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    The evolution of throwing. Men are more accomplished throwers but apparently women need training. Can you say “throw like a girl” anymore? Overall, nothing now or ever throws like a human. Baseball pitchers throw over 100mph, not sure about cricket bowlers. We have weapons that throw in our place and with people spending more time using hands for other things will we gradually lose throwing ability? Have quicker fingers? Interesting study...

    Read this and wondered why we kick. How good of a kicker have we evolved into? We’re not the only animal that kicks I think. Kangaroos, ostriches to name a couple. I can see kicking as a defence mechanism. Not much out there on the evolution of kicking or what animal kicks the hardest. I imagine a horse being near the top of that list. I have very muscular legs but I’m not a great kicker for distance, like booting a soccer ball. I can hit it hard and in close I can be dangerous Some physiques must be more favourable for kicking as it seems to be for throwing. I would imagine much physics is involved for both actions.

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