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Thread: human family tree.

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    Is there a chart showing human species relations from homo erectus to present?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mathman View Post
    Is there a chart showing human species relations from homo erectus to present?
    The most significant changes in human evolution from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens occurs with the skull.

    It is referred to as "Encephalization" - and is associated with an increase in cranial volume.

    Wiki has a decent chart on this :

    And another on brain size:

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    Interestingly. some of our cromagnon ancestors appear to have had bigger brains than we do now. Our society encourages specialization, and so we don't need as much. Just enough to know your own job. Whereas some of the cromagnon societies required each person to know how to make every tool.

    And then there is the strange case of the Paracas Skull people, who can be shown to have had really big brains, and not from cranial deformation.

    Forster's work is considered fringe, but he gives strong evidence in some of his works on this, such as the mounting point of the skull where it connects to the neck, and the number of skull plates. Cranial deformation certainly happened in some cultures, but that doesn't automatically mean that every large skull is a deformation. Especially when convincing evidence exists to prove the contrary.
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