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  1. take a look please
  2. Biology Research Question
  3. Mycology:Codex 38
  4. Mus musculus dissection
  5. Self Evolution?
  6. Best way to extract proteins from diatoms
  7. So technically all life is inbreeds according to abiogenesis
  8. Shrinking Y Chromosome
  9. Life and non-life
  10. What type microscopes r used to identify pathogenic bacteria
  11. War is a social behavior?
  12. movie
  13. The central dogma of molecular biology
  14. Hummingbird changes - Natural Selection
  15. Fear of Height, Motion sickness, Thin Ear-ed, Fumes & We
  16. Sacrificing mice
  17. Trying to determine the effect of drugs on dehydration
  18. Red Blood Cell Aggregation Methods
  19. Calculating Velocity
  20. How does brain differentiate different stimuli?
  21. The moon and women
  22. How does body movement work?
  23. Why not teach evolutionary theory as a fact?
  24. Mens fertility. Is the following myths or facts?
  25. Algae and genetic modification.
  26. Natural camouflage
  27. reverse natural selection
  28. Ethics in biology
  29. cancer letters the journal
  30. Is it possible for the human race to out evolve smoking?
  31. Formation of an enzyme and its active site?
  32. Preserving hard-bodied insects in liquid
  33. Need help with graduate studies asap!!! (Microbiology)
  34. good bio podcasts
  35. What would one drink if allergic to water?
  36. Can a puma breed with a lion/tiger?
  37. Origin of being social
  38. How to deal with secular antiscientific people?
  39. DNA kit
  40. surface topography on biofilm formation
  41. Sources
  42. How does DNA know what type of cell to make?
  43. food webs and food chain
  44. Is human metamorphosis possible?
  45. 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  46. WHY the protein DAB, DISABLED, IS NAMED THAT?
  47. How do we walk?
  48. Survival of the luckiest?
  49. And so it begins...my educational journey..a diary
  50. new stuff
  51. Power of stem cells
  52. help with subjects
  53. Clinical Vampirism
  54. Additional Certification
  55. Nerves and Impulses
  56. Your thoughts on Haplotype research
  57. Bacteria
  58. A soild that foams when wet?
  59. How and why does sunlight make Algae form?
  60. Looking for info on consciousness as a social adaptation
  61. viruses
  62. About mutations being random
  63. Can neurology isolate memory
  64. Lenski's experiment
  65. Human Anatomy and Physiology
  66. The reason for greying in youngsters.
  67. Effect of mental state on diseased
  68. How is this possible?!
  69. Do you find laymen irritating? I do.
  70. range and resolution of synaptic connections
  71. Polygenic Inheritance?
  72. Is age and evolution connected?
  73. how to make fish alive
  74. about the egg
  75. Between the sheets origin of life
  76. Holding your hand in water make it easier to urinate, why?
  77. Flower Plants - reason of Ice-Age and dinosaurs ruin
  78. Where is DNA made?
  79. Mass spec
  80. Adenoids' roles
  81. Spinach' stem too weak to hold oneself up
  82. Insectarium
  83. questions..please give me feedback!
  84. How many people here are working Biologists?
  85. Eukaryote evolution
  86. ORC mechanism
  87. domestic cat genetics
  88. Giant salamander
  89. Biology Extended Essay Help
  90. Are viruses alive?
  91. Creation of Solar System and Primitive Life?
  92. How much have been crushed for the evolution cause ?
  93. The chicken or the egg?
  94. Speculative evolution
  95. DNA testing for relationship
  96. Pain?
  97. artificial life ???
  98. identifying an insect
  99. Adults bones
  100. Immortal Jellyfish
  101. list of beneficial mutations?
  102. Bacteriphage - fun fact
  103. alkalinity effect of lime
  104. chloroplast and egg
  105. Mutations and there effect on protien's
  106. Fossils and fossil replicas for sale!!!
  107. crows / ravens
  108. Cause of hiccups
  109. Can we distinguish activity of mirror neurons from others?
  110. parasites of parasites
  111. Levels of gene information
  112. Can anyone tell me what this little guy is?
  113. Multiplicity of infants taking birth at a time
  114. Insect
  115. Consumption per body weight
  116. Are these human bones??
  117. Identifying proteins using proteomics
  118. Why are males and females not evolutionarily calibrated?
  119. Listening to music while being sick.
  120. chloropasts
  121. Conservation of mass in a human body
  122. are there any cells that form some kind of rare earth...
