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  1. Must see video.....on the function of microbiology
  2. Mutant DNA and Human Ingestion
  3. Can neurological development in children and adolescents be hindered by chronic nutritional deficiency?
  4. Sea Horses breeding paradox.
  5. Upload brain. How far from reality?
  6. Too old to be Spider-Man?(GMO)
  7. What are the Least Essential Organs in the Human Body?
  8. Descent of Birds
  9. New idea about the explanations for timing of human birth
  10. Lab on a Chip system identifies your DNA
  11. General Cells Talk
  12. What would happen if there was a "DNA Virus?"
  13. Junk DNA not really "junk"
  14. acentric chromosome
  15. Benefits of Various Vertebral Connections
  16. Could large feet and short stature be an adaptation?
  17. Biotechnology or Chemistry a better undergrad major?
  18. Is our genome more similiar to a chimp....?
  19. Does echolocation produce an actual 'visible' image like in the movies?
  20. energy conservation and transformation
  21. Mitochondrial Research
  22. The cause of menopause: Men(?)
  23. concept of enjoyment
  24. Emperor penguins - where biology meets physics
  25. Could disease be controlled?
  26. 8 Promising Methods of Male Birth Control
  27. Shape interactions of biological molecules
  28. If You Could Communicate With Every Cell/DNA In Your Body, What Would You Say/Command/Do?
  29. What If The Genes For Puberty Were Switched On Again/Reactivated?
  30. Evolution of animals
  31. Why do we dream?
  32. The Peppered moth question [HOMEWORK]
  33. The $100 Question
  34. Soundproofing Bedroom and effect on physical health
  35. does low temp storage effect rnase activity?
  36. MPhil Research Proposal (Topic)
  37. Have we found the Thing?
  38. Mammoth cloning: ethical problems if it can be done?
  39. difference in protein composition of the nucleolemma
  40. Joint and bone degradation
  41. Teach me basic bio please
  42. Tactical Body Modifications
  43. Why hasn't evolution created the perfect species?
  44. What Is The Limit To How Fast A Human Can Run?
  45. Long-term storage of in tact vegetation
  46. Discuss: The claim of 'The Impossibility of the event of Abiogenesis'
  47. Trees and houses
  48. DNA Sequencing
  49. Neurotransmitters and neuromodulators
  50. insulin and aging
  51. Quick question about neurotransmitter recptors
  52. Water buffalo growth hormone binding protein disorders
  53. Cell Counters
  54. Macroscopic organic structures
  55. Fish Experiment
  56. Why do we feel awed?
  57. Access to databases
  58. Cancer and how it possibly relates to genetic mixing
  59. Any relationship between human intelligence and infant vulnerability?
  60. At which point in life do we begin to become fully conscious?
  61. How to poison a river
  62. Measuring Rate of Photosynthesis?
  63. CDS and Gene
  64. Do humans really get sick from cannibalism?
  65. How Could You Use A Superhuman's DNA/Genes/Blood/Bone Marrow etc To Enhance A Living Human?
  66. Is it possible for humans to be biologically attuned to being awake at night over day?
  67. Hearing?
  68. How could organisms change to sexual reproduction if...
  69. Save St Andrews Botanic Garden
  70. Photosynthesis
  71. Why do humans love things that twinkle or shine?
  72. What is the evolutionary reason why we have a side of our face larger than the other.
  73. Publicity campaign for genetic modification
  74. Problems with the gene-centered speciation theory.
  75. viruses are viruses because...?
  76. what determines us as being human?
  77. A strange question on understanding the human body.
  78. Redox cycle
  79. Is Sperm a Living Organism?
  80. Is there a known speciesA that were unable to interbreed with speciesB, where speciesA have evolved to a point where they are able to interbreed with speciesB?
