oxide
  27. How does the structure of ethane give it the properties described: colourless gas at room temperature with a low boiling point (-89)?
  28. How to workout the amount of moles present in this given question?
  29. How fast do nitrates propagate throughout a water column?
  30. White deposition (crystal) forming on painted metal surfaces.
  31. Photoswitchable supercapacitor
  32. Aluminum-Sodium eutectic mixture
  33. Chemistry experiments at home
  34. Does AMBER decay in oxygen?
  35. Sodium Carbonate
  36. What is capacitance
  37. Question
  38. benzoyl peroxide
  39. Charcoal reaction.
  40. Experiment Legality
  41. Metallurgy
  42. Please help me understand ions and isotopes
  43. How to calculate protons and electrons in NH3BF3?
  44. What is covalent bond?
  45. Si02 in an automotive wax
  46. Sodium-Sulfur battery will replace Li-ion?
  47. chemistry calculation help please
  48. which types of chemical reactions can take place in cholesterol
  49. pH value for planet earth.
  50. Atomic miniaturization
  51. Hydrogen Flammability and explosive reaction
  52. Colour Degradation
  53. Metal strength rating?
  54. Are all carbon composites produced from oil?
  55. What applications could biopolymer gel have?
  56. Fizzy strawberries.
  57. gas + gas = liquid
  58. DIY Electrochemical Cell Experiments
  59. Alkali metals and formation of bases....
  60. Polar and Nonpolar Molecules
  61. Understanding Diodes
  62. Finding the percentage unionised of a compound with 3 pKa
  63. discoloration of sample in high temperature solid state methods
  64. radioactively labeling items...using these to track moving objects
  65. Hydrochloric acid into calcium buildup tank ?
  66. Why we don't spontaneously combust! ;)
  67. Passive Soil-gas samplers (PSG samplers) activated carbon
  68. Coffee vapo inhaler?
  69. Atomic Crystal Structure
  70. What are some pyroelectric materials?
  71. Looking for a chemical with a specifc exothermic reaction.
  72. Boiling points
  73. Sodium Fluoride Indicator Drops
  74. can people just check a calculation for me because it seems a bit off
  75. Semi Permeable Membranes for Carbon Dioxide
  76. Carbon-Oxygen Dilemma
  77. Greenhouse Gases for Something Useful?
  78. Acidic Attractant?
  79. Alcohol-free beer and wine?
  80. Uncomfortable with Schrölinger's Equation.
  81. How can we retrieve CISD coefficients in Gaussian software?
  82. How close can one solid state object be to another solid state object?
  83. Black precipitate from silver nitrate titration
  84. Volumetric concentration from mass concentration
  85. What is calcium Nitrate used for in this method?
  86. How long would it take for a plastic fork to disintegrate in a landfill?
  87. How can I accelerate my laboratory practise?
  88. Effect of EDTA on commercial antibodies
  89. Please don't hate me too much for asking this very basic question
  90. Is it correct to say
  91. Microbiology: Osmolarity help!
  92. Detecting Cyanide with an ISE
  93. Periodic table MADE of elements?
  94. Ferrocyanide when HCl is added in basic conditions
  95. How can I improve my career in pharmaceutical industry?
  96. Addition of copper ii sulfate solution to ammonia
  97. Compounds formed by three atoms
  98. Pollution transforming concrete - Nanonews
  99. Graphite
  100. Opinion of chemists on origin of water
  101. functional groups
  102. Chemist in pharmaceutical industry?
  103. Oil and oiliness
  104. IUPAC naming
  105. This question is stuck in my head! I want it out!!!
  106. boiling points
  107. Fractional Distillation
  108. Polyethylene Glycol 300/400 conversion
  109. Name the following molecules using the IUPAC system:
  110. Michigan Banned Chemicals List?
  111. Mercury, charchoal and peat
  112. Batteries and electrolytes
  113. Why do non- ionic surfactants make bigger micelles
  114. What is the IUPAC name?
  115. Thinking about Major in BioChemistry
  116. Name a gas that smells similar to polish remover that can cause breathing difficulty, and mucous to form a thick sticky film?
