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  1. Genetic engineering... Is this possible?
  2. Why does the gag reflex react to some things but not others?
  3. The Appendix?
  4. I Believe I Can Fly...
  5. Selection at Two Loci-Applet
  6. Farm to Fridge vs Logical Appeal
  7. sequence alignment
  8. DNA replication?
  9. Help on DNA
  10. Ocean Acidification Has Risen Since Industrial Revolution
  11. Sleep qustions, what part of body stop functionin while asleep etc.
  12. evolutionary computations in sequence alignment
  13. Amino Acid Sequence
  14. Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium?
  15. Same sex reproduction, possible?
  16. Speeding up human pregnancy cycle
  17. Is it true that the vagina is only 10 cm (3.9 inches) deep?
  18. Why humans are the only intelligent beings on earth
  19. Has mankind stopped evolving?
  20. I Cannot Find Any Transitional Forum, Just Punctuated Equilibrium.
  21. Human adaptability. Worlds best "achievements" pointless?
  22. Chemical brain differences between nations?
  23. HIV, SIV and humans
  24. How can we convert RBC into WBC? ( blood cells)
  25. What are the elements we made of?
  26. What's the difference between ligands and cofactors?
  27. Worldwide Vegetarianism No Fauna?*
  28. I want to change the color of my Blood?
  29. can a human being see with ears!
  30. Basic element of me
  31. What is a "chemoeffector"?
  32. Values in Goldman–Hodgkin–Katz Equation ?
  33. What is a mega dalton?
  34. sponge aggregation properties
  35. can we cut human body in three symetrical pieces?
  36. Keratin
  37. Can a baby be born as pre- vaccinated? (i.e. no need to vaccinate him)
  38. Why mRNA decrease while protein expression increase ???
  39. Does a punctured heart really cause a fast death?
  40. Ecological Gatekeeper Hypothesis
  41. Controll variables that cannot be controlled in an aerobic respiration experiment :)
  42. A New Female Sexual Response Model
  43. Kenyan National Museum - Hominid Fossils- updates?
  44. Why cant science make Life?
  45. Muscles anatomy question ?
  46. Vision and consciousness.
  47. Which bacterium fits these categories?
  48. Homeopathic medicines works slower than Allopathic medicines?
  49. mutation rates
  50. What's "fixed-exposure" method?
  51. How are ants able to move/pull objects that are heavier than it?
  52. Genetically Modified Food
  53. The Castle Anthrax
  54. HIV explained in Blender
  55. The missing link..
  56. Extinction-
  57. Simulating Evolution Question
  58. If each of our organ had its own Brain???!!!
  59. If we put Plastids in Human cells!
  60. can we prepare Milk artificially?
  61. can we inject ATPs directly into body?
  62. is there any negative evolution?
  63. personal ozone layer!
  64. touch blindness and smell blindness
  65. what is larva form of humans?
  66. can we convert curd back into milk?
  67. Chimp-Human DNA similarity, what about a lemur or monkey?
  68. Saltwater newt
  69. why our body vibrate on a good piece of Music?
  70. SDS Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Questions...
  71. whats the first creature to reproduce by releasing eggs?
  72. Why do we feel 37 deg C hot? when its most likely the most comfrtble
  73. Age should be counted when a person is conceived in uterus!
  74. what is common b/w living and nonliving things?
  75. Does chicken egg produced in Ovary? (like woman )
  76. telomere's role in Age dermination of a person
  77. if man and woman had no Gonads!
  78. Couple ow white moulds
  79. Urgent statistics help
  80. (2/s) ln(2N)
  81. how the mechanism of milk secretion in cow
  82. what the dog illness ????? please answer my question.
  83. HET-1a Cells and attachment
  84. which sense in baby is developed first, after birth
  85. darwin theory
  86. what makes something funny
  87. Old people
  88. Life "born" in mud 3.8 billion years ago
  89. Genetic Drift
  90. Staining muscle in C. elegans?
  91. The effects of livestock rearing practices on the quality of meat.
  92. Is our core identity the dna molecule itself or is it more accurate to say it comes from our brains?
  93. high/low pressure systems and appetite
  94. The end
  95. I'm not sure.....
  96. bug guide site for the Palearctic ?
  97. The Evolution of Hominid Bipedalism
  98. Why are necessary white blood cells for human body?
  99. Brain Preservation, and the consequences of human "immortality"
  100. Tapir Evolution
  101. calcium
  102. What do you believe is consciousness? How did it begin and how does it work?
  103. Irreducible Complexity - Genetic Algorithm
  104. Early electron mechanism.
  105. Genetic Differences
  106. Need help please
  107. the reason for intersex---i need some advice here
  108. Intro bio question..
  109. Can you survive having a metal mask melted on to your face?
  110. mtDNA mutation rate
  111. Interesting Darwin Topics
  112. The effects of Circadian acceleration?
  113. What Makes a Change in Gene Expression Permanent?
  114. Long-term storage of purified RNA
  115. hypothetical scenario: what if Earth never experienced any glacial age?
