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  1. Multi-tasking
  2. Dating the origin of life
  3. How to predict speed of lysis in a red blood cell solution?
  4. Kidney Function
  5. How poison and fertilizers affect the roots of garlic HELP!
  6. Multinucleated cell gene expression
  7. Neurobiology of learning
  8. Python mating season
  9. Could there be a gene for truth?
  10. origin of life
  11. Macromolecules and Carbs
  12. Correct use of Tajima D test?
  13. Rib cage protection against gunfire
  14. Reading Complementation tables
  15. About injecting the brain with stemcells.
  16. Thoughts on stem cell research
  17. Evolution - chance or causality?
  18. a new kind of chlorophyll
  19. Genetics Problem
  20. Genes...How Many are Required?
  21. Penicillin lab advice needed for a grade 12 student
  22. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  23. Do a tall plants make a sense?
  24. Seed dispersal
  25. Epigenetics
  26. How do you prove evolution?
  27. Presentation on Parasites
  28. Evolution has moved beyond the neo-Darwinian synthesis?!
  29. Babies die if neglected Elderly People die if neglected.
  30. how did sex evolve
  31. Dumb question about Fallopian tubes/eggs
  32. odorant binding
  33. Open question for all scientists
  34. O-acetylation of gram positive peptidoglycan
  35. Any reason not to try this sleeping cycle?
  36. The Origin of Modern Humanity
  37. Evolution
  38. Gigantism
  39. niche construction vs natural selection
  40. extended evolutionary synthesis
  41. Does soap lyse cell walls?
  42. Do proteins evolve?
  43. What Insect is the Most intelligent?
  44. What is happening when we see images and hear sounds etc. without the aid of our sense organs?
  45. Screaming caterpillar?
  46. Complete removal of iron in haemoglobin (blood)
  47. What are some interesting proteins?
  48. Help translate this summary?
  49. Higher biology homework
  50. Can the human body be mutated using viruses or other means?
  51. Recent ENCODE papers
  52. Why don't all RBCs burst
  53. What's the deal with SCR?
  54. Differences between bats and birds
  55. Why does just cut hair grows faster than long hair?
  56. Why are veins blue and why do very cold lips toes turn blue?
  57. Would Chihuahuas and Great Danes be considered separate species if all other breeds went extinct?
  58. Altering Genes and other Genetic questions
  59. How do we calculate bacterial colony forming units (cfu/ml)?
  60. Genetics for not-so-dummies
  61. Is there insect on the mosquito ?
  62. Does Stem Cell research hold the key to eternal youth?
  63. Biological Systems Rely on a Predator Prey Dynamic
  64. Salt Stress Induced Plants?
  65. Theory of evolution
  66. This means I'm a Chimera Right?
  67. Chronological order of human anatomical evolution?
  68. A few questions, switching from business
  69. nearest neighbor approximation
  70. Quick question: How many human biological systems are there?
  71. Oh, my stars and hexagons!
  72. Do we have more than one brain? serious question!
  73. Quick question about water inntake and dehydration
  74. things found in water
  75. retrogressive metamorphosis
  76. Question about E.Coli culture rates.
  77. in-vitro post translation modification system
  78. Really need help with serial dilution question...
  79. Can anything but death exist outside of life?
  80. Evolution - not Science? Really?
  81. Identify this fungus (I think?)
  82. How exactly does the body "catch a cold"?
  83. Question about Genetic Units
  84. Immortal alien animals
  85. Cells in exhaled air?
  86. Gram negative/positive stain without access to infected material?
  87. Hypothetical [chloro]phyll on a red star planet
  88. Lifestyle and Testosterone
  89. Protein interaction model can provide new cancer therapies
  90. Rodent-Proofing a Room / Mohs Hardness
  91. Human body systems
  92. What genetics determine size of body?
  93. PAGE gel
  94. Soda no substitute for water. Really?
  95. A question regarding speciation as described by the Theory of Evolution?
  96. Why do cat's eyes glow?
  97. New evidence: Evolution debunked
  98. anyone know about atp adenosine triphosphate?
  99. Living in a sealed room
  100. nanodrop absorbance doubt
  101. Tumor cells
  102. Identify this Parasite, in a Toad's Eyeball
  103. How is it that we're able to hear multiple sounds at any one time?
  104. What kind of creature is this?
  105. A Self-Study Guide for Neuroscience?
  106. Vegetable Juice
  107. Transfection assay
  108. What if brains are the "whole" lifeform and bodies are just mobile organic habitats built around them?
  109. Evolution and thermodynamics
  110. When a species evolves ... when you consider that we have ca new one?
  111. Comparing a wheal and a blister
  112. Asprin is an aphrodisiac! Really!!!
  113. virus
  114. Black Panthers or Leopards in Srilanka...???
  115. Develop New Online Forensic Biology Course
  116. Strange bird-like vocalization
  117. What about the genetic engineering? May be the end of the human race?
  118. Jobs in Biology
  119. I have discovered immortality (smirk)
  120. How would humans develop with nuclear mutations over thousands of years?
  121. I believe that humans can change their internal and external sex.
  122. metal free DNA sequence
  123. Creature able to expel Water
  124. predictability of theory of evolution
  125. Iain Stewart: How To Grow a Planet?
  126. Are certain human traits a result of neoteny?
  127. Cure for age, how unlikely?
  128. What could photosynthesis do for humans?
  129. Reparations of DNA Polymerase
  130. Good Biology Related Books
  131. Intersex is due to genes exchange between sex chromosomes or uneven division in Meiosis
  132. The role of Hormone in Sex determination and differentiation
  133. Dirty Money Study
  134. genome munipulation for the better, or worse?
