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  1. Problem with Gaussian Calculation - Program terminating with error
  2. chemicals
  3. Removing breath vapor on cold days
  4. Magnesium Chloride inhibitors
  5. How to evaporate solution?
  6. Question: No signal in LC-MS/MS analysis (Quattro micro, ESI+, Masslynx)
  7. One question
  8. Manganese!
  9. chemistry
  10. Entropy of a system during synthesis reactions
  11. Hydrogen Carbonate reactions....
  12. Does Anyone Know the Method of Producing TiO2?
  13. How does Casein Glue work?
  14. Electrophilic Addition
  15. Nomenclature for organic molecules
  16. What Makes Glue Bond?
  17. Question about "Pure Acetone"
  18. "Phenol Fiber"
  19. Dissociation of methane.
  20. Tensile Test for Bioplastic
  21. Netherlean sianite?
  22. How can Chlorine make 7 bonds in the perchlorate ion?
  23. Calculate no. mols of a liquid volume
  24. Looking for High Heat Glass Test Tubes
  25. Mass Spectrometry
  26. Conductivity of solutions
  27. Are these the same?
  28. Benzoic Acid - Yay or Nay?
  29. Balancing equations
  30. Polymers and the Mooney Rivlin Equation
  31. ligand orientation and d-orbital energies
  32. Synthesis of coumarin
  33. epma data feo to fe2o3 conversion
  34. Idea behind the Philosophers Stone
  35. Regarding the Law of Conservation of Mass
  36. To anybody who has worked in R&D or is familiar with it ..
  37. How can I find a forumula for making Ceramic Ferrite Magnets
  38. please explain me quantum mechanical model of electron
  39. why pressure cooker is used for cooking food on hills?
  40. why the order pf energy levels(sigma and pi) changes in N2 and O2 molecules ?
  41. Can a double oxidation phenomenon generate an electric current?
  42. prepration of the epoxy-1,2-cyclohexan
  43. Freezing Point vs Pressure
  44. Magnesium Chloride
  45. 'New car' smell
  46. questions about significant figure and electron configuration
  47. Tests for Biodegradability/ Compostability of Plastics- Advice Appreciated
  48. Is O2 neutral? If so, why?
  49. what is electrophoretic purity
  50. Coffee
  51. drying by Na2SO4
  52. 2 naphtol
  53. Sulfur dioxide structure, bonds
  54. How to find the stored electicity in a material???
  55. Sulfur from Sulfate?
  56. GC and HPLC for formic acid
  57. Need Help. Lowering bond enthalpy
  58. Making new materials
  59. please suggest me good books
  60. Nature has engineered the structures of control enzymes so that their activities may be modulated rapidly by small changes in the concentrations of certain key effector molecules.
  61. what is gram atomic weght?
  62. Chlorine and Ethanol
  63. Need help confirming or not confirm arguement
  64. what's the role of Cathode in an electrochemical cell?
  65. exchange of electrons
  66. types of bonds in P4O10
  67. Name the new Element.
  68. polyvinyl alcohol
  69. Questions on apatite
  70. Chemical binding through thin (as in single atoms) structures?
  71. Device For Measuring the Chemical Composition of Air?
  72. What exactly happen when salt bridge is not provided to the galvonic cell?Please read my additional?I need!?
  73. Hardness of the Elements. I need help to understand.
  74. Corrosion question- I'm stumped
  75. About protein and polyribosylributol phosphate conjugate
  76. RTV Silicone Rubber
  77. Weird glassware - oragic chemistry gas phase?
  78. The problem of Azone
  79. About Cobalt sulfate...
  80. Reaction of potassium with sulphuric acid
  81. Help! Cyclic Voltammetry and electrodeposition
  82. Chemists!
  83. I need help with Faraday's laws of electrolysis.
  84. Need to know the best single or combined substances that holds an Ice form the longest in room temp.
  85. Laws on Chemistry
  86. I need to find out about 2 different Greases or Does anyone know of a Better product?
  87. Can water be turned into a pile of solid hydrogen and oxygen?
  88. Let's talk about carbon dating.
  89. Im looking for some suggestions on lab items
  90. Question about the molecular structure of serotonin and cortisol.
  91. Making a Water Bridge Experiment
  92. a problem of Calcium chloride solution
  93. Seperating Soluble Solids
  94. Nanoreactor coatings
  95. Iron and copper battery, 1mA/cm3 surface current,is low other batteries?
  96. Battery idea
  97. Polar Protic solvent
  98. Making for making Nitric Acid, Half Baked, (NO2<->N2O4) --> HNO3
  99. Can someone please check my calculations? (pretty basic stuff)
  100. Structure of Such Atoms as Iron
  101. Size Exclusion chromatography column question
  102. Sharing knowledge_resin
  103. sodium hydroxide and silica reaction
  104. What would disintergrate these chemicals?
  105. Exploding Liquor bottle mystery: vapor or gas build up?
  106. Marine Geochemistry/Paleoceanography
  107. Calculating Moles help
  108. Calculating Moles questions help
  109. molecules
  110. Radiationless Return of Molecules from Excited Electronic States
  111. modelling syneresis using rheology
  112. Crystallization
  113. How can I make my own single blind experiemnt when i have no friends?
  114. Exo - biology
  115. Wood question
  116. why toothpaste lather push water away?
