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  1. endothermic and exothermic, ions and cations
  2. science
  3. Lutetium and lawrencium?
  4. Potassium Ion Formation
  5. What is this called?
  6. Quinine powder under UV light not glowing?
  7. Home Titration
  8. Silver
  9. What happens to carbon dioxide when it sublimes?
  10. Mass Spec: how do I calculate neutral molecular masses?
  11. Thread: How does the concentration and amount of ions in the electrolyte affect voltage? How does pH of the electrolyte affect the battery?
  12. Calculating Mass of a Compound
  13. Looking for Phosphorescent Substance that Changes Color on Impacts
  14. Acids Bases pH; why molecules donate or accept?
  15. Super Glue
  16. Gold Silver Water
  17. Why is there more carbon in organism's than in earth's crust?
  18. How close are we to creating gold?
  19. Organizing the Periodic Table
  20. Salt
  21. What is difference between excluded volume 'b' and actual volume 'Vm' of a real gas. ?
  22. FGI Amine to Nitrile
  23. Frequency impact on plasma?
  24. looking for a refrigerant...
  25. Is it dangerous to have aluminum powder?
  26. Queries about oxidation and reduction
  27. Decay rates
  28. How does acetic acid decompose in water and/or steam at temperatures around 250-300C?
  29. Bomb or smoke ?
  30. boron - boric acid help required
  31. Liquid Helium/MRI Machines
  32. The best place to buy gallium
  33. Rust produce energy
  34. Nearest neighbor approximation
  35. Plastic
  36. Molar Question
  37. existence of molecules
  38. pic of a "real" atom, anyone?
  39. O Fe and C
  40. Leveling Effect Question
  41. in reference to deltaG = deltaH - TDeltaS?
  42. Salt water to drinkable water
  43. Laser-hardened gel?
  44. Chemistry pictures!
  45. Metal
  46. Nanodrop absorbance scale
  47. How to Produce Hydrogen
  48. Develop New Online Course
  49. Do acids as strong as those seen in the movies actually exist?
  50. Lyophilised midazolam
  51. "Home Work" Question...How is my answer?
  52. DNA metal free
  53. Making home made dog shampoo advice
  54. Chemical analyst job
  55. Ball check valve or gas bubbler
  56. Chemicals to stain bank notes
  57. Hydrolized worm
  58. lack of rocket plume on LEM landing and take off
  59. what determines the properties of a thing?
  60. Borax and Stainless Steel
  61. a new classification of element based on their properties
  62. Calculator; NO2 + H2O => HNO3 ?
  63. About Photo-Chemistry ...
  64. Get sodium hydroxide from sodium-metabisulphite
  65. Ethanol Toy
  66. Ways to test Salt, Sugar, Protein and Carbs in food?
  67. Stabilizing PH at amino acid solutions
  68. Interaction between the COMT inhibitor and Mg(II) and Fe(III) ions
  69. Preventing mold in a solution
  70. What is clean air ?
  71. The 18 Isomers of Octane (C8H18)
  72. NaCl precipitate
  73. Labeling of Lipids (liposomes) using fluorescent dyes
  74. Beer's law plots
  75. Extraction
  76. Explosives as a fuel
  77. A real challenge, boric acid help needed
  78. Speed of water ion recombination?
  79. Separation of dimethly formamide (DMF) and tri-ethylamine (TEA) failure
  80. hydrogen halides
  81. dipole moment
  82. Will Copper sulfate react with hydrochloric acid?
  83. Can electrolysis take place in PVC pipes?
  84. alkaline earth metals
  85. Urea changing into Ammonia and how to alter it.
  86. Supercooled water ice crystal formation
  87. Nitrogen fixation without energy spending?
  88. Cold Fusion
  89. Adhesive Questions - Need Assistance
  90. Car lead acid battery advice
  91. A density of 1.5 g cm-3 is equivalent to:
  92. Specific Activity - Reasonable vaulues
  93. Purify KClO3 from matches
  94. Carbon Dioxide level
  95. Lateral Flow Assay Help
  96. Thermal decomposition
  97. Nitroglycerine
  98. Polyester degradation rates
  99. How to determine energy needed to break a molecular bond?
  100. Organic magnetic mixture
  101. could we burn gas planets?
  102. Does someone knows of any info about someone who did self replicating robots using nanotechnology a link would be useful
  103. Infinite battery
  104. Automatically restore power battery
  105. Making Beer.
  106. "Equimolal Formulation" & "Physiological Formulation"
  107. Where do I find a listing of actual Scientific Debates?
  108. Simple Distillation : Why must the the top of the receiver be open? (expose to air)
  109. Cloning (since its biochemistryish related i will put it here as for some reason i can't post in the biology section)
  110. Carbon Aerogels for desalination and more-
  111. Checking PFA prior to the determination of cement content of concrete
  112. Walkley & Blackís method
  113. Calcium Oxide. A good way to get pure CO2 from the Air?
  114. Arenít humans just one big long chemical reaction?
  115. Osmotic Pressure
  116. Dilluting specific gravity
  117. Fukushima reactors update
  118. Room Temperature
  119. Ideal Gas Laws Problem
  120. Can you help me
  121. A young scientist in dungeon set up by some people from MPI-polymer and ISSP in China
  122. air equilibrated water
  123. Best Practices in Chemical Management for Plant Safety
  124. Volume of atom
  125. molecule reactivity
  126. Thermolysis: Water decomposition at high temperatures to extract hydrogen
  127. evaluating findings
  128. what is chemical name of universe (like water, H2O)
  129. Is hot tea more stimulating than cold one?
  130. Temperature at which something disappears?
  131. Question about fractional and simple distillation
  132. Water electrolysis -- why it happens?
  133. Please help with Kc calculation problem... 10 easy points...?
  134. In Search of Smart Chemists Re: Adhesives & Breakdown
  135. Reducing hydrogen gas formation in electrolysis of seawater
  136. absolute temperature vs absolute pressure!