  116. Air Sac Avian system for other species?
  117. Darwin and Albinism
  118. BrdU Labeling
  119. aneuploid hybrid cats
  120. Designing Primers
  121. DNA damage in "un-used" genes
  122. Spiders and conkers
  123. inclusions
  124. The "horse" question.
  125. Evolution- trait variability
  126. What's the difference between the living and nonliving?
  127. frequency of outcomes in inheritance
  128. Are Snakes affected by Salt?
  129. Is this true ? (a question about the mosquitoes)
  130. Muscle growth
  131. A more official word for 'feeding place'?
  132. Anjana
  133. DNA Domains
  134. evolution discussion in "Letter to the Editor" thread
  135. What is the exact composition of cocoa butter?
  136. Why Women Talk More Than Men
  137. What is this?
  138. Marijuana and gene activation?
  139. Calorimetric method (PABA measurement)
  140. curve detector neurons
  141. Bacteria destroy radioactive cesium
  142. Vitamin pills can lead you to take health risks
  143. EUGENICS – Is It Really Bad ?
  144. External organ growing
  145. Do I have synesthesia?
  146. insecticides and pesticides
  147. Secondary growth in plants
  148. Dental Caries
  149. Is genetic deversity really essential?
  150. Mosquito question
  151. What does "index of cell number" mean?
  152. Searching for the ultimate man
  153. Question I have been wondering for quite some time...
  154. About DNA
  155. Krebs-HEPES solution,
  156. Emergency - classifying an insect
  157. MS/MS Method Development on Xcalibur
  158. GMF Scare
  159. My problem with estimate of Dinosaur extinction
  160. Genetic Database Question: Mutation Data, Snps
  161. PCR Intestinal Endothelial Cells
  162. Co-immunoprecipitation
  163. Protein assay
  164. Gynandromorphy
  165. Botany.... blegh
  166. Religion Delays Social and Physical Maturation
  167. Evolution Software
  168. Can dead men father children?
  169. Earliest agriculture
  170. Are homosexuality and celibacy genetically viable in humans?
  171. Photosynthesis by starlight.
  172. Am I right ?
  173. Cell Cycle Proteins
  174. Comparison between Western blot, Immunofluorescent, Immunohistochemistry and ELISA
  175. Archaeopteryx not a bird?!!!
  176. Name of science wanted
  177. When do we consider something "live"? What are the "requirements" of life?
  178. Heart
  179. Whales enrich the ocean.
  180. Could we breed an animals as intelligent as human?
  181. Biochemistry textbooks
  182. Further evolution of humans.
  183. Delta Waves frequency range.
  184. Question about consciousness and evolution
  185. Limited memory forcing humans to become specialists?
  186. Immobilization bacteria
  187. Evolution of rainforest creatures.
  188. Interactive Biology Website
  189. The old common argument...
  190. What are some of the major breakthroughs in aging science?
  191. How does metamorphosis work? (in any kind of animal)
  192. Evolution of human bipedalism
  193. Animal Models - question
  194. Microbiology Unknown Assistance
  195. Is it possible for a device to emit brainwave frequencies?
  196. Dinosaurs
  197. Electricity generation from bacteria
  198. Help identify fungus or mold
  199. How and why have beaks evolved?
  200. Abrupt appearances.
  201. Identical
  202. Question about evoluton
  203. Voice crack in grown ups
  204. *NEW* I can feel x-rays!
  205. Audio memory
  206. Energy measurement system in foods, why calories?
  207. proposed deffinition for life
  208. food allergies increasing in number and severity
  209. Is there any truth to talk of tea being the cure to viruses?
  210. do plants feel pain?
  211. Could hippo's digest meat?
  212. Life Always Seems to Find a Way
  214. plants breathing at night.
  215. Cells and their sizes
  216. Gender science. Need sources.
  217. Transfection
  218. menstrual cycle in human female
  219. A new species like human beings ??
  220. Bacteria for better digestion.
  221. Question about cell communication
  222. Mouse Gut Microbe Sequencing
  223. Questions about diabetic A1C Test - glycated hemoglobin
  224. new EHEC strain persisting?
  225. What would be the most painful way to die?
  226. dual/intersex individuals for science fiction research
  227. Physical Limitations and Biology
  228. Family Tree of All Organic Life
  229. Identical twins having babies same effect as cloning?
  230. GSK3BETA
  231. Why wasn't nature ready for us?
  232. Heart Muscle
  233. Question about Genes
  234. Book: Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey
  235. Mutation in Animals
  236. Smallpox- should it be kept or 'destroyed'?
  237. News 21 May 2011: Genetic drift, complexity and prions
  238. Cancer and evolution
  239. phylogenetic program that can analyze ambiguity codes
  240. contraceptive pills
  241. I have a question for the biologists out there...
  242. Tale of Two Breeders
  243. Lions vs Baboon or Chimps
  244. Chaos Theory on Origin of Life
  245. New culture medium for mesenchymal stem cells
  246. Can Someone Debunk This?
  247. Best Universities for Human Biology
  248. News 13 May 2011: Vaccine protects against monkey HIV
  249. Fish Evolving?
  250. Questions about the amygdala (with a shocking ending)