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Thread: The indigenous and the arrogant.

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    I just finished reading an article, in which it was pointed out that a number of indigenous tribes still exist, which have had little or no contact with the wider world, and still live according to their ancient ways. The authors stated that this was a good thing, and we should all step back and leave them to live out their lives uninfluenced by anything or anyone outside their geographic territory.

    Now, there can be no firm answers to this, but let me express my opinion.

    That attitude to me is total arrogance. Who are those people who say that they know what is best for secretive indigenous populations? What gives them the ineffable wisdom to decide for others? My own view is that indigenous people are people first, who have a right to klnow what is going on in the wider world and make their own decisions as to how much contact they have, and what tools from the outside world they want.

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    I agree, even if it kills them.

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    If those tribes ever get sick because of the spread of diseases by other people that don't live there then they could vanish for they have no immunity to those diseases. Many diseases are airborne so people don't have to come into direct contact with them. I believe that getting in touch with them by wearing protective clothing would be a better way to help these tribes to educate them into understanding what is happening outside their realm. Eventually civilization will catch up to them so helping them prepare for the inevitable would be prudent.
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    Shouldn't the indigenous tribes get to decide if they want to make broader contact with the "civilized" world?
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    It's either "Let them contribute to diversity and make our world a more diverse place for our amusement" (arrogance) or "Offer them the benefits of technology and science even though we wipe them out culturally" (?).

    The problem is though, would they even get a chance to have access to education, medical treatment, etc., in our modern societies? I don't see it happening.
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    Reading this thread brings an old movie to mind...

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