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  1. How Scientists Dream of Killing Hurricanes
  2. Trinitite
  3. the rivers
  4. What are the relative causes of current climate change?
  5. I could save the world from earthquakes ... but .. no one listens
  6. North Atlnatic drift and climate change
  7. Petroglyphs?
  8. White Rainbow
  9. master search in seismology help
  10. A crazy question about the Richat structure
  11. How do geologists distinguish between fossils formed by rapid deposition and those formed by slow deposition?
  12. Pole flips
  14. the provisionary of earth towards evolution
  15. Manipulating the Earths Tectonic Shifts - Man Made Mountains
  16. earth layer significative element
  17. what is fabric selectiv porosity
  18. Homework problems. Answers needed.
  19. Cool Geological Event Photos
  20. The ultimate anti seismic system
  21. So lets say the sun dies...
  22. Question about wind & storms
  23. Prevention of supervulcano eruptions by "decompressive craniectomy"
  24. solar panel installer in los angeles
  25. Climate Engineering - Does it really exist?
  26. Why is volcanic soil more acidic?
  27. Why does the Moon-Earth Centre of Gravity not affect gravity experienced on Earth's surface
  28. Piezoelectric crystals
  29. Geophysics question - How do you compute the depth of a layer of bedrock, and how far should the geophones be spaced?
  30. Geomagnetic Reversal
  31. Asteroids modified the early Earth
  32. Is most of British Columbia suitable for a cities?
  33. Is there a "Central Europe" and if yes, where is the borders of it?
  34. carbon dating
  35. questrins about the focal deapth?
  36. Could fracking tech be used to defuse large destructive earthquakes?
  37. how to calclaute this out?
  38. Introduction and a cool rock
  39. causal factors for the mid Pleistocene transition
  40. estimate the minimum sill thickness ?
  41. ternary plot for feldspar???
  42. expline why we write so and so?
  43. Is there any term for this?
  44. V=Hr
  45. what is name of those
  46. Island Arcs in the Caribbean
  47. Fake meteorite, Hematite? You tell me
  48. universal solvent
  49. Map of with latitude and longitude
  50. Is possible to predict the earthquakes?
  51. Igneous Petrology
  52. Earths surface temperature and other factors
  53. Unknown Rock
  54. Thickness of ice
  55. Two questions about arctic areas
  56. depth of frost?
  57. flooding valleys
  58. How deep in the ground can clay be found?
  59. Conductivity of limestone?
  60. Snow turning black with flame
  61. help in my evs project please
  62. How many people can Earth support?
  63. Calculate radiogenic isotope (3 Pb isotopes) concentrations by only the given weight%
  64. Are we leading to an ice age due Global warming?
  65. Glittering in the air? Not snow.
  66. Crust
  67. the slow filling in of a sand crater
  68. Can I do this?
  69. Help regarding Sea Surface Temperature Data
  70. What sort of rock is this?
  71. Rare Grand Canyon Experience
  72. earth moon relationship
  73. Plant life evolution
  74. r.e. BBC "Hammond Builds a Planet" I need info please help if possible
  75. The Rock Cycle
  76. Studying Solar UV radiation at sea level
  77. How did the biggest dinosaurs get so big?
  78. Natural Nuclear Reactors
  79. Yellowstone
  80. Volcanic activity on Gakkel Ridge
  81. Disaster preparedness - annual vs episodic
  82. Earth's Layers : Effect to States
  83. Earthquakes: what happens when you are on a boat in a lake
  84. What causes these odd noises in the sky ?
  85. Ocean and Space (Interview): Educated/Professional please...
  86. Effects of Boiling the Earth's Oceans
  87. Quicksand
  88. How good is this!!!
  89. Geology of Corsica - Some Questions
  90. What man made or natural disasters could cause a state of permanent darkness?
  91. Help with rock identification
  92. tornadoes?
  93. Calcite limestone
  94. Kappameter
  95. chaotic early solar system
  96. Choosing between Hydrologic Models for flooding
  97. I need help with the earth's crust
  98. Please help me identifying these rocks
  99. HBV Light model
  100. Radiometric dating
  101. Geology Major - considering a Geomatics & Spatial Analysis minor
  102. Earthquakes in Space
  103. Climatology question: shouldn't the trend in past rainfall data match the trend in future rainfall data?
  104. c\land masses growing steadily
  105. Global circulation of wind and ocean
  106. Geostrophic wind
  107. Please Help Identify
  108. Is this a normal whirlpool ?
  109. Tides
  110. Ice Phenomenon
  111. aphanitic dolostones(warm or cold water?)
  112. Origin of rapakivi granite
  113. I gots a rocks
  114. Need help identifying a "rock"
  115. The Ediacaran extinction
  116. change in axial tilt from 45 to 23 degrees
  117. atmospheric density over time?
  118. What kind of rock is this?
  119. Name this geologic formation!
  120. Question About Ancient African Forests That Once Inhabited The Savannahs?
  121. Hours in a day
  122. Height above earth at night to see sun?
  123. can it be
  124. Pole shift compared to position of magnetism.
  125. Question about Alfred Wegener theory
  126. Place where the in permanent darkness on earth?
  127. plate tectonics and earthquake homework help
  128. Etymology of 'continent'?
  129. Beautiful Minerals from Israel need help identifying?
  130. Tidally Locked Planet- Water Distribution
  131. Need help Interpreting a Graph
  132. Earthquakes.....
  133. crossword puzzle help!