  81. Use of cell motility models for tracking cells in live microscopy?
  82. Emotion: Does It Define Mammals?
  83. The Golden Zebra
  84. Evolutionary advantage to snoring?
  85. Electricity
  86. Which one do we inherit from parents?
  87. Swallows evolving to nest around highways
  88. Any ideas about how instincts pass on?
  89. Sporophyte
  90. How can I measure the quantity of folate a bacteria has produced?
  91. Ice Preserves Seeds
  92. Which one lacks enzyme?
  93. What type of disease is this?
  94. NT SYS software
  95. Does this trigger birth? What are your ideas?
  96. deviation from Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium
  97. How do we exactly define a thing as a "Living Thing"?
  98. What did darwin say at his deathbed, and why did he say it?
  99. Heart, Lungs May Be Able to Smell Food
  100. Does medical science's advancements and man-made teraforming the living environment screw up the natural process of evolution?
  101. How can chickens/sheep(no defence mechanism) exist if evolution did happen? Those that survive, survive, and those unfit for survival,dies off.
  102. Why aren't there half-human-apes living amongst us (or as fossils)if evolution did happen?
  103. Do everything we have in/from our body have a functional use?
  104. Interpreting a scan of the brain
  105. What is the biological reason why armpit/pubic/mustache/beard/scalp/anus hair grow? And the use.
  106. I just thought of something after doing some biology homework, could this be true?
  107. Is The Force Behind Evolution Conscious ?
  108. Rate of metabolism Vs Process of ageing
  109. DNA vs RNA (molecular weight)
  110. bacterial fatty acids
  111. Parasite identification
  112. Early birds were biplanes.
  113. Aliens
  114. Human Cells with specific receptors - Question
  115. Time perception im Animals
  116. Drug resistance of viruses
  117. Objections to Evolution. Any Alternative Hipothesis Exist?
  118. Autism: smaller cerebellum and maybe caused by VSD
  119. Who Wins?
  120. Blocked transpiration stream?
  121. The Brain and memory function questions.
  122. Evolution: Asking the neglected question of "why", rather than "how"
  123. Tetanus Bacteria and Bleach
  124. Photosynthesising plant advice
  125. Shapes of birdsí wings
  126. How are alveolar walls destroyed when someone has emphysema?
  127. Why do men have nipples?
  128. How to connect internet to Brain ?
  129. relaxed blood vessels
  130. Algae and brine shrimp
  131. moment of death, any radiation; non-thermal energy released to trigger decay, forming New particles?
  132. how to scientifically lose weight/fat?
  133. Why does Hebbian learning work?
  134. Extremely confused on biological vs. technical replicate
  135. Sexual dimorphism
  136. Hypothesis Help!
  137. cell tracking/velocity measurement
  138. Southern Blot vs PCR+gel electrophresis
  139. cancer research (proteins)
  140. Why evolution take place in a way from simplex to complex not from complex to simplex ?
  141. What is an irreversible coma? How is it different than other kinds of comas?
  142. A quick question about mutations
  143. Quadrats for ecological sampling
  144. Saltwater Crocodile vs Great White Shark?
  145. feet - growing taller
  146. Yawn........
  147. Homogamy and assortative mating
  148. Lyme disease-South vs North America?
  149. Does the effects of antioxidants have the same effects as living in a low oxygen atmosphere?
  150. Bacteria & Gravity
  151. hypothesis help needed
  152. Microbiology Lab Homework Help:
  153. Evolution Question
  154. Does the routine killing of insects affect the ecosystem?
  155. What oxygen level atmosphere will make a human live the longest?
  156. Whats the scientifically technical reason for why animals/humans grow old?
  157. Every Animal Lover Ok with This?
  158. New Urban Convert?
  159. sperm and cilia [in the oviduct]
  160. Western Blotting is stupid
  161. How can non living things convert into life ?
  162. Dopamine
  163. What do you think might happen if there is too much convergent evolution?
  164. Pedigree X-Linked
  165. Is it natural for humans to kill one another?
  166. Arthropods w/o Hemolymph?
  167. Canine Neurosis
  168. Testing for Proteins
  169. Real-time body/limb growth?
  170. What if somebody's telomeres began to lengthen, instead of shorten?
  171. Does changing allele frequency population lead evolution?
  172. Neuron Replacement & a Troubling Thought
  173. Which of the following provides no support for the prediction that species are related?
  174. Human Pathology 'Multiple-Choice Questions' (Double Checking)
  175. histone analysis
  176. can someone explain hox gene quantitative colinearity to me ?
