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Thread: Island of the Gods search - west of South America

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    A short time ago I saw a picture of a group of islands* west of South America. It was - according to the legend/stpry - created by some Gods. Their names were not named, but were of south american descendance. But NOT Mayan, Incan or Aztec.

    The group of islands was NOT Galapogos, NOT Easter island, NOT Hawaii, they don't even excist anymore. It excisted around the time the dinosaurs walked the Earth. Each of the islands were no taller than the size of Puerto rico, but alltogether it wasn't a continent.

    If you drag a straight line from the Easter Island to the Galapogos, it's location was somewhere there.

    The story I read was found on the "history"shelves in a bookstore, closely before closingtime. Which i why i stopped reading.

    Any one know what i talk about?

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    No, not really. Perhaps you could do a bit more research?

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    I was going to the same bookstore again to look for the book, and after looking for one hour I couldn't find it.
    It was still in my head. I searched for a lot of words on google again. I couldn't find it untill I typed "Lost continent." (Which is weird because the book wrote about an island.)

    And it was there! The lost continent of Mu.

    Though people searched for lues of it's excistence, many scientists believe that it was impossible for it excists ever.

    Mu (lost continent) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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