  134. Help with identification....
  135. Hello, need some advice
  136. Help! Earth science crossword puzzle..
  137. crossword puzzel help
  138. Crossword puzzle help asap earth science!!!!!!!!
  139. City Lights Illuminate the Nile
  140. please excuse my ignorance
  141. Are water levels constant?
  142. Global Warming is a hoax?
  143. weather maps
  144. This Thread is Posted in MW Memory.
  145. Dune stability
  146. rocks and minerals
  147. ocean weight vs plate movement
  148. Fe2+ and Fe3+ in Chromites
  149. nouvelle theorie "apparition des continent "
  150. if the world is sphere........
  151. Earthquake Predictions : the science
  152. Will the Northern United States experience a mild Winter?
  153. Living underwater: would water pressure kill you if there was a leak?
  154. Sea Level and Equipotentials
  155. Options for Atmospheric Science
  156. Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  157. Causal factor for Twisted Lumber
  158. Question on plate tectonics
  159. What lies underneath groundwater?
  160. Stationary Sun on fictional planet
  161. Round stone puzzle
  162. Earthquakes Triggered by Injection
  163. What is this phenomenon?
  164. Why are oceans required for plate tectonics?
  165. Arctic Ice Melt 2012.
  166. Warm Severn Months for USA. Look out for Cold Winter, Xmas/ May 2013.
  167. Curious about lake currents. Please help.
  168. Some questions about the age of the Earth (and other things!)
  169. Worm Locomotion Research Question
  170. Is the study of geology viable and valuable in modern context?
  171. Earthquake In New York. Is it possible?
  172. earthquake regularity
  173. Which part of the world has the most annual average hours of daylight?
  174. Wegener's Idea Of Continental Drift Driven By Tidal-Related Mechanism
  175. Need help identifying rocks...
  176. westwind's holiday observation, ( 1 ).
  177. continents and bridges
  178. Question about erosion.
  179. Tectonics
  180. 7.0 Magnitute Earthquake North Island New Zealand 3/4 July 2012.
  181. Earth Tremor ripples through Victoria Australia, (Tuesday, 0855HRS June 19th 2012. )
  182. How cool is this?
  183. Self-accidental body temp experiment in possible relation to earths tipping point. Irreversible or is it? :)
  184. OZONE LAYER how big is the hole now?
  185. HE HE HE, It's old westwind again. Coal seams in West Wyoming.
  186. The Chicxulub Crater. What Latitude and Longitude, ( co-ordinates ), was the Earth Strike?
  187. climate science
  188. basin
  189. strutural geology
  190. A Fog Planet? What attributes would it have?
  191. igneous petrology
  192. Metamorphism
  193. Less Moisture,Drying Conditions, Warmer Temperatures, Trees Dying. Tipping Point?
  194. Alternative World Map (needing geographic advice for a hypothetical situation)
  195. Sea Currents off Australias East Coast.
  196. 2000 YEARS OF SEA LEVELS, 200bc--2012.AD.
  197. Is Gold an Element in the Molten Core of Planet Earth?
  198. Less CO2 in the Atmosphere during The Great Ice Age.
  199. Question about choosing education: Geology vs Geoengineering for prospecting
  200. The Origin and Evolution of Continental Crust
  201. Australia will be greener throughout 2012.
  202. What is fire (of the type we are familiar with) and when did it start occurring on earth?
  203. Beneath the Australian Land Surface I see no evidence of previous life.
  204. Why did not Hawaii Hotspot track break on transform boundaries?
  205. Can Rain Catch Fire
  206. Is there carbon in pine bark?
  207. Midnight Sun - Iceland. HD
  208. Where's all this Top Soil coming from?
  209. Is the Planet Earth shrinking?
  210. Oceanic Mining
  211. Saucer shaped "object" found in Baltic sea
  212. predict landslide by mudstone ?
  213. Isn't there a way to know where a rock originated.
  214. Anecdotal reports of a shift in the earth's position in relation to sun...
  215. Carrying Capacity Question
  216. Is Louisville Ridge seamount chain a convergent boundary?
  217. El'Nino What Is Next
  218. Magma
  219. What is this formation?
  220. volcano maps
  221. Help ID some rocks/minerals
  222. Siberian Traps
  223. Research Organization- Help!
  224. Terrestrial Energy Systems
  225. CoCoRaHS- Precipitation monitoring by the masses
  226. Source of Earth's internal heat
  227. crossword puzzles..
  228. Earth's magnetic polarity reverses
  229. can we cut earth into two pieces?
  230. New earthquake predicted in Santa Cruz islands
  231. Oklahoma Earthquake was predicted!
  232. why earth is circular/geoid/oval? it should be square!
  233. NPP Satellite to Launch at 5:48 AM EDT
  234. Questions about Volcanic Soil
  235. Why weather so different in NY compared to Seattle/Portland?
  236. If ice ages are cyclic...
  237. Ozark Stone
  238. How much of the Earth do we use ?
  239. Earthquake prediction?
  240. Differences in Sunset / Sunrise Times at Different Latitudes
  241. Thinking about an online geology resource
  242. Can someone please help me identify this stone ?
  243. Current Geologists
  244. Scientists on trial: At fault?
  245. How oil was created...
  246. geo history
  247. All that glistens is not necessarily fools gold
  248. Ball Lightning
  249. Looking for areas of interest
  250. Nitrogen in Lake Superior