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Thread: Merry Christmas and Thankyou

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    merry Christmas Science Forum and thankyou for providing me with infomation that i have used to brighten my day on several occasions because when i learn something i smile!
    Also meeting new freinds, ascended, very cool guy!! Sea gypsy when u come back hopefully i'll be here to chat again! and wegs, well where do i start with her, no whre i aint going to.


    anyway, yeah christmas is here my daughters dreams will be filled with awesome stuff, i wish i could go sleep and dream like a 4 and 3 qautres yr old again!! that would be so cool, rushing down the stairs, presents there. wicked, this is slightly diferent actually i was very fortuante to get this alot of foster children werent adopted and would spend christmas in a big house filled with other kids, getting a small charity bought gift. i will be helping these kids out this year going roun d the homes, And when you get to know me people you will relise that i am completley opposite of someone you would think would do that.
    ive had a messed up life, from birth. i went off rails. went back on rails, went off and crashed, and maanged to pick my self up and get going again, and karma if thats a real thing or shall we say good fortune came along and gave me a reason to be the best, my lil imogen, unfortunately me and the mum of her have slit a while ago now and since then relationships have been cool but not settled, i want a settled life. am i destined. i duno. But since being on here ive met some cool people, that no matter how many dating /chat sites you go you wont find a better click coz these are your actual thoughts , im not trying to impress anyone on here, infact i get pulled up alot for being incorect about nearly every subject i write "very great mind, and great way of thinking but your wrong, put ya computer down and sit in the corner,"
    So the start of a new year comes, resolutions, dump my mrs who i tell alot of u about, stay earning a good amount of money, meet a new mrs, meet new freinds online, freinds that are PERFECT, not just freinds from a chat site where tasha7756648 is like "greetings big G, good sleep" "yes Tasha7756648, how was your holiday..... you know.
    I want a freind who i can email and be like damm thats made me happy and ive made a diference in there life, they care i care, like freinds out here, infact coz of the fact of town size. some people make better freinds doing it this way than in real life. because you can see that someone is your yang and you are there yin. balance perfection. you enjoy same stuff an d you dont have to fake anything
    Ive met 3 freinds so far on this site, im signed up now to every other science forum while looking for sea gypsy, cant find her, she'll be back. she loves science. i dont wana talk bout her personal things, alot of you know her so you'll know the score.
    I have chatted to her when i first came here deeply about my anxiety and that opened my ,ermm, not heart, but brain, to meeting the perfect people i can call freinds and chat to, no matter where they live, even if they live in the town next to mine i probz wont meat them ever but you dont know. in fact 2 of the 3 live 5000 miles away approximately that is!!!

    My email address for all personal contact is

    im a decent guy 26 yr old male, loves science, loves annimals and nature, loves camping, loves teaching people and mostly my nearly 5 daughter, teach her loads, i consider it training, i was brought up, i want to teach her up.

    Everyone have a very merry christmas and thankyou for providing a site where people can discuss and learn and meet people with more intelligence than a orange.

    Graeme Donnelly
    AKA Gramzi, (coz of Graeme)
    Donnerz (coz of donnelly)
    gram, (coz of american exes)

    p.s to the amazing goldfish conclusioner>>> email me , stop all this, we live so far apart it dont matter if you feel a connection, its only ever guna be on a computer BUT i fkin love that, i love the freindship, i love the feeling ive had since chatting to you, i hate the feeling ive had sitting on this computer all day looking for you and someone else, but mainly you. good morning,good afternoon,goodnite,goodday,good golly miss molly!

    what music you into you never said>>??

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