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Thread: bipedalism

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    Do we really have enough evidence to claim that the gate of Orrorin tugenensis (circa 6 mybp) was closer to ours than Australopithecus afarensis(circa 2mybp)?

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    i'm not aware of any such evidence - obviously we have the Laetoli traces for A.afarensis, but i don't know of any comparable evidence for Orrorin

    "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." (Philip K. Dick)
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    Where is this gate located?
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    Quote Originally Posted by shlunka View Post
    Where is this gate located?
    He meant "gait" is in how that animal walked.

    Edit: Have a link. Shlunka, I know you will get a kick out of the bison.
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    thanx neverfly
    sorry 'bout the speling shlunka

    (i see the word, then I hear the word within my mind, then when i want to use the word, i recall the aural memory and translate to the printed word
    often, quite poorly)

    yeh Gait

    the woman who found the bones claimed that orrorin tugenensis' gait was closer to our gait than was the gait of the australopithecines(almost 3 million years later)
    for which
    she was royally trashed in the journals and blogs

    all archaeology postulates from scant evidence

    my original question

    do we side with her or her critics, or just assume the neutral and wait for more bones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhDemon View Post
    Damn those homonyms. For practice write out 100 times "The gaiety of his gait as he ran to the gate..."
    yes, and , of course, their inverse


    by Charles Battell Loomis

    I'm taught p-l-o-u-g-h
    S'all be pronouncÚ "plow."
    "Zat's easy w'en you know," I say,
    "Mon Anglais, I'll get through!"

    My teacher say zat in zat case,
    O-u-g-h is "oo."
    And zen I laugh and say to him,
    "Zees Anglais make me cough."

    He say "Not 'coo' but in zat word,
    O-u-g-h is 'off,'"
    "Oh, Sacre bleu! Such varied sounds
    Of words make me hiccough!"
    He say, "Again mon frien' ees wrong;
    O-u-g-h is 'up'
    In hiccough." Zen I cry, "No more,
    You make my t'roat feel rough."

    "Non, non!" he cry, "You are not right;
    O-u-g-h is 'uff.'"
    I say, "I try to spik your words,
    I cannot spik zem though."

    "In time you'll learn, but now you're wrong!
    O-u-g-h is 'owe'"
    "I'll try no more, I s'all go mad,
    I'll drown me in ze lough!"

    "But ere you drown yourself," said he,
    "O-u-g-h is 'ock.'"
    He taught no more, I held him fast
    And killed him wiz a rough.

    and back on topic
    was Brigitte Senut going too far?
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