  137. Conductivity Lab Question
  138. Chemistry: Heats of Combustion
  139. Using a centrifuge on breathing air
  140. Would this idea for a solar oven work?
  141. tutorials
  142. Spectro Definition Question
  143. UV Polymerization
  144. Resonance hydrids
  145. Soy Based Foams/Polyethylene Cross linked alternatives?
  146. enthalpy
  147. ellingham diagram
  148. oxidation state
  149. A Free Online Chemistry Course
  150. need help with stoichiometry and the properties of a metal
  151. I need help with my science lab!!!!?
  152. Informative chemistry pdfs?
  153. sulfuric acid + iron (ll) oxide > ?
  154. rate of carbon 14 decay
  155. Can chemistry be reduced mathematically?
  156. Hydrogen-Oxygen Reaction In Different States
  157. Can anyone help me clarify this titration problem?
  158. Cured resin safe?
  159. Oils on rusty metal
  160. Boiling Water with high powered lasers
  161. Crystalization (Problem-Please Help)
  162. Air Ionization
  163. Ascorbic Acid + Chlorine / Chloramine = ?
  164. Need help calculating change in pH
  165. in search of a material
  166. Polish macrofield!
  167. Magnatizing free radical H atoms?
  168. How To Make 100% Pure Rust
  169. Electric shocking the body
  170. mercury in barometer...........
  171. Terraforming - The Chemistry Side of It
  172. Scaled particle theory help
  173. Assay upper limits
  174. Why do new things smell new?
  175. Octet Rule and the Orbitals...
  176. There should be vacuum in air.
  177. empirical formula
  178. Maroon encrustations on my electrode... help!
  179. Amylase Essay
  180. What you would observe when dilute sulfuric acid is added to a solution of strontium nitrate?
  181. What should I focus on to get into bioinformatics?
  182. Quick IUPAC Nomenclature question
  183. Isopropyl alcohol and Ethylene glycol
  184. Why do elements emit photons?
  185. Juice of lemon and its nutrients
  186. Why use a spectrometre?
  187. Lithium Air Batteries
  188. thermal conductivity
  189. Apparatus Integrity: O2 Sensitive System
  190. Why does periodic table end at 118?
  191. I want to learn Dissipative Structure Theory
  192. Evaporating NMP from a CNT PDMS mix
  193. could someone tell me if there is a general rule to calculate the intensity of MF ?
  194. hey guys an engineer would love some help to get an explanation, Thank you.
  195. I need Tinker Molecular Design help!
  196. Help please! Science project question
  197. Chemistry Extended Essay IB help!
  198. Infrared light to visible light?
  199. Iron needle in homemade forge
  200. Can a Molecular Change happen seperating gas and liquid?
  201. Hand writing recognition software for Chemical Equations?
  202. Law of Definate Proportions?
  203. Periodic Table Software
  204. Calculating the mole?
  205. Question about Microscopes!!!
  206. Which is the Cheaper Input: Pure Aluminum or Al2O3?
  207. Capturing smoke emissions
  208. Base or Salt
  209. Forensics Questions
  210. Stable Element/Ion
  211. Problem regarding COD determination
  212. alluminum copper alloys
  213. Sentences that help one remember the periodic elements
  214. If I had a test tube of any given gas, how could I ID it
  215. Please Help --Lab. test
  216. Right way maybe to describe covalent bonding?Also not Ions?
  217. Dipole-dipole interactions
  218. Molecules and aging
  219. how can i make oxidizing agents?
  220. Test local river water and creating drinking water from it
  221. Hybridization of Chlorine
  222. Methylamine as a fuel?
  223. Extended Essay
  224. question about Borax (Ant poison)
  225. Ammonium hydroxide........
  226. is there any home analysation of chemicals?
  227. Questions about sodium acetate
  228. Concentration question
  229. Test for the presence of methane (CH4)
  230. How do you explain Chemistry to a child?
  231. making alcohol based ink go further with alcohol
  232. Ionic conductivity of different solids
  233. Phosphorus and Americium for glow in the dark
  234. Can anyone answer this?
  235. water and silver
  236. Density Calculation
  237. Which one is your favorite chemical test?
  238. Calculating Isotope Abundance
  239. Average speed of gas molecules
  240. Free radicals and radicals?
  241. composition of ice cream
  242. Chemistry
  243. balloon toxins
  244. why is O2 one more reactive than CO2
  245. Aluminium oxide dissipation in water.
  246. Things you didn't knew about Emma Carr
  247. I had an explosion with my cocoa. Why?
  248. pH range of colours
  249. Orbital hybridisation
  250. Cooling-liquid