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Thread: Cephalozygoptera - a group of newly identified insects

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    So a researcher I work with has just released a new paper, clearly up a mystery about what everyone assumed were just regular damselfly fossils. Here's a link from the paper:

    Here's a bit from the paper:
    For more than 150 years, scientists have been incorrectly classifying a group of fossil insects as damselflies, the familiar cousins of dragonflies that flit around wetlands eating mosquitoes. While they are strikingly similar, these fossils have oddly shaped heads, which researchers have always attributed to distortion resulting from the fossilization process.
    Now, however, a team of researchers led by Simon Fraser University (SFU) paleontologist Bruce Archibald has discovered they aren't damselflies at all, but represent a major new insect group closely related to them.

    The findings, published today in Zootaxa, show that the distinctive shape of the insect's non-protruding, rounded eyes, set close to the head, are the defining features of a suborder related to damselflies and dragonflies that the researchers have named Cephalozygoptera.
    There were 16 new species named in this paper, and Paleo can correct me, but I believe 9 of them came from the site that I work at.

    Anyways I just thought there would be a few people here that would find this cool.

    Here's a link to the actual paper if anyone wants it, it's open access so you can download the pdf.

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    Indeed, 9 new species in 3 new genera, with one entirely new family as well, for the species Whetwhetaksa millerae

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