  117. Enantiomers of Glycylalanine
  118. Not sure if this is even possible
  119. Beechams powder, milk and microwaves
  120. Organic Chemistry-what is the purpose of doing research in oxidation of compounds
  121. pruny fingers
  122. I need stoichiometry help
  123. Organic Chemistry-What is controlled oxidation?
  124. What are the largest/complex molecules by environment type?
  125. I need to make a Suitable Polymer
  126. Add carbonation to any drink...
  127. Volume of Carbonated Water
  128. Water changing colour
  129. Can someone tell me about this?
  130. "Coffee" Mortar
  131. Fun with Dry Ice - Make Super Monster Smoke Bubbles
  132. Evidences that a gas is dissolved in water???
  133. Nanotechnology
  134. Help with Belousov-Zhabotinsky oscillating reaction
  135. Help with understanding the shells of an atom
  136. Chemistry Lab Help
  137. What determines electron configuration?
  138. The chemistry of this emulsion?
  139. What gives a chemical compound its properties?
  140. mercury question from the super unsure
  141. creating new elements
  142. Shape of an atomic orbital
  143. Metal container effecting electrodes?
  144. taking water from the air
  145. Exceptions to the octect rule?
  146. Burning Hydrogen
  147. Elemental properties
  148. water molecules
  149. Advice Masters
  150. Octyl Adipates?
  151. Internal Standard Question
  152. Standard Addition Question
  153. Ph & Physiological Effect Questions
  154. pH and Volts
  155. Regenerating pH Electrodes
  156. Which one is correct?
  157. Which one is correct?
  158. question stoichiometric flue gas volume
  159. Questions on scents and odors.
  160. Gas Encyclopedia
  161. What If: pressure cookers
  162. Chemically Polishing Corundum
  163. Folic Acid conjugation
  164. Are there any chemicals besides plutonium that?
  165. A question about radioactive material?
  166. A question about radioactive material?
  167. Aluminum foil
  168. Chemicals that cause hair shedding/dermatitis?
  169. H2SO4 show basicity in HF Solution
  170. cartenoids
  171. bunsen
  172. opinions
  173. I need help with co2
  174. enantiomers, rotation of polarised light
  175. Fructose HPLC
  176. Chlorine/Sodium Hypochlorite
  177. Testing my chemistry!
  178. Why does my pH indicator turn Orange?
  179. Nanochemistry
  180. Expiry Date advice
  181. Glow in the dark..
  182. Sodium-ion conductors
  183. Help for the Equilibrium Constant from a Titration
  184. What would happen?
  185. How does Fe3+ become Fe2+ in this reaction?
  186. Getting a seed crystal big enough to tie a string around
  187. Help on science SRP
  188. I'm looking to make Sulfuric Acid
  189. Sodium-organic battery
  190. gases question
  191. Electrolysis of Low salt concentration water
  192. Detection of rock sample
  193. What is the functional group of acyl halide and anhydride?
  194. The chemistry of mustache wax
  195. Is Chemistry just All Restaraunt Business?
  196. Water soluble Protein
  197. Past Paper Question: Sodium chlorate (VII)
  198. How can I make a citric acid solution not taste sour and be drinkable?
  199. How did we get Boron ??
  200. Milk Ions
  201. Pi bonding?
  202. Can you see Oxygen Molecules under a microscope?
  203. Chemical testing of proteins
  204. Which thaws the slowest and fastest?
  205. How does one determine the composition of a liquid substance?
  206. Schrodinger wave equation
  207. atom split
  208. What can UV radiation from the sun pass through?
  209. Discover a new way of turning desert air to fresh water
  210. Interference of nitric acid on BCA assay
  211. BeF(one), MgCl, etc.
  212. Simple problems to be solved by organic chemistry (or just general chemistry)
  213. Energy and Stability
  214. Molar Extinction Coefficient Question
  215. What determines the form in which energy is released from a chemical reaction.
  216. Composition of Hazardous Household Devices for Children
  217. Two Chemistry Questions
  218. Tetrahydrocannabinol
  219. Questions about activated carbon
  220. Permeability of microscopic toxic particles
  221. Gr.11 chem probs
  222. Which elements or substance/compounds will be able to generate 1 Terawatt of Power?
  223. Deuteration of Toluene
  224. Astronaut Food
  225. how to split oxygen from water, and, 99% pure,,, HELP !!
  226. How to Derive the Scatchard Equation
  227. Ni2+ - ITCBedta - BSA complex
  228. informal gathering of people, like rock concert and its environmental impact in terms of chemical compounds!
  229. mass spec
  230. Grade 10 Science - What do these two chemical formulas produce?
  231. Hydrogen Fuel Cell (issue/questions)
  232. Why doesn't ionization energy vary with distance to protons?
  233. synthesis of polycarboxylic ether
  234. Chemical formula of the fire?
  235. HNMR question, please help!
  236. Seperating zinc and copper from pennies?
  237. Hydrogen/chlorine mixture won't explode
  238. Metal-polymer hybrid materials
  239. Heat and temperature
  240. CARBON to Diamond
  241. Equilibrium
  242. Why is hydroxide an anion?
  243. Biochemistry - Dixon Plots
  244. Energy liberation during chemical reactions
  245. Mitochondria - how do they produce/use energy?
  246. Platinum vs White Gold jewelery
  247. Syndecans
  248. endo/exothermic reactions cation/anions
  249. Temperature and Pressure Avagodro
  250. Definite and Multiple Proportions