  117. A little bit of help with diffusion rates PLEAASEE!
  118. Does toothpaste chemicals may be damage to our health?
  119. How does a single proton change gold into mercury?
  120. Biogas/Methane Generator Help
  121. Which chemicals do you use to enhance your muscles?
  122. Chemical reactions for freezing water multiple times
  123. Need help with CO2 electrolysis
  124. Super glue had a reaction on my fridge
  125. Absolute Zero Impossible?
  126. Need new catalyst for Hydrogel experiment
  127. PEG hydrogel for catheter coating
  128. Coca Cola and Milk - chemical reaction?
  129. Aragonite
  130. What determines the state of matter?
  131. Going from Ksp to M
  132. How to determine molecular structure of a compound from Mass Spectometry data?
  133. Organic Chemistry
  134. Finding the purity of reagent by mass of product
  135. Calculating weight of product
  136. New 'miracle' materials
  137. Balancing a redox equation
  138. Electrochemical Cell equations
  139. Oxyhydrogen Calorific Value
  140. Rydberg's Formula
  141. Changing Carbon Monoxide Into Oxygen
  142. Help splitting in ions
  143. Isopropanol on soap
  144. Are chemists pragmatists?
  145. Radioactivity
  146. Likelihood of alternative synthetic oil in the next few decades?
  147. Stuck for an answer to a kid's question.
  148. Dust Effect for Models
  149. What Exactly is This Company Proposing?
  150. What is created if you mix water (H2O) and ozone (O3)?
  151. Salted Water & Freezing
  152. Aluminum in alkaline environment , Self-reactive, Solution
  153. High School Experiments with PFC Chemicals
  154. Weight of gold chloride
  155. Combining tastes in cooking.
  156. What is the most complex molecular structure you can think of
  157. How does bleach work?
  158. Fractionating process to obtain fractions with a boiling point between -160 C to +20 C ?
  159. I'm working on a project that involves recycling plastics. Can anyone help me by sharing some knowledge?
  160. addition of inert gas
  161. will hydrogen gas be on top in atmosphere?
  162. Minimizing exposure to chemical coatings used in tents
  163. How do you crush an atom?
  164. exsolution lamellae?
  165. Need help naming these substances (exam coming up)
  166. Hydrogen Poly sulfide or Sulfur?
  167. orbital energy level of he+
  168. A Question That Led Me Here!
  169. Problems Preparing phosphate buffer and cinnamic acid
  170. Order of basic strength
  171. Effects of electronegativity on the bonding on an ionic compound? AgBr
  172. Looking for sublimation materials at less than 300 degrees C
  173. Degradation of cellulose
  174. Innovation: Commercial flights, crashes, salt water, and satellites
  175. Why does more sugar dissolve in water than salt
  176. Can camphor used to breakdown the polystyrene ?
  177. How is Hydrogen Cyanide bonded?
  178. Nh2 + o ?
  179. Looking for a material
  180. Electrolysis
  181. Does Theoretical Chemistry allow the order of a reaction to be derived?
  182. Grignard Reaction
  183. Empirically figuring out atomic mass
  184. decrease in lattice energy and hydration energy means more positive or negative if to explain solubility of group 2 sulphate.
  185. CaO or MgO, which one are more soluble?
  186. What does ethanol evaporate into?
  187. Compound with less affinity for glycol then methane
  188. a comparison between an experimental pH and a calculated pH
  189. My new possible experiment idea to test to see if Oxygen would combine with gamma-Aminobutyric acid
  190. Graphene Oxide.
  191. Chromatography charges
  192. Noob questions about silver nitrate photosensitivity
  193. Dissociation vs ionization?
  194. How does the chemical reaction in Alkaline Batteries come about?
  195. Is there a compound in the Universe which is Oxygen Hydrogen Hydrogen Nitrogen OH2N?
  196. Stoichiometry Problem
  197. Preparing butanoic acid from 2-butanol.
  198. Carbonic acid.
  199. Van Der Waals Volume/Covolume
  200. addition of unsaturated hydrocarbons
  201. How do alcohols dehydrate?
  202. How can you stop a hydrochloric acid from being harmful? (6th grader level)
  203. Help! Using IUPAC's recommendations to name the following haloalkane.
  204. how does CuSO4.5H2O dehdrate?
  205. can we have negative pH values!!!!!!!!!!
  206. Electronegativity
  207. Modelling Question
  208. Do you know these three industrial manufacturing process of toluene
  209. mole equation help?
  210. preparation of sodium carbonate
  211. Weighing out metal ions from their hydrated salts.
  212. Cl
  213. Steam Bath Chemistry?
  214. Pencil, paper detect hazardous chemical vapours - world of chemicals
  215. xylene molecular formula, density, molar mass, boiling point - world of chemicals
  216. world of chemicals - Sulfuric acid chemical properties - molecular formula, molar mass, boiling point
  217. A basic Chemistry question about Apatite
  218. strongest endothermic reactions
  219. There's a gas that causes the lungs, and sinus to swell up, get irrated, and produce abnormal?
  220. ALPHA particle
  221. Why KMnO4 is called permanganate?
  222. gibbs
  223. What elements compose these substances?
  224. Help! Confusion acid-base equilibrium in water
  225. Reactions of acids/bases with water: correct use of arrows
  226. Sodium Hypochlorite + Aluminium Chloride -->
  227. Synthesis Reactions...???
  228. Law of ostwald confusion
  229. Correct pipette usage
  230. How is NaOH considered a strong base, does it even accept protons?
  231. What happens if an element with an atomic number of 119 is discovered?
  232. Calculate radiogenic isotope (3 Pb isotopes) concentrations by only the given weight%
  233. Why current flows in opposite direction of electrons?
  234. Achieving Dissolution with these Vitamins/Supplements. Help!
  235. products of Rayon synthesis?
  236. What is Hydrogen??
  237. Zinc cyanide
  238. Daddy Long Legs Contaminating Edible Foods/Liquids
  239. What's the difference between sodium metabisulphite and sodium bicarbonate?
  240. how to calculate number of waves in an orbit?
  241. why Pz orbital for sigma bonding?
  242. Purifying Starch at Home
  243. Adhesive for glass
  244. explosive chemistry
  245. Gallium chemistry
  246. Reaction with Sodium azide. Can I reflux the reaction mixture??
  247. Tetraamine copper chloride
  248. Boiling Water Displacement Level?
  249. Synthesis of TiO2 nanowires
  250. Salt crystal hardness