  123. Found this skull and cant ID it. HELP
  124. Autodidact Learning?
  125. Biodiesel production from algae and plants,what the problem?
  126. Sodium Benzoate
  127. DDT
  128. Plant biology (phytoecologic)
  129. Calculating autosomal admixture from uniparental markers
  130. Biodiesel
  131. Nature/Nuture questions.
  132. Favorite Dawkins Quotes
  133. Biology/Hearing - question
  134. YESSSS!!! Got into Vertebrate Zoology Today!
  135. Biology Degrees
  136. Homo Sapiens vs Natural Selection
  137. Prokaryotic cells.
  138. Possible new way to cure anxiety
  139. Cell Division
  140. Need Help Identifying Small Creature In Yard
  141. sentience?
  142. Going for a BA in Bio now...
  143. CR (calorie restriction) mimetics...how do they work?
  144. A question....
  145. Why would different types of blood reject each other
  146. Eye color inheritance
  147. Multicellular prokaryotes
  148. Common ancestor question
  149. Outbreeding Depression
  150. Unidentifiable object in Attenborough video
  151. virus question
  152. Thoughts on genetically modified organisms/crops
  153. Synthetic Cell
  154. Apoptosis-Questions...
  155. "Junk" DNA has a purpose
  157. geographical isolation
  158. Polar regions
  159. Evolution
  160. random genetic variation
  161. Biology summary
  162. Can Sunlight Cure Acne?
  163. why do some animals live with humans so easily.
  164. Vein and Arteries
  165. Why do so many guillemot fledglings fail their first flight?
  166. The Driving Force of Life
  167. No "reward" system for physical exercise?
  168. vocal system (need help :P)
  169. Moss lifecycle, asexual?
  170. Metalloprotiens
  171. How would animals adopt to a ice age?
  172. Create an animal
  173. Natural selection perfection
  174. Why do People Laugh at Creationists? (Posted with Consent)
  175. Different lifespans of yeast?
  176. Evolutional Debate
  177. Is there another way organisms of today could look like?
  178. Applying Biology to Techonolgy
  179. How to calulate tidal volume and ventilation rates?
  180. Unique Polypeptides
  181. Monkey warfare and "settling old scores"
  182. What leads certain species to get horns (and the like)?
  183. Why are storks' (and others') legs so long
  184. Neoteny Study
  185. What selection pressure makes certain species become huge?
  186. Can the phenotype change the genotype?
  187. Is heredity different for the two genders? (In Humans)
  188. Plant movement...
  189. Why is sexual ornamentation used by women not men in humans?
  190. Interpreting Research Papers
  191. Why did consciousness evolve?
  192. make any plant produce THC!!!
  193. spiders and their silk
  194. Why cant synthetic blood replace regular blood?
  195. DNA synthesis - lagging strand
  196. Blood typing
  197. gene DAB1
  198. muscle count
  199. help me - electron transport chain
  200. Iron oxidising and Iron Reducing bacteria
  201. Neanderthals
  202. HIV
  203. How do you count yeast cells?
  204. How is the pituitary gland linked to the kidney?
  205. Cancer/ stem cells
  206. Unique Eyes
  207. curious beetle
  208. Can anyone advise please??....
  209. Tough Genetics question, please help!
  210. What causes cancer and what causes it to spread?
  211. Improve the experiment
  212. Genetic Diseases
  213. Bird Brained?
  214. Where does consciousness fit into the evolution debate?
  215. can any one help me
  216. Neurophysiology of snakes?
  217. Cat in heat
  218. Cellular Respiration
  219. How do certain animals in general get protein and fats if th
  220. Microscope to see bacteria
  221. blood type
  222. Study biotechnology or molecular biotechnology
  223. visions from eye pressure?
  224. What is the difference between a living or nonliving thing?
  225. Laughter
  226. 4 dots by your eye lids
  227. How have we come to know what cells need?
  228. Human hybernation
  229. Synergy's thoughts on The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
  230. i have one Question and I need Answers please
  231. Cancer
  232. Cloning Questions. Please help! Big Dilemma
  233. Caffeine to cortisol...how does it happen?
  234. Genetics
  235. Homosapiens
  236. genetic
  237. Dolphin altruism in light of the selfish gene
  238. The Burgess Shale and Taxonomic Problems
  239. Darwin and evolution
  240. Millepede?
  241. Microarray
  242. Effect of Radiation on macromolecules
  243. 'alga' vs. 'seaweed'
  244. the predator in an Eco-system
  245. Algae fuel extraction
  246. Changing Major but now Minoring in Bio...
  247. Cell Life, is Cell 'Resurrection' Possible?
  248. How would you answer the dino-man coexistence question?
  249. biological life and electromagnetic radiation
  250. Hominids Re-evolving