  135. From Genetics To The Organism
  136. Nitrogen fixation
  137. Lost Rainforest, Mozambique
  138. Effects of Oleic acid on bacteria
  139. Truffles
  140. Its been a long time since a mosquito tried to evolve into an elephant.
  141. Evolution Theory
  142. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics vs Natural Selection
  143. Miniature Animals
  144. Human Brain Power
  145. Is there a really big sex gap between male and female?
  146. Methane Breathers
  147. Fast Plant Growth Planet?
  148. Anyone care to take a stab at where human evolution may be headed?
  149. Neuroscience of Creativity
  150. SDS PAGE stopped too soon
  151. How dangerous could glass dust be to humans if it were aerosolized?
  152. Infra-sound effects on the body
  153. Genetics.. "having a gene for a trait is no longer the scientifically accepted usage"??
  154. Hydrocele Operation. Don't Google it up.
  155. UK AND US Academics caught out doing Scientific Fraud - snakes in grass!
  156. Does the body produce an EMfeild If the body was the voltage So precise if measured would be 100% unique?.
  157. Cloning Humans once arriving at another star?
  158. Genetic Engineering Plants to Produce More Hydrogen?
  159. Postgrad research help...?
  160. Positive examples of GMO? Credible resources about GMO?
  161. Primary culture & Scratch wound assays.
  162. Gills: Fresh water fish vs Sea water?
  163. Mysterious sea object on youtube
  164. Directing, Controlling, and Accelerating Human Evolution
  165. Anthony Colpo Is He A Good Scientist ?
  166. Could a pair of great danes fend off a tiger?
  167. Where do taste and smell information converge in the brain?
  168. taste without smell
  169. Approach to Cancer
  170. Mutations in Genetics?
  171. DNA hybridisation (investigation to establish evolutionary relationships between organisms)
  172. Why is it that........ ?
  173. Natural Selection Stastiiscally
  174. Undergrad research question
  175. Space faring lifeform? Any ideas?
  176. looking for selective rearing studies
  177. Cross-sectional area of arterioles and capillaries?
  178. Happy Belated DNA Day
  179. Barcodes for tracking species
  180. Electric Organ Discharge
  181. A Conundrum...
  182. Co transfection and gene reporter assay
  183. Could you guys point me in the way of some good articles concerning sleep deprivation?
  184. Layman's question on mutations
  185. Online video resource for "budding" yeast researchers.
  186. The body hunger signals seriously messed up, or is there a reason for the weird way it works?
  187. Question regarding PNAS submission process
  188. The Brain
  189. Did life feed on other life from the beginning?
  190. Transitional species
  191. Follow the weekly report of virtual evolving ecosystemís very long run
  192. does DNA prove humans have been here for at least one hundred thousand years?
  193. Need help to show my little brother whos the boss
  194. Colors of Flowering Plants and Birds
  195. cells NOT effected by telomerase
  196. Useful Field of View measurement
  197. Zombie diseases - Help needed!
  198. bio-mechanics: step-hopping(whats it called?) vs jogging
  199. Antibodies Confusion. Please help me!
  200. Why do we dream?
  201. Radiation powered bacteria?
  202. Chlorophyll-binding protein
  203. Was my thread moved
  204. "Vampires" and the Placebo Effect
  205. Educational Progression: An Update
  206. urgent help needed (thesis project)
  207. Would human experimentation speed up science alot?
  208. plant tissue culture field
  209. Why does it take them so long?
  210. Motor proteins and vesicles inside cells
  211. The Truth About Darwin
  212. Is there any relation to intelligence and amounts of sleep needed?
  213. What's a good set of criteria for finding an adequate female?
  214. How probable is exointelligence?
  215. Whale nostrils evolution?
  216. Oldest skeleton found
  217. Teaching Yourself Biology
  218. Large Mammal Extinction 10,000 years ago
  219. Lateral Flow Assay: HELP!
  220. Am I wrong? This bothers me...
  221. Is sleep really needed?
  222. Sawfish Swipe Their Snouts Skillfully (Video)
  223. how life came in to this earth ?
  224. what species are close to become primates???
  225. Diploid genes?
  226. Modern Taxonomy
  227. Contra evolution arguments?
  228. Should you raise your children on the country or atleast outside a major city?
  229. Immune system and sleep?
  230. Memory. Forgetting stuff really a bad thing?
  231. Plant grown from 32K year old seed
  232. The Picture in your head, Memory's thoughts and Dreams what are they ?
  233. Which statistical test for comparing two rates?
  234. artificial selection experiment?
  235. Prokaryotes 10 feet under the driest desert
  236. How much Chemistry in Neuroscience?
  237. OK, Why haven't I seen a thread about James Lovelock?
  238. Genetics help please!! :)
  239. Is Origin of the species useful?
  240. I'm having a hard time understanding endogenous retroviruses
  241. Tumor Treating Fields - treating cancer with alternating electric fields?
  242. An inspiring story
  243. "Straight Men, Gay Porn"
  244. What is the maximum speed the human body can survive?
  245. Nicotine Extration. (At Home)
  246. Has evolution ended for humanity?
  247. Scenario on Evolution
  248. Genetic engineering... Is this possible?
  249. Why does the gag reflex react to some things but not others?
  250. The Appendix?