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Thread: Wonder why Native Americans had no cooling stations for the heat?

  1. #1 Wonder why Native Americans had no cooling stations for the heat? 
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    Record temps. here. 118 forecast for Sunday. The fire hydrants are bidding on the dogs being walked in the early morn/late evening. Extra coolings stations are being put into service. Cooling stations open for weekend's expected record heat | Las Vegas Review-Journal .

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    More trees = more opportunity to find a cooler place to sit out the worst of the heat.

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    Who says they didn't? Creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds, forests, caves, etc.
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    Cities create heat.
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    Has Los Angeles ever been inhabited by natives?

    High temperature in dry climates really isn't a serious obstacle to human habitation--Iraq has been populated for at least ten thousand years. I personally have worked, wearing full combat gear at over 115F (as have many soldiers). High wet-bulbs do limit where people can live and some parts of the world will probably exceed human habitability over the next 50 years.
    Most Americans because we tend to hide ourselves in overly cold homes, even in the warmest places, and dress wrong, have no idea how adaptive our bodies are to different environments.
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    More trees, and when it was hot, maybe they had the freedom to disrobe?

    We do sweat for a valid reason.
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