  177. How does survival of the fittest work for humans?
  178. Quantum biology: Do weird physics effects abound in nature?
  179. Most useful animals to humankind
  180. Do you think that only Homo sapiens can adopt other species ? Apparently sperm whales can too
  181. PCR-screening of T-DNA inserted arabidopsis mutants
  182. Genetics: Blond hair as kids gradually becomes dark hair as adults. Why?
  183. What is a sub/supra-stimulatory concentration?
  184. Chimp human hybrid ?
  185. Book recommendation - Evolution
  186. Zinc perhaps didn't limit evolution of Eukayotes
  187. Microbiology Help
  188. Protein folding software for home use?
  189. Is it possible to replace real food entirely with a liquid based diet?
  190. Quick question about evolution
  191. What can I work with? (Biology)
  192. Genotype nomenclature
  193. Homework problem? READ THIS BEFORE POSTING
  194. Life Expectancy
  195. Paraflu
  196. VNTR: Variable Number of Tandem Repeats , help!
  197. ! a bit stumped
  198. Mating system /Pop genetics
  199. Theory for Cancer Cure
  200. Some questions about evolution / intelligent design
  201. What determines how much trauma a person/animal can endure before collapsing?
  202. Is this a fossil? Please help! (Pictures included)
  203. Evolutionarily stable strategies
  204. Natural selection
  205. Population genetics
  206. Sufficient stain for an experiment?
  207. Can you hurt the fetus by being vegetarian?
  208. A Very Blunt Genetics Question: Species Definition
  209. Genetic Recombination
  210. The Brain: Where are "you" located?
  211. Why glycolysis in the liver?
  212. Identify a protein spot
  213. Twins in both families = bigger chance of twins?
  214. Germ cell selection eugenics?
  215. Gmo
  216. How many different tRNA molecules do humans have?
  217. is it true
  218. The Sensations of Sneezing.
  219. Total Recall Inc.
  220. The pain is all in your mind
  221. Question about glycemic load
  222. Lazarus Whales
  223. What caused single celled organisms to evolve into complex multi-cellular organisms?
  224. Concussion
  225. weird thought, isnt it?
  226. Photosynthesis energy sources...
  227. Endosymbiotic theory
  228. Help needed for microscope novice
  229. Do Hens need roosters to lay eggs for eating?
  230. Can you really take a test to find your ethnic roots?
  231. Why is Homo sapiens the only humanoid that survived?
  232. haemopoiesis on stromal layers
  233. (Future?) Cosmetic Gene Therapy - Height growth, hair growth, eye colour change etc.
  234. PLant color if it photosynthesizes...
  235. microbial physiology questions - need help!!
  236. Blood group antigens (blood types), secretor status?
  237. why can the body fight off certain infections and not others?
  238. Selection Pressure and Bipedalism
  239. best magazine/subscription?
  240. Crustacean really first life on land?
  241. help! buffer protocol confusion
  242. Whats the difference between Cell Division and Budding?
  243. Please help, I need to make sure I'm not missing anything from this SIMPLE DNA MOLECULE.
  244. Eye strain
  245. Is it possible to grow an inch in a month? What would be the ideal circumstances where that would occur?
  246. Mitochondria paternal / maternal inheritance
  247. What would happen if some elements of building block DNA was changed/can it be changed?
  248. Would it be theoretically possible (with future gene therapy) to increase an adult's height/bone structure/length?
  249. What would occur if the HMGA2 gene suddenly began to express itself in a "short" person?
  250. What would happen if the genes controlling puberty